Tuesday, October 6, 2015

MO Promise Sputters?

A funny thing appears to be happening with the “Missouri Promise” initiative: nothing.  The effort to raise tobacco taxes and fund wide-spread scholarships to public universities has yet to file any significant paperwork.

The clock is ticking and with no committee formed, and no non-committee expenditures, there’s apparently no money being collected or spent on the proposal yet.

It could be that “The University” which had been a major supporter of the idea is now feeling some heat that this isn’t the right political environment for them to be leading on the issue.

We’ll see…


Brunner Platform

  1. *On Job Creation:* “I'm the only candidate with a decades-long record of bringing billions of dollars of business to Missouri and creating thousands of jobs. I'll reach out to fellow business leaders across the country. Talking manufacturer to manufacturer, to convince them that Missouri will be the right place for them to build and grow their business. I'll tear down the barriers to opportunity and promote Missouri as an economic freedom zone…
  2. *On Ethics Reform:* “As your governor, on day one, for every agency under my control I'll ban all travel junkets and all gifts to all members of my administration – and end the revolving door of influence pedaling. I'll call on the General Assembly and other statewide officers to do the same for their departments. And if the legislature won't pass my tough new ethics laws, then I'll lead the effort to place an initiative on the ballot.”
  3. *On Education Reform:* “Local school boards, parents and teachers need to be back in charge. Teachers need the freedom to teach. With three generations of teachers in my family…I know this works. Freedom in education will restore to all Missourians a promise for a better future…
  4. *On Fighting Unnecessary and Burdensome Federal Regulations:* “As Governor, I will fight in court – and through every other means available – the unfunded federal mandates and extreme, burdensome regulations. These mandates hurt our farmers, manufacturers, and businesses. They raise family utility bills and kill good jobs….


Greitens October Quarter: $1.4 Million

From the Eric Greitens camp: Conservative Outsider for Governor Eric Greitens Raises

1.4 Million in Quarter Three Over 2.6 Million Raised Since February… "The support Eric Greitens has received on his mission to move Missouri forward has shattered all expectations, and has the establishment political class in both parties running scared. The choice is clear: It's a proven conservative warrior who has spent his life on the front lines solving problems, running against career politicians and political insiders who have spent their lives creating problems. It's clear that Missourians are ready for a conservative outsider who can deliver results. Not only has our fundraising dwarfed every opponent (including liberal Democrat Chris Koster)*, our grassroots momentum has too. Thousands of Missourians have committed to joining our team and we look forward to continuing to share Eric's conservative message with voters in every corner of Missouri."


September Revenues Anemic

The press release: Acting State Budget Director Dan Haug announced today that 2016 fiscal year-to-date net general revenue collections increased 3.6 percent compared to 2015, from $2.03 billion last year to $2.10 billion this year.

Net general revenue collections for September 2015 increased by 1.6 percent compared to those for September 2014, from $828.5 million to $842.1 million.

Acting Director Haug also announced that Missouri will not be receiving a payment of approximately $50 million anticipated under the tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, based on last month's ruling by the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District…



St. Louis Post- Dispatch and St. Louis Business Journal ran bits on former speaker John Diehl leaving Husch Blackwell, with the Biz Journal reporting that Diehl’s new email implying he’ll be hanging out a shingle: Diehl Law Group.


Richard Callow ‏tweets about two Republican “outsiders” running for governor who seem to talk about “mission” a lot…. @publiceyestl: Why does it feel like Greitens and Brunner each opened the other's box of campaign slogans?


AP reports that Speaker Todd Richardson “will lead GOP presidential hopeful Marco Rubio's campaign in Missouri.”  See it here.


Interesting to note that Fleishman Hillard was the PR agency of choice for The Mission Continues, the non-profit that Eric Greitens founded.  Wonder if any FH flacks will be helping our the campaign.  According to Guidestar, FH was paid $314K in 2014, and $305K in 213 for PR consulting.


Noranda stock has rallied off its lows in recent days.  But even now its market capitalization has shrunk to about $18 million.  That’s shocking for a company that over $1 billion in revenue.  One measure of how tiny that is.  Take Wal-Mart’s market cap $210 billion, divide by the number of stores they operate – about 11,500 – and you get a market cap per store of roughly $18 million.  The market appears to be discounting some future restructuring for the company.  But really who knows…


eMailbag: Turning it Over to the Readers…

On Stem Cell

What is really interesting about embryonic stem cells popping up again as a campaign issue is that that was one of the primary reasons why Chris Koster switched parties. It would seem that the Republicans are playing into his hands with a general electorate.

On Anti-Consultant Sentiment

Strike two against consultants.  First Eric Greitens trashes then and now John Brunner says in his video “and I won’t bring in the consultants.”  Honestly, two people who have never held public office don’t think they can benefit from some advice on how the building works? Good luck with that.

Drebes: Of course they both are paying consultants… so the word and the deeds don’t really match up.

On Secretary Nixon

Sending you my dry cleaning bill. Just spit up orange juice on my tie after reading your nugget about Jay Nixon getting a Cabinet position. Thanks a lot.

On Brunner Announcement

Was he reading from a teleprompter a la Obama?

On Judges Doing Redistricting

So, judges are infallible when it comes to redistricting, but not marriage or obamacare?  Got it.  Just trying to keep score at home….


Help Wanted

The Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council (SDCC), a Community Based Development Organization, seeks an Executive Director. “Skinker DeBaliviere is a diverse, creative and richly historic community nestled between Forest Park, Washington University, and the Delmar loop.  The community’s 6,000 residents are served by three MetroLink stations, three schools, three churches, three City parks, two community gardens, and much more… The Mission of the Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council is to be the connector, coordinator and facilitator of all aspects necessary to maintain and enhance the diverse, desirable and thriving community of Skinker DeBaliviere… This is a full-time position with a salary range of $35,000-$40,000, flexible schedule and health stipend…”


New Committees

Don Waterman for State Rep was formed. Waterman is a Republican running in House 46 (the Stephen Webber seat).

Garner for Missouri was formed.  Kyle Garner is running as a Democrat in House 52.  This a Sedelia seat.  The current incumbent is Republican Rep. Nathan Beard.

Three political action committees were formed.  Stand Up For Missouri LC (treasurer: Jack Spooner), Right Government (treasurer: Brian Cunningham), and Missouri Alliance PAC (treasurer: Jonathan Patterson).


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Mike Bernskoetter Pork Steak dinner – Wardsville Lions Club – 4:30PM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Bruce Holt added District Council #58 IUPAT.

Mark Rhoads and Trent Watson added RGA Enterprise Services Company; and deleted Reinsurance Group of America.

Andrea Young added Port Authority of Kansas City.

Joe Summers deleted UCB Inc.


$5K+ Contributions

Returning Government to the People - $10,000 from Fred N Sauer.

Democratic Governors Association – Missouri - $25,000 from Democratic Governors Association.

UAW Region 5 Midwest States Political Action Committee - $6,000 from UAW Region 5 Exchange Account.

Eastern MO Laborers Education & Benevolent Fund -  $10,865 from Political Action Committee of Laborers Local No. 42.

Eastern MO Laborers Education & Benevolent Fund – Construction & General Laborers’ Local No. 660.

Friends of Rory Rowland - $7,584 from Missouri Democratic Party.



Happy birthday to Yancy Williams.