Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ted Cruz Drops

Wow.  Donald Trump appears poised to be the Republican presidential nominee.

From yesterday’s Politico Morning Money: Let it sink in.

The guy who fired people for a living on a reality TV show, called Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers, wants to build a giant wall with Mexico (somehow paid for by Mexicans), wants to block Muslims from entering the United States, has no understanding of how international trade actually works, said Hillary Clinton would only get 5% of the vote if she didn't play the "woman card" and has no apparent interest in learning any actual facts about critical policy issues facing the country.

This man will have a chance to be president of the United States. Granted, it's not a very good chance. But at this point who really knows?..

The general hope here is that if that happens, Trump will jettison the angry stuff he heard on talk radio and used to win the GOP nomination and actually surround himself with serious policy experts and run a responsible government. If that doesn't happen the best case would likely be a national embarrassment and the worst case a global catastrophe.


Direct Mail from Public Integrity Alliance

Public Integrity Alliance – which did TV ads – is now doing direct mail, according to the peerless John CombestSee it here.  They ding Sen. Kurt Schaefer.



The paycheck protection override vote in the House is still looming.  One lobbyist says that it could come as early as today, but with Rep. Rob Vescovo out for the week, others think it’s not likely to happen as Republicans need every. single. vote. they can find.


Senate Debates Utility Reg Reform

The Senate spent hours debating the alternative utility regulatory framework bill (Performance Based Rates), HB 2689.  The opposition was mostly among a clutch of Republicans.  From their talking it was hard to see where a compromise might be found.  But these last weeks have long days and there’s plenty of time for deals to be struck.

We’ll see….


The Voter ID Bill Doesn’t Require an ID to Vote

Senate Dems sent out a press release saying that the version of Voter ID passed – HB 1631 – was a good compromise because it doesn’t actually require an ID to vote.

“The compromise would allow any registered voter without a photo ID to cast a regular ballot after signing a statement professing his or her identity…The compromise requires the State and all fee offices to provide free photo IDs and also any underlying documents necessary to obtain a photo ID, such as birth certificates and Social Security cards.  The bill also tasks the Secretary of State's office with facilitating the acquisition of and paying for underlying documents from other states for those who need such documents. All costs associated with the photo ID compromise will be paid for in the state budget.  If the appropriation is insufficient, the photo ID requirement would not be enforced…”


Haefner for Budget Chair?

One MOScout reader thinks my writing that Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick as a no-brainer for Budget Chair next year is misguided.  They think it could go to Rep. Marsha Haefner for two years and then to Fitzpatrick.  We’ll see….


Rudi: Mizzou Frosh Class Down

Rudi Keller reports that the incoming University of Missouri freshman class will be smallest since 2006.  See it here.

Pull Quote: As of last week, 4,738 students had paid a deposit of $300, which was refundable through Sunday, according to a memo from Barbara Rupp, interim vice provost for enrollment management… That is a 22.3 percent decline from this year’s total of 6,191. If the recent pattern holds, the fall enrollment of new freshmen will be about 4,800.


Nixon Veto Today

Governor Jay Nixon will veto SB 586 today at a press conference at Ferguson Middle School. (The governor’s office projects that the amount of state money owed to the Ferguson School District’s would be reduced by $6.7 million under the bill.)


Brown’s Humphrey Money

MOScout Reader: Sen. Dan Brown can legally do anything with the money enumerated in RSMO 130.034.2 including keep it in his campaign account (assuming he files with the MEC for another office at some point), contribute it to another campaign committee (i.e., any other candidate, SRCC, MO GOP, etc.), donate it to a charity, or return it to David Humphreys.


Dems Hammer GOP Senate on SCOTUS Nominee

Press release: U.S. Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland deserves a fair hearing and an up-or-down vote this year, Senator Blunt and fellow Republicans still haven’t gotten the message. That’s why Americans United for Change has hit the road with a nine-state, nine-day mobile billboard tour featuring local leaders to underscore the urgent need for nine Justices...

WHAT: 9-9-9 Tour Missouri Stop #3: Jefferson City

WHO: Missouri House and Senate Democratic Leaders

WHEN: May 4th, 2016 at 9:15 am CT

WHERE: High Street, overlooking Missouri State Capitol address 201 W Capitol Ave,

Jefferson City, MO 65101


State Revenues Drop – With An Asterisks

The press release: Acting State Budget Director Dan Haug announced today that 2016 fiscal year-to-date net general revenue collections increased 2.7 percent compared to 2015, from $7.22 billion last year to $7.41 billion this year.

Net general revenue collections for April 2016 decreased by 4.6 percent compared to those for April 2015, from $1.26 billion to $1.21 billion.

Individual income tax collections decreased 4.5 percent for the month….

Acting Director Haug also noted that, due to extensions granted by the IRS and the Department of Revenue in 33 flooded counties, there may be a significant number of taxpayers who have until May 16 to file their taxes.  Along with the IRS extension, the 2016 individual income tax return due date was delayed from April 15 to April 18 due to a federal holiday in Washington D.C, pushing back the receipt of mail by several days.  The extended due date along with other processing issues resulted in delayed payment processing.


2016 Watch

In the US Senate race Roy Blunt wears pink for the Blues rally??!? See it here.


In Senate 19 – According to LinkedIn, Rose-Lynn Sokol is now campaign consultant for Stephen Webber for State Senate.


In Senate 23 – On Facebook, Don Hinkle had announced a meeting for this morning in House HR 1 to “discuss how people can help defeat Anne Zerr” in Senate 23.  We’ll see if that meeting goes off, as some state representatives have complained about the use of that space for a political organizing meeting.

And Bill Eigel’s campaign reports that he’s been hitting the doors hard and “should hit 10,000 doors by the time legislative session ends...”


In House 80 (Rep. Mike Colona’s seat) – Ben Murray will be holding an open house for his campaign office on Saturday (10:30AM - 2PM, 3161 Morganford Rd., 63116).


Candidate DQs

Renee Marsenburg, running as a Republican in House 36, was disqualified.  This leaves Democratic Rep. DaRon McGee unopposed.


New Committees

A new political action committee was formed: St Louis County Police Association PAC.  Its treasurer is Matthew Crecelius.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Randy Dunn Reception – Nicklas Lobby, 400 West Main – Jefferson City – 6PM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Gary Findlay deleted MOSERS.

Don Senti deleted EducationPlus.

Rebecca Nace deleted Checker Cabs.


$5K+ Contributions

Stand Up Missouri - $9,200 from Security Group Inc.

Raise Your Hand for Kids - $147,119 from RAI Services Company.



Happy birthday to Jason Kander (the big 3-5).