Thursday, September 3, 2015

Correction: No Barky on Marijuana IP

Consultant David Barklage wrote in to say he’s not working for the marijuana issue… “I nor my firm has been hired to work on the marijuana initiative. We do not have a contract to work on it, nor are we aware of any plans by the proponents that they were planning to hire us. If you wouldn't mind correcting the record in tomorrow's moscout I would greatly appreciate it…”


If you have an extra five minutes today, you might enjoy this non-political lagniappe… Willie’s Reserve coming to a dispensary near you?


Biermann in House 65

Former Democratic Rep. Kenny Biermann says he’s planning to run for House again.  He and Vicki Schneider dueled some years ago, with Biermann taking her seat and losing it back to her.  He made the announcement via Facebook: After a lot of thought and talks with my wife Julie, I have decided too run for State Representative. Its a while off but i just wanted too let my family and friends aware, of this. Its a long road and a lot of work but with Julie at my side, lots of hard work,and some Luck, things will work out well.

It looks like Biermann would run in Rep. Anne Zerr’s seat, House 65.  There’s already a spirited Republican primary underway, and the district is winnable for Dems given the right circumstances, so we’ll see….


House to Vote on RTW?

Post-Dispatch reporter Alex Stuckey writes that House leadership is still uncertain whether to vote on the right to work override.  See it here.

I have a source telling me that they’re going ahead with the vote.  If true, this decision comes although every estimate has the House Republican short the necessary votes for an override, and there could be political damage done for taking yet another tough vote for some representatives.

One Republican described the recent Hoberock web ads as an expression of “frustration” from the Republican donor class of businessmen.

Perhaps leadership has been hearing the grumbling from these folks, and figures putting it to a vote will defuse some of the frustration and demonstrate in stark numbers how far away they are from enacting right to work legislation.

We’ll see…


Rumorville: Firefighters for Schaefer?

Here’s an interesting rumor, we’ll see if it comes true.  A solid source says that IAFF will be coming out soon endorsing Sen. Kurt Schaefer in his AG bid…


Ed Emery Health Update

From his Facebook page: Thank to each of you for your concern and continuing prayer. The folds and unconventional movement of a damaged heart valve are what the cardiologist thinks caused the blood clot and loss of sight in my right eye. The valve will be monitored. The eye doctors have no hope for regaining my eyesight, but we know another physician whose opinion we await (Luke 7:18-23). Thank you again for your prayers, and please be in prayer for all of our Missouri legislators during the upcoming veto session.


Fundys In Near and Around Clayton

Clearing out the in-box…

In honor of the 109 votes needed in the House (to override the RTW veto), the St. Louis Young Republicans are giving out 109 free drinks. Tonight 5PM at Pelopidas’ Vue 17 across from the St. Louis Galleria.  Former Speaker Tim Jones is one of the hosts.


Jake Zimmerman – Wednesday September 16, 5PM at CJ Mugg’s in Clayton.


Sen. Jill Schupp will hold a fundraiser Wednesday, September 9 at 5:30PM at Ces & Judy’s

(10405 Clayton Road).  “You may remember that a mere 1,826 votes out of 56,706 cast decided this razor thin election. Every dollar mattered. To date, at least one candidate from across the aisle has formed a committee to run against me in the next election….”  And that person is… Rep. Sue Allen.  She changed her committee to Senate 24 last year.



The August state tax receipts were up 9.6% over last August, bring the year-to-date revenues at +5%.


A new initiative petition filed and open for comment at the secretary of state’s office is brief, intriguing and enigmatic.  All retail customers of an electrical corporation would have the right to choose an alternative electric supplier.  See it here.


Here’s an in-depth Kaiser poll on healthcare.  It shows (among other things) how the Affordable Car Act remains deeply partisan.  Dems want to keep it; Republicans want to repeal it.  And Independents are basically evenly split on the issue.  See it here.


Help Wanted

Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan (MCHCP) seeks Communication Specialist.  “Interprets plan information and explains same to the membership of the health care plan in group settings, which includes current state employees and retirees, public entity employees and retirees, and their dependents; Supports communication efforts of affiliated or cooperative organizations such as ARMSE, MOSERS, and representatives of the cafeteria plan;  Conducts group presentations to state and public entity employee groups as large as 250 people on plan design and benefits; Acts as an account representative for public entities, and handles specific details of initial public entity enrollment orientation….”  See the ad here.


Ferguson Youth Initiative (FYI) seeks Executive Director. “A demonstrated passion for the mission of the Ferguson Youth Initiative; Proven ability to work with young people between the ages of 13-19 years of age; A minimum of five years of experience in organizational development and change management; Experience and effectiveness in engaging and partnering with nonprofits and community organizations; Strong track record of finance and/or business management; Highly developed interpersonal skills with strong written and oral communication skills; Proven ability to work with people from diverse cultural, educational and socio-economic backgrounds…” See the ad here.


Lobbyists Registrations

Elizabeth Lauber added Roofing & Siding Contractors Alliance (RSCA).

Caitlin Kerber added Dark Horse Communications.

Chris Moody added General Motors.


$5K+ Contributions

Citizens to Elect Kurt Schaefer Attorney General - $10,000 from David Steward.

Friends of Mike Cunningham 16 - $10,000 from Citizens for Jay Wasson.



Happy birthday to Ameren’s Warren Wood (52).