Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Solon for Senate

Rep. Sheila Solon has changed her campaign committee to say that she is seeking Senate 8.  Solon was defeated in the primary last month.  It was one of the Republican primaries that David Humphreys and Missouri Club for Growth targeted in their quest to create a veto proof right-to-work majority in the House.

Solon has publicly grumbled that House leadership didn’t offer any help in her primary, but she appears to have embraced her situation and is already gearing up for her 2018 Senate campaign.


Haefner for Congress?

Rep. Marsha Haefner is running for her fourth and final term this November.  While she’s not taking her Democratic opponent for granted, she eyeing the possibility of a congressional race if the opportunity presents itself.

Heafner is in the 2nd Congressional District.  The current incumbent, Congresswoman Ann Wagner, is expected to run for Senate (McCaskill seat) in 2018. If that happens, the 2-CD Republican primary would likely be a crowded field.

We’ll see….


Jami to Sit Out Pledge of Allegiance

Post-Dispatch reports that Sen. Jamilah Nasheed will stay seated during the pledge of allegiance tomorrow when the Senate convenes.  See the story here.

Nasheed says this is not about past transgressions, but rather present injustices like the lack of Medicare expansion, inadequately funded education “foundation formula,” voter ID and police brutality.


Hubbard Election Do Over Happening

House 78 will have a new election.  Friday.  Post-Dispatch reports on the latest court ruling.  See it here.

Pull Quote: An appellate court has ruled that the do-over election on Friday between Penny Hubbard and Bruce Franks Jr. for 78th District state representative will go on.  “There was substantial evidence to support the trial court’s decision, it was not against the weight of the evidence, and the court did not erroneously declare or apply the law. The judgment is affirmed,” Judge Roy L. Richter wrote on behalf of the Missouri Court of Appeals….

Jane Dueker, attorney for Hubbard, said Tuesday afternoon that no appeal would be made to the Missouri Supreme Court. “She is going to focus on getting her disenfranchised constituents to the polls and winning this election for a second time,” Dueker said of Hubbard…

This is a toss-up race.  Franks has the momentum and Hubbard’s name ID advantage is diminished in this extraordinary election.  Still, Hubbard’s ground machine should be superior in knowing where her voters are and pulling them out to the polls.  Coin toss!


English Residency Case Dismissed

On Casenet it looks like the suit against Rep. Keith English has been dismissed.

Contee’s motion to dismiss having been granted, the court herein deems contestee’s motion… as moot….


More Withholdings Coming?

The governor’s office is basically saying that if the tax cut bills (SB 641, SB 1025, HB 2030) are overwritten today the legislature should expect to see new budget restrictions.  The bill sponsors are disputing the governor’s math.


Auditor Action

Who knew there were other tiny villages in Missouri outside of St. Louis County?  Auditor Nicole Galloway gave the Village of McCord Bend a “fair” on their audit. See it here.  McCord Bend has a population of about 300.  It’s near Branson.


Overheard At Various Fundraisers Last Night

Will we see a redux of SJR 39 next year? No.  Republican leadership has other priorities. But there may be a bathroom bill or two….


Sen. Kurt Schaefer is sporting the post-loss Al Gore beard….


How Koster can beat Greitens... convince a third-party to put $500K toward getting Les Turilli’s message out.  Every vote for Turilli comes from Greitens….


Why Republicans are looking at targeting Senate 11 (Rizzo-Lasater)… because Donald Trump is out-polling Hillary Clinton in the district.


Opponents of Amendment 3 (cigarette tax) are gathering a list of legislators who oppose the proposal.  Ask Allen Icet how powerful a bunch of state representative endorsements are…


Meanwhile Back in St. Louis

Alderwoman Lyda Krewson had a fundraiser at the Cheshire with 250 people showing up.  Among the bold-named: Bob and Steve O’Loughlin of Lodging Hospitality Management, Betty Van Uum, Lawrence Group’s Steve Smith, Aldermen Chryssi Ingrassia, Scott Ogilvie, Steve Conway, Donna Baringer, Marlene Davis, incoming Rep. Steve Roberts Jr, former mayors Jim Conway and Vince Schoemehl, and former Sen. Wayne Goode.

Look for Krewson to be walking the halls today to lobby against the override of SB 656.  She and Stacey Newman led the effort in 1999 to sue the carry and conceal law in MO.  She personally posted 75k for that appeal…


Mayor James Twitter-Storm

KC Mayor Sly James wadded into and then quickly retreated from a twitter-storm of his own making.

It started with @MayorSlyJames: Rather than looking for solutions to our gun violence problem, our legislature is poised to double down on stupid and override #SB656

Rep. Caleb Jones quickly pounced…  ‏@calebmjones: My 3 year old calls people stupid.  How about actually discussing legislation - quit acting like a toddler.

And others followed in a sudden avalanche.

Then the white flag…

Mayor Sly James Retweeted Clay County GOP

You are correct.  My mistake!

