Monday, October 12, 2015

MO Promise Alive?

The Missouri Promise does have a live website.  Which solicits donations.  And a Facebook page.  And a Twitter account.  And a logo which ties them altogether.

The website says it’s paid for by “The Missouri Promise Initiative.”

But there’s no committee filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission with that name.

According to statute: 130.046. 1. The disclosure reports required by section 130.041 for all committees shall be filed at the following times and for the following periods…

  1. In the case of a ballot measure to be qualified to be on the ballot by initiative petition or referendum petition, or a recall petition seeking to remove an incumbent from office, disclosure reports relating to the time for filing such petitions shall be made as follows:

(1) In addition to the disclosure reports required to be filed pursuant to subsection 1 of this section the treasurer of a committee, other than a political action committee, supporting or opposing a petition effort to qualify a measure to appear on the ballot or to remove an incumbent from office shall file an initial disclosure report fifteen days after the committee begins the process of raising or spending money.


Sure looks like an ethics violation to me.  The website was registered September 17.  The first post on the Facebook page was September 18.


Rex Hearts Kurt

Friday, Sen. Kurt Schaefer reported a $500,000 check from Rex Sinquefield into his campaign account for attorney general.

The check came after the quarterly deadline, but will help Team Schaefer rebut the narrative that the newcomer Josh Hawey might have advanced: that he outraised Schaefer last quarter, has conservative support – and momentum.


A reminder when candidates talk about their plan to run a grassroots campaign: you only need 10,000 people at your $50 event to match this one check from Sinquefield….


Elmer on Ethics

Rep. Kevin Elmer writes about ethics in the Kansas City Star today.  Worth the read.  See it here.

Pull Quote: “A lot of constituents would be upset if they saw this.” That statement could apply to closed-door meetings where “the deal” is made, lavish dinners, open bar receptions, private boxes at sporting events or late night gatherings at bars. I have seen it all.

That statement was a personal accountability check for me. I was not there to judge those around me, but rather to decide on what was right or wrong for me.

Do not misinterpret my statements here as a declaration of innocence. I will admit that I have succumbed to some temptations. However, I will also state I was wrong in those decisions.

The point I want to make is that they were my decisions. Accountability started with my willingness to view my behavior through the eyes of those who elected me to serve many miles away in Jefferson City.

We do need ethics reform in Missouri, but real reform starts with you the citizen voter… When you hear a rumor do you dismiss it or repeat it rather than asking your elected official if they are engaging in that behavior? I have been a candidate and believe this is all fair game.

As the 2016 election cycle approaches, I encourage Missouri citizens to ask the questions and express what your expectations are of the person who wants your vote. Make sure it is you a legislator thinks about the next time someone says, “A lot of constituents would be upset if they saw this.”


Lyskowski to DHHS

On Friday, the governor’s office announced that Peter Lyskowski was taking over as acting director of the Department of Health and Senior Services.  See it here.

The current director, Gail Vasterling, is being shipped to the Department of Mental Health where she will as general counsel.

The move is being viewed as a way to separate Vasterling from DHHS after the controversies with Planned Parenthood.  Lyskowski, a trusted Nixon-ite, is a placeholder until they find the right candidate to take the job.


Team  MunzyWants You?

Tipster emails… “Opening in Munzy’s office. Opportunity to work for a great senator and be the ‘good’ person, everyone knows Pat Thomas is the perennial ‘bad cop.’  It’s a great work environment for a good guy…”


Koster Touts Stem Cell Support

From: "Chris Koster"

Subject: XXXXX, it's science

Date: October 8, 2015

I firmly believe that scientists are the ones who will make innovative breakthroughs to cure chronic and life-threatening illnesses and diseases -- not politicians.

That's why I'm a strong supporter of stem-cell research, and why I hope you'll sign the petition to keep far-right Republicans in Jefferson City from ending groundbreaking research at Missouri universities.

Instead of meddling in the laboratory, Jefferson City should be finding ways to help the University of Missouri, Washington University in St. Louis, and other research institutions attract the best and brightest to come and work here.

I am proud to have led the effort to stop attempts to criminalize stem cell research during my time in the Missouri Senate. And Missouri voters showed they wanted our state to focus on science, not politics, when we passed a ballot measure in 2006 to provide constitutional protections for life-saving cures….

Unfortunately, some extremists are once again trying to wage this battle against science and progress. They need to be reminded to stay out of the lab…


See his website petition here.


Jami B-Day Bash

Sen. Jamilah Nasheed’s birthday/fundraiser is next week, Tuesday October 20 at Jazz at the Bistro.

Among the never-ending host committee list: Mayor Francis Slay, Attorney General Chris Koster, Secretary of State Jason Kander,  Sens. Joe Keaveny and Scott Sifton, Reps. Michael Butler, Kim Gardner, Mike Colona, Jake Hummel, and Karla May, Barry Aycock, Brent Hemphill, Brian Grace, Rodney Boyd, Cheryl Dozier, Steven Tilley, Yaphett El-Amin, Jeff Smith, Heath Clarkson, Irl Scissors, The Bardgetts, Jeff Aboussie, Jeff Rainford, Jewell Patek, Jorgen Schlemeier, Katie Casas, Kevin Riggs, Kim Tucci, LeRoy Grant, Mark Habbas, Mike Gibbons, Tricia Workman, Mike Kelley, Mike Louis, Nancy Rice, Reuben Shelton, Richard Callow, Scott Faughn, Steve Carrol, Ted Powers, and Virvus Jones…



On Politico this morning… “How Common Core quietly won the war…”  See it here.  Pull Quote: Many states are taking more subtle steps, slipping off the now-toxic Common Core name and giving the standards names like Missouri Learning Standards and, in North Carolina, Standard Course of Study… Though they are embedded in the classroom, that doesn’t mean the Common Core standards are popular, as recent polling shows… So many politicians continue trying to capitalize on that sentiment….”


Missouri Ethics Commission lays a $5,250 fine on Jamekia Kendrix of Kansas Citians United for Educational Achievement (KCU4EA).  See it here.  Lots of sloppy bookkeeping and reporting.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Cloria Brown Reception – Reinhold Electric, 2511 Lemay Ferry Rd. – St. Louis – 6:30PM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Dawn Nicklas added Communication Workers of America.

Shantel Smith added Flotron & Mcintosh, LLC, and lots of their clients: VMmare Inc, Merchandise Pickup Service Inc, Wellcare Health Plans Inc, Adam Putcha and Son Wine Company. Cerner Corporation, Missouri Association of Health Plans, REJIS Commission, World Wide Technology, Adobe Systems Incorporated, The McIntosh Company, Cisco Systems, K12 Inc, Missouri Coalition for Fair Competition, Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System, Roeslein & Associated LLC, Morphotrust USA, Air Methods Corporation, Bethesda Health Group,  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern MO, BMC Software, Cody Computer Services Inc, Control Technology and Solutions, EMC Corporation, Medication Transportation Management, Missouri Doctors Mutual Insurance Company, Missouri Dump Truckers Association, Missouri Police Chiefs Association, Red Cloud Digital LLC, Symantec Corporation, The Bio2 Solution, Oracle America Inc, and The Remi Group

Janet Waddell added Kansas City Power & Light.

Robert C Johnson deleted Robert C Johnson.

Ed Bedrosian and Robert McKenna deleted American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.

Marty Robinson deleted Missouri National Guard.


$5K+ Contributions

Plocher for Missouri - $7,500 from Missouri Freedom.

MO Cattlemen’s Association PAC - $25,563 from Missouri Cattlemen’s Association.

Proper Casualty Insurers Association of America Political Account - $14,064 from Property Casualty Insurers Association of America

GO MO - $7,500 from Brad Bradshaw.

Citizens to Elect Kurt Schaefer Attorney General - $500,000 from Rex Sinquefield.

Ashcroft for Missouri - $20,000 from Janet Ashcroft.

Friends of Rory Rowland - $7,270 from Missouri State Democratic Committee.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Jason Chipman, Jeff Mazur, Bridget Halquist and Dave Chilenski.