Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Barklage, Cardetti To Run Marijuana IP?

Multiple sources say that political consultants David Barklage and Jack Cardetti have been hired as the general consultants on an evolving marijuana ballot question.

It’s said that Brad Bradshaw, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, is committing $400K to the endeavor.  He’s partnering with Show-Me Cannabis.  It’s still undetermined if they will proceed with the easy lay-up of medical marijuana (which one source says polls near 80% approval) or a broader legalization which would be a tougher fight.  See their committee paperwork here.

The team of Barklage and Cardetti could be a political marriage of Republican and Democrat to show the range of support for the idea.  Or it could be a marriage of two very skilled mercenaries…


Haefner Back to House Seat

Rep. Marsha Haefner has decided to run for re-election instead of Senate 1. The decision comes after the incumbent Sen. Scott Sifton retreated from his