Clay County GOP @claycountygop: Unfortunately, Mayor, calling legislators stupid rarely rouses them to your cause. Stop the grandstanding.


Appeals Court Oks Contribution Limits IP

The attempt to have the have the Campaign contribution limits IP booted from the ballot failed once more.  The Western District ruled that “Plaintiffs' constitutional challenges to the Proposed Measure not ripe for pre-election judicial review is affirmed.”

But Post-Dispatch’s Kurt Erickson reports that “Attorney Chuck Hatfield, who represents individuals and groups opposed to the proposed referendum, has vowed to pursue the matter to the state’s Supreme Court….”

And this ruling simply says “not ripe.”  It can still be challenged after the election.

However one observer thinks it’d be harder for the court to throw it out after an election.  “If more than 70% of Missourians vote for the thing I think it is reasonable to assume there is some pressure on the court to be conservative on what they toss…. Todd Jones is likely to say to the court ‘if you find part of law unconstitutional only toss that part. Do not toss the whole law.’”

See the court’s ruling here.


New Ads

Republicans’ Senate Leadership Fund comes in with a negative it on Jason Kander, taking aim at his voting record when he was in the House. See it here.  See an ad contract here.

And here’s Eric Greitens’ last ad refuting the Koster attack.  See it here.


New Committees

Heather Grote is the treasurer of a new PAC: Missourians for Fiscal Accountability.  See the paperwork here.

NEA Fund For Children & Public Education-Non Federal Unitemized Account – Missouri was formed.  Its treasurer is DeeAnn AullSee the paperwork here.

HOME PAC was formed.  Its treasurer is Kathy Sorkin.  Its related to MO Workforce Housing Association.  See the paperwork here.

Tom Sullivan has formed Citizens for Better County Government.  Its purpose is “to be determined.”  See the paperwork.

Citizens for Your Life Safety was formed.  Its treasurer is Brad Peters. It’s in support of Prop L in St. Charles County.  See information here. See the paperwork here.

Bill King started a campaign committee to run for Adair County Commissioner as a Republican.  See it here.

Dan Price started a campaign committee to run for re-election of Chariton County Commissioner as a Democrat.  See it here.


Committee Changes

National Association Of Social Workers Missouri Chapter Political Action For Candidate Election changed their treasurer.  It’s now Dwayne Walker.

Florence Buchanan became the new treasurer of Pulaski County Democratic Committee.

A.C. Sullivan Jr. resigned as treasurer of the Eighth Congressional District Democratic Committee.  See it here.

MO Chamber PAC added Becky Wekenborg as deputy treasurer.   See it here.

Missouri Energy Development Association Political Action Committee changed their treasurer to Laura Ruediger. See it here.

Kevin O’Leary, who is not seeking re-election in District 6 of the St. Louis County Council amended his committee to say that he’s seeking the seat in 2020.  See it here.  He has a little over $8K in his campaign account.

David Cort, who lost the primary for House 133, changed his campaign committee to debt service.  See it here.

Jean Evans (House 99 shoo-in) added Sherri Rogers as a deputy treasurer.  See it here.

Pharmacist Political Action Committee Of Missouri changed their treasurer to Gene Forrester.  See it here.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Mike Cierpiot & Sen. Will Kraus Coffee & Pastries – Downtown Diner – JC – 7:30AM.

Reps. Daron McGee & Gail McCann-Beatty – Coffee Zone – JC – 7:30AM.

Rep. Denny Hoskins Breakfast – Jefferson City Country Club – 8AM.

Sen. Gary Romine Breakfast – Jefferson City Country Club – 8AM.

Sen. Paul Wieland Breakfast – Jefferson City Country Club – 8AM.

Sen. Dan Hegeman Breakfast – Jefferson City Country Club – 8AM.

Rep. Eric Burlison Fundraiser – Coffee Zone – JC – 8:30AM.

Veto Session begins at Noon

Sen. Mike Parson Reception – Mo Farm Bureau Office – JC – upon adjournment.


Changes in Lobbyist Registrations

Paul Bencivenga added National Association For Gun Rights.

Aaron Baker and Kristian Starner added Cheyenne International LLC.

David Linton added Eastern Missouri Landowners Alliance Dba Show Me Concerned Landowners.

Guy Black added Heavy-vehicle Electronic License Plate, Inc. (HELP Inc.).


$5K+ Contributions

Citizens to Elect Mike Kehoe - $10,000 from Pyramid Home Health Services.

MO Petroleum Marketers + Convenience Store Assoc PAC - $37,472 from Cheyenne International LLC.

Lewis & Clark Leadership Forum - $15,000 from Bank of Washington.

Greitens for Missouri - $5,001 from Kenneth Meyer.

Committee to Elect Randy Jotte - $8,800 from Missouri Senate Campaign Committee.



Happy birthdays to Gene McNary, Don Hinkle, and Jon Dalton.