Friday, October 16, 2015

Quarter Reports

The totals for each incumbent state representative, state senators and statewide candidate can be found in a spreadsheet in the Special Reports section.  It shows their cash on-hand, the amount raised this quarter, expenditures, and contributions to other candidates as well as debt.

See it here.



In the governor’s race Team Greitens has been touting their powerful quarter, $1.4 million raised, eclipsed only by the Democratic nominee Chris Koster who raised $1.5 million.  Eric Greitens now has $2.3 million on-hand; Koster has $5 million on-hand.

None of the other gubernatorial candidates put up numbers near those.

Peter Kinder led the second tier with $297K raised; John Brunner raised $277K, though his number may be inconsequential as folks claiming to know the Brain of Brunner expect several millions of dollars from his personal fortune to ultimately fund his campaign.  Catherine Hanaway reported $166K raised, slightly outpacing her expenditures of $116K; and Sen. Bob Dixon might not be long for this race with only $28K raised and $82K on-hand.


In the lieutenant governor’s race, Sen. Mike Parson now has edged out Bev Randles to lead cash on-hand.  Parson raised $273K and now has $907K on-hand.  Randles raised $7K and despite her previous million-dollar infusion from Rex Sinquefield, she only has $906K on-hand.  The Democratic side of the ballot is a study of opposites.  Brad Bradshaw is self-funding.  He has $463K on-hand with $360K in debt to himself.  Rep. Tommie Pierson raised $13K and now has $23K on-hand.


In the attorney general’s race, newcomer Josh Hawley put up a strong first quarter with $753K raised.  However he is still at half-the cash on-hand of his Republican rival.  Hawley has $717K on-hand.  Sen. Kurt Schaefer raised $146K and has $1.5 million on-hand.  On the Democratic side, Jake Zimmerman inched out Teresa Hensley.  He raised $187K to her $161K.  But his war-chest dwarfs her late-starting campaign.  Zimmerman has $1 million on-hand.  Hensley has $151K on-hand.


In the secretary of state’s race, Sen. Will Kraus continued to outpace the slow-starting Jay Ashcroft.  Kraus raised $118K to Ashcroft’s $35K.  Kraus now has $614K on-hand to Ashcroft’s $88K.  Ashcroft is assumed to have an enormous name ID advantage.  But if he’d raised money early, he could have started this primary three months ago.  Instead he may have a fight on his hands, and have to spend that money in the primary rather than save it for the general.

Robin Smith, meanwhile, is alone on the Democratic side.  She raised $100K and has $82K on-hand.


In the treasurer’s race, Sen. Eric Schmitt added to his considerable campaign account. He raised $223K and now has $1.9 million on-hand.  The Democratic sides numbers look puny by comparison.  Pat Contreras raised $51K and has $76K on-hand.  And his new opponent, former Rep. Judy Baker, raised $25K and has $24K on-hand.



Senate Races of Note

Senate 1 – Sen. Scott Sifton, with $520K on-hand and no Republican opponent, is looking increasingly safe in his re-election to that swing district.


Senate 15 – In the Republican primary to replace Sen. Eric Schmitt, Rep. Andrew Koenig has $70K on-hand; and interestingly his treasurer is former Sen. Jim Lembke. Rep. Mike Leara has $5K on-hand. And former Rep. Rick Stream, who is thought to have the most name ID in the district, raised $23K and has $41 K on-hand.  It’s assumed that Stream has the greatest fundraising capacity of the candidates due to his previous county executive race.


Senate 19 – Rep. Stephen Webber outraised Rep. Caleb Rowden.  Webber raised $111K and now $403K on-hand. Rowden raised $53K and has $85K on-hand.  Between the district Dem-lean and Webber’s strong fundraising he is the favorite here.


Senate 23 – In the Republican primary to replace Tom Dempsey, Rep. Anne Zerr raised $48K and has 201K on-hand. Rep. Mark Parkinson raised $5K and has $59K on-hand.  And newcomer Bill Eigel raised $15K and has $136K on-hand.  Eigel’s treasurer is Carl Bearden.  The dynamics here are interesting because Zerr’s support for right to work are thought to be a problem for her in the primary, those if Parkinson and Eigel split the “conservative” vote she may be OK.


Top Five House Fundraisers

Rep. Todd Richardson: $277K raised.

Rep. Stephen Webber: $111K raised.

Rep. Mike Cierpiot: $104K raised.

Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick: $68K.

Rep. Caleb Jones: $63K.

Rep. Lincoln Hough: $54K.

Rep. Don Gosen: $53K.

Rep. Caleb Rowden: $53K.

Rep. Elijah Haahr: $52K.

Rep. Anne Zerr: $48K.

Rep. Holly Rehder: $44K.

Rep. Robert Cornejo: $44K.

Rep. Eric Burlison: $43K.

Rep. Tom Flanigan: $42K.



House 29 (old Torpey seat)

Rory Rowland (Democratic): $8,061 raised; $2,535 spent; and $10,340 on-hand.

Brian DeMoss (Republican): $15,839 raised; $3,950 spent; and $12,289 on-hand.


House 36 (old McManus seat)

Daron McGee (Democratic): $10,905 raised; $2,966 spent; and $7,008 on-hand

Nola Wood (Republican): $4,612 raised; 2,292 spent; and $2,265 on-hand.

Mary Ann Drape (Independent): $5,990 raised; $4,406 spent; and $2,055 on-hand.


House 89 (old Diehl seat)

Al Gerber (Democratic): $1,745 raised; $203 spent; and $1,541 onp-hand.

Dean Plocher (Republican): $5,900 raised; $100 spent; and $39,965 on-hand.


Other Fundriasing Bits

Termed Rep. Linda Black’s committee is designated for running for Commissioner District 2 St Francois County.

Rep. Eric Burlison’s campaign committee is for a state senate run.  But it doesn’t specify which district as he lives close to the border of two different districts and is conserving his options…

Eric Greitens, whose kick-off speech spoke of the terrible evils of consultants, has four different consultants listed on his report: Victory Enterprises, Holman Strategies, Michael Aherns and The Terrance Group.

John Brunner is investing heavily in campaign management.  Those listed as paid for campaign management: Dynamic Solutions LLC, Coach Steve C Drake LLC, The Kam Co., MMM Consulting, and Barklage and Knodell Inc. That’s in addition to those helping with strategic planning: Madison Management Group, and Mark Green.


Republicans Out of the Game

John Diehl hadn’t filed a report by this morning.

Former Sen. Tom Dempsey still has $108K in his campaign account.

Former Rep. Tim Jones still has $723K on-hand.  In addition to contributions to Wildhorse Township Republicans ($200), Hill for Missouri ($500), Missouri Club for Growth Committee ($500), and Saint Louis Young Republicans ($250), Jones appears to be paying monthly fees ($2K each) to Survey St. Louis for financial reporting, and Photographic Arts for “photography.”  And he lists “grassroots expense” of $102, $1620, and $463 at Bent Creek Golf Village, Fox Run Golf Club, and The Legends respectively.

Former Rep. Steve Tilley’s MO Majority PAC LLC has $587,845 on-hand.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Saturday: Rep. Joe Don McGaugh BBQ & Tailgate – MU vs. Georgia – Columbia

Saturday: Sen. Ron Richard Reception – Beshore home – Joplin – 5:30PM.

Sunday: Rep. Wanda Brown Shoot & Dinner – Sedalia Rod & Gun Club – Sedalia – 4PM


$5K+ Contributions

Citizens to Elect Kimberly Gardner - $5,001 from CHIPP Political Account.

Parson for Missouri - $10,000 from Robert Brinkmann.

Parson for Missouri - $10,000 from Brinkmann Constructors.

Friends of Rory Rowland - $7,270 from Missouri Democratic State Committee.

Missourians for Fair Taxation - $300,000 from Missouri Association of REALTORS.

Missourians for Fair Taxation - $474,000 from National Association of REALTORS.

MO Democratic State Committee - $9,710 from Democratic Governors Association Missouri.

Returning Government to the People - $50,000 from Fred N Sauer.



Happy birthdays to Alderman Antonio French, and former Sen. Rita Days.

Saturday: Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, PSC Commish Scott Rupp, and Ray Hefner.

Sunday: former US Senator Jim Talent, and Ray McCarty.