Friday, January 8, 2015

Whisper Number…

It’s said that Jake Zimmerman raised over $160K last quarter.  That’s another solid quarter from Zimmerman.  He finished last quarter with a little over $1 million cash on-hand.  His primary opponent, Teresa Hensley, finished last quarter with about $150K on-hand.  She recorded $25K in large contributions during the January quarter, so it’s unlikely she made significant process in closing their fundraising gap.


Hinson to Exit?

Word is that Rep. Dave Hinson announced at the Franklin County Republican Club that he won’t be running for re-election.  Instead he’ll focus on running for Franklin County Commissioner.

Hinson joins Rep. Ron Hicks as the second legislator who was targeted by the David Humphreys “Accountability” Committee to opt to run for a local office instead of run for re-election.


Burnett for House

Ingrid Burnett formed a committee to run for House 19 as a Democrat.  This is Rep. JJ Rizzo’s seat.  He’s running for state senate.  Ingrid is the wife of former Rep. John Burnett.


Stevens for House

Martha Stevens sent out a press release touting her endorsements and fundraising.  She’s running for House 46 as a Democrat where Rep. Stephen Webber is running for state senate.

The press release: Martha Stevens… has received 100 endorsements from elected officials, community, and business leaders. Stevens’ campaign also raised $35,870.98 in 2015 with $10,575.94 raised in the fourth quarter of 2015…. Stevens’ list of endorsers also includes: the Missouri Women’s Leadership Coalition, Rep. Kip Kendrick, Rep. Stephen Webber, County Commissioner Karen Miller, County Commissioner Janet Thompson, Hon. Vicky Riback Wilson, Hon. Tim and Linda Harlan, Hon. Joe Moseley, Hon. Wes Shoemyer, Hon. Mary

Still and Russ Still, Hon. Nancy Copenhaver, Hon. Chris Kelly, Rep. Stacey Newman, Rep. Gina Mitten, Rep. Judy Morgan, and Democrat House Leader Rep. Jake Hummel…


Korman’s Bill

Rudi Keller reports that Rep. Bart Korman’s bill (HB 2059) requiring disclosure of sexual relationships between lobbyists and legislators or staffer was filed because of former speaker John Diehl’s behavior last year.  See it here.

Pull Quote: "This building has had some sexual activity situations that have been reported in the press," Korman said Thursday morning, referring to a report about a relationship between a lobbyist formerly on Gov. Jay Nixon's staff and former House Speaker John Diehl. "Nowhere is there any transparency or reporting in a situation of this type."


Reading the Road Map

Casting about for funding for roads, a sales tax increase seems to be the only viable route.  Governor Jay Nixon says that “other proposed methods for funding road and bridge repairs include raising taxes on tobacco or moving the Missouri Highway Patrol out of the Transportation Department budget…. aren't realistic long-term fixes.” See it here.

In particular the tobacco tax for roads proposal is an unreliable revenue stream because of the poison pill.


Aluminum Blues

Capitol observers are wondering what this year holds for the aluminum giant Noranda which has been a power player in recent legislative sessions.  In the past Noranda has allied itself with consumer groups to stymie the legislative agenda of their energy provider Ameren.  The agendas of other utilities have also often been caught in the crossfire and suffered.

But Noranda’s previous position of playing mostly defense, in a bid to keep their electricity costs down, may have to change.  They may need more dramatic aid if they are to survive.

See the Reuters article here on Alcoa closing one of their smelters.  The article says that there are now just five smelters operating in the United States, that compares to eight a years ago, and twenty-three at the start of 2000.

Pull Quote: Alcoa Inc's (AA.N) plans to close its 269,000 tonne-per-year Warrick smelter, announced on Thursday, will bring U.S. aluminum output to its lowest level in more than 65 years as the industry endures tumbling prices amid rising trade tensions with China…

The Evansville, Indiana plant's closure, which will take place by the end of the first quarter, will leave Alcoa with just one active smelter: the 130,000 tonne-per-year Massena West plant, which was saved from closure with $70 million in New York state aid.

It will bring annual U.S. production of aluminum, which became a key strategic material during World War II, down to around 720,000 tonnes, the lowest level since at least 1950, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.


The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved a request filed by Union Electric Company d/b/a Ameren Missouri to adjust the Energy Efficiency Investment Charge (EEIC) that appears on the monthly bills of electric customers of Ameren Missouri.  The adjustment will result in a decrease of approximately $7.27 a month for a typical residential customer.  The change is expected to take effect on January 27, 2016….


21st Circuit Wannabes

The press release: [T]he Twenty-First Circuit Judicial Commission releases the following information relating to applicants for the associate circuit judge vacancy created by the appointment of Judge Ellen (Nellie) Ribaudo to circuit judge…

Sreenivasa R. Dandamudi, Henry M. DeWoskin, Jason D. Dodson, Ellen W. Dunne, Jay D. Fisk, Mondonna L. Ghasedi, Mary W. Greaves, Joseph L. Green, Peter E. Gullborg, Paul F. Horgan, Heather S. Heffner, B. Joyce Kelley, Alan M. Key Jr., David C. Knieriem, Gary J. Krautmann,

Jacqueline Kutnik-Bauder, Julia P. Lasater Henry F. Luepke, Amanda B. McNelley, Brandi Miller, Mary C. Parker, Susan M. Petersen, Kenneth R. Schwartz, Dean A. Stark, Richard M. Stewart, Jennifer L. Szczucinski, Gretchen R. Szydlowski, Dana W. Tucker, Colleen J. Vetter, D. Kimberly Whittle… The members of the 21st Circuit Judicial Commission are: Lisa Van Amburg, chief judge of the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District; Matthew J. Rossiter, Rev. Anthony Witherspoon, Christy Bertelson and Jeffrey D. Sigmund.


Something You’re Trying to Tell Us, Ed?

Is Ed Martin planning a primary?…  His latest email blast…

Did you know: today is National Primary Your Member of Congress Day!*  All across America, men and women are waking up to the fact that the Congress - both parties! - is in service of themselves and their special interest supportors ... not the American people and the Constitution.  And regular folks - like you! - are filing to run for Congress against these incumbents who fail to do their duties.

One example of a failed Congress: last year, members of Congress gave themselves an automatic salary increase.  However, Congress also gave Social Security recipients receive no "cost of living adjustment" increase.  That's right: your Congressman got more take-home-pay and you or your senior friends are told to keep living on last year's social security even as inflation and costs go up.

So let's get back to National Primary Your Member of Congress Day!  Is it really worth doing?...

Email me to find out more.  "Making America great again" seems far off because right now we need to save Americans from Congress. Don't despair: we can do it.  File today…

* I am making it today.  I hope you will join me.


Dreith Named ED of NARAL

The press release: NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri (NPCM), a state affiliate of NARAL Pro-Choice America, announced that Alison Dreith has been named executive director… Ms. Dreith who previously worked with Planned Parenthood, the Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition and several political candidates, is committed to promoting NPCM’s mission to use the political process to guarantee every woman the right to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal and safe abortion.


eMailbag on Carnahans

Robin Carnahan putting her leftover money into a separate committee telegraphs Russ Carnahan’s decision to not run for state-wide office….


Lobbyists Registrations

Jay Hahn and Whitney O’Daniel added Hahn O’Daniel LLC.

David Jackson, Katherine Casas, Dave Berry and Deanna Hemphill added First Rule

Joe Treadway added Sunset Apartments.

Brad Green added Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Joel Denney added Missouri National Guard Association.

Craig Felzien added Majestic Consulting.

Mark Maassen added Missouri Press Association.

Nicholas Patrick Heberle added Office of the Governor.


$5K+ Contributions

Koster for Missouri - $10,000 from Kimberly Olson.

Leadership for Missouri PAC - $103,589 from LeVota for Missouri.

Association of MO Electric Cooperatives PAC - $20,000 from Assn of Missouri Electric Cooperatives.



Happy birthday to Gina Walsh’s Janson Thomas.

Saturday: Rep. Caleb Jones, and Steve Murray.

Sunday: Senator Roy Blunt, Sen. Mike Cunningham, Randy Jotte, Cy Dashtaki, Carmen Schulze, Jaci Winship, and Travis Wolfe