Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dempsey to Gate Way Group

Recently resigned Senate Pro Tem Tom Dempsey joined The Gate Way Group.  The Gate Way Group is a division of Pelopidas which is best known for their billionaire client, Rex Sinquefield.

The news of Dempsey’s hiring created an immediate reaction of cynicism decrying the “revolving door” of legislators becoming lobbyists.

Gate Way Group’s press release noted that Dempsey wouldn’t be lobbying Missouri legislators, but instead would be helping their expansion into other states.  And I'm told that Dempsey and Gate Way didn’t hold any discussions about his possible future during the legislative session.

On Twitter Eli Yokley gave voice to those who found the news disturbing.

@eyokley: @SpeakerTimJones @ThomasDDempsey because it’s different when it’s a public official hired by the industry taxpayers pay them to regulate.

He was smacked down by Tim Jones, also an employee of Pelopidas… ‏@SpeakerTimJones: Tell you what: Run for office, win office, serve public for 15 yrs...then we'll have an adult conversation.


The legislature continues to struggle with any type of ethics reform, but if they were interested in avoiding the appearance of conflicts of interest, they should, in addition to “a cooling off period,” prohibit legislators from having any conversations about future employment while still in office.


Ferguson Watch

Post-Dispatch reports charges against two protesters trying to stop a car from break their shutdown of a highwaySee a video of the incident here.


Meanwhile the Oath Keepers, a volunteer para-military group, arrived on the scene to lend a hand.  Read the Washington Post op/ed on what their presence means here.  And Sen. Jamilah Nasheed issued a statement:  "It has come to my attention that an outside group from an organization known as the 'Oath Keepers' is brandishing weapons in the midst of an already tense situation in Ferguson… I condemn these inflammatory demonstrations in the strongest of terms. I call on these individuals to find a less threatening way of expressing themselves. Finally, I urge all demonstrators to continue pursuing nonviolent means of change as we work to heal our community."


Follow-Up on Hawley

Reader: Outside of money, Hawley will have the true believers on the right volunteering and working for him.  Home schoolers etc not to be taken for granted.  They got Todd Akin to win a 3 way.


Rudi Keller reports that Hawley really doesn’t want his emails released.  See it here

Pull Quote: Republican attorney general candidate Josh Hawley in June warned the University of Missouri that it “may want to think very hard” before releasing his emails and other records being sought under the state Sunshine Law…  On May 28, former state Rep. Kevin Elmer, R-Nixa, sent a request seeking Hawley’s emails, documents created on his university computer and internal correspondence about his tenure status and the attorney general’s race.  Elmer supports state Sen. Kurt Schaefer, R-Columbia, to be the GOP nominee for attorney general but said his request was not made on Schaefer’s behalf… Elmer, an attorney, said Tuesday that he has not seen the emails. He has paid almost $5,000 to the university to obtain the records and while a few have been delivered, he said, he is waiting for the bulk of his request. “I am just kind of waiting,” Elmer said. “I hate to turn this into a brawl in the media. My fight is not with Josh Hawley over the documents, it is with the university.”


McGee Gets Nod in House 36

DaRon McGee won the Democratic nomination for the special election in House 36.  Kevin McManus resigned to join the Jackson City Council.  McGee is public affairs coorindator at Jackson County’s COMBAT (Community Backed Anti-Drug Tax).  It is a safe Democratic seat, so, meet Rep. McGee…


Thampy Hosts Fundys

On Monday, August 24, from 6pm to 7:30pm, I'll be hosting MO Representative Jeremy LaFaver (D-25) at the home of Paul Mesner and David Lucken. Jeremy has been very supportive of cannabis and criminal justice reform legislation, which typically is first heard by the Missouri House committee on Emerging Issues.

On Monday, September 16, from 6pm to 7:30pm, I'll be hosting MO Representative Brandon Ellington (D-22) at the home of Michael Downs. Brandon has been a champion for cannabis and criminal justice reform, and is an original author and sponsor of legislation on both fronts…


Eapen Thampy


More From PPP Poll

In addition to asking about the gubernatorial and US Senate candidates last week, Public Policy Polling also asked Republicans about their presidential candidates and issues.  See those results here.  It shows Donald Trump leads with 23% followed by Jeb Bush and Ben Carson, each at 11%.


Cleaver to Iowa

Politico reports… “Rep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri will spend Saturday and Sunday campaigning for the former secretary of state — one of the highest profile African-American lawmakers to appear on Clinton’s behalf to date. The Missourian has been a longtime Clinton supporter and during the Democratic primary in 2008 was one of the few African-American lawmakers who backed her over then-Sen. Barack Obama.”



WSJ reports that “Missouri-based Environmental Restoration LLC was the contractor whose work caused a mine spill in Colorado that released an estimated 3 million gallons of toxic sludge into a major river system…” See it hereSee Bloomberg’s profile of the company here.


Speaker Todd Richardson caused a minor brew-ha-ha yesterday when he announced a “Task Force for Expanding Medicaid Statewide.”  It was quickly revised to be “Task Force for Examining Statewide Medicaid Delivery Models.”  Rep. Marsha Haefner will chair the committee.


St. Louis “thought leaders” think the city and county should reunite.  See it here.



Help Wanted

Missouri Public Service Commission seeks Assistant General Counsel.  “This position will report directly to the General Counsel and also provide advice on issues involving general personnel policy, contracts, business processes, and other responsibilities as assigned… The annual salary is $70,902…”  See ad here.


City of Boonville seeks City Counselor. “The position serves under the City Administrator… Graduation from an accredited school of law with a Juris Doctor degree and four years of legal practice experience required.  Specific municipal experience is helpful… Salary is $90,000 plus or minus DOQ, with a competitive benefit package…” See the ad here.


Missouri Department of Revenue seeks Legal Counsel.  “[A]n attorney to represent the Department in income tax matters and at the Administrative Hearing Commission. The attorney should also have experience in dealing with confidentiality issues and sunshine law requests… Starting salary is $43,474 plus full state benefits…” See the ad here.



eMailbag: Carnahan Chatter Continues

Reader: “I heard from a statewide (elected) that Russ is in for LTG…”


$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Fair Wages - $10,000 from National Restaurant Association.

SEIU Missouri State Council PAC - $10,000 from SEIU MO/KS State Council.

Citizens for Vicki Lorenz Englund - $5,001 from Englund for Lindbergh Schools.



Happy birthdays to former Rep. Edward Wildberger (66), Tony Pousosa (45), and Axiom’s Aaron Baker (33).