Monday, September 28, 2015

Gov Watch: Greitens Kick-Off

Eric Greitens formally kicked off his gubernatorial campaign over the weekend.  He starts a tour of Missouri today.

See the speech here.  It’s interesting.  The speech is most engaging when he’s not talking about politics.  He’s an outsider with a fresh point of view when he’s talking about veterans.  But then he starts reciting his policy positions, and he doesn’t sound anything like an outsider.  He’s exactly the same as everyone else.  He’s against common core because it’s the federal government in our schools.  He pulls out the dog whistle to say how he adores the 10th Amendment.  And voila, we have just another politician.

Where are the new ideas?  Where’s the third way? Where’s the courageous stands against his base?

Being a first-time candidate doesn’t mean you’re an outsider.


Gov Watch: Brunner Next Week

Businessman John Brunner is set to formally announce next Monday; he’s also as a freedom-loving outsider.

I expect Brunner will highlight his business experience, given that jobs remain high on Missouri minds (see poll results below).

Both Brunner and Greitens – for all the outsider talk – have well-established Missouri political consultants on their payroll.


Gov Watch: Asbury Out

Former Rep. Randy Asbury dropped his long-shot gubernatorial bid.  It’s a non-event as he was not expected to make an impact on the race.

The list as of today is: John Brunner, Bob Dixon, Eric Greitens, Catherine Hanaway, and Peter Kinder.

Newspapers do sometimes mention Rep. Bart Korman because he changed his campaign committee to indicate that he’s seeking the governor’s job, but that’s basically an inside joke between Korman and himself.


Gov Watch: Hanaway Calls Gubby Race RTW Referendum

From her email fundy blast…

From: Catherine Hanaway

Sent: Monday, September 28, 2015 6:08 AM


Subject: Less Than 72 Hours Remain

Two weeks ago, Missouri had a chance to become Right to Work and open its borders for quality jobs and economic growth but our Democrat Governor's veto held Missouri back.

We need a Governor who will sign Right to Work and make Missouri open for economic development and new job creation. My Democrat opponent has taken over $150,000 from unions this quarter alone and has made it clear that Missouri will not become a Right to Work state if he is elected Governor. I need your help to fight back against the unions and their bought-and-paid for Democrat candidate.

With less than 72 hours remaining in this fundraising quarter, please consider donating $25, $50, $100 or more to support my campaign and put a fearless, proven Conservative in the Missouri Governor's mansion….


AFP’s Air Attack

Rep. Kathie Conway is targeted by American for Prosperity’s “accountability ads to hit Republicans reps who sustained Governor Jay Nixon’s right to work veto.  See it here.

And – see the AFP Accountability radio ads here – targeting Reps. Kevin Corlew, Sue Entlicher (not seeking re-election, btw), Ron Hicks, Shane Roden, Sheila Solon, and Anne Zerr.


MOScout Poll: Purple MO

My apologies for the snafu in posting the MOScout Weekly Poll yesterday.  It should be working now.  See the poll results here.

According to the poll Missourians believe things are going off on the wrong track in the state.  Only 24% believe “Missouri is headed in the right direction.”  This number is consistent across party lines, age, race and gender.

Creating jobs leads the list of priorities for the state.  But what I found most interesting is that although conventional wisdom is that Missouri has turned “more red” in recent cycles, that’s not what the poll shows.  Missourians trust Republicans just slightly more to deal with creating jobs.  And the trust Democrats just slightly more to deal with the issues of improving education and reforming healthcare.

Missouri remains firmly purple in my view, and the Republicans’ super majority in the legislature is more the result of a skewed redistricting process than ideological compatibility.


English Watch

The House website confirms what one tipster told me: that Rep. Keith English let his old legislative assistant, Cullen Williams, go recently. His new assistant, according to the House website, is Clarissa Denkler.



Sen. Dan Brown gives to Peter Kinder in the large contributions (below).


Coming to a TV near you?  Ozark starring Jason Bateman…  See it here.


Conservative website, Gateway Pundit, hounds Greitens at the event about this Democratic past.  See it here.


Alcoa splitting into two companies – one with the high-end products, the other with the cyclical aluminum commodities.  See it here.


eMailbag on Mega-Contributions

Lobbyist: Big contributions discourage the average $100-$500 giver from writing checks.  While the candidates troll for the big catch, those slow, steady and abundant fish are passed over.


$5K+ Contributions

Schmitt for Missouri - $12,500 from Drury Development Corporation.

Citizens to Elect Kimberly Gardner - $20,000 from Sharon Gardner.

Returning Government to the People - $30,000 from Fred N Sauer.

Missourians for Accountability and Ethics - $10,080 from BigMO.

MO Republican Party - $15,000 from Ameren Missouri.

MO Republican Party - $25,000 from Hunter Engineering Company.

Jean Peters Baker for Prosecutor - $10,000 from CHIPP.

Missourians for Peter Kinder - $10,000 from Dr. Dan Brown for Senate.


Notes on Money

For those keeping track the quarter ends on Wednesday, with usually a last-minute pile of cash reported in the final days.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick (28), former Reps. Michael Brown (54) and Nathan Cooper (42), and Tea Party radio personality Dana Loesch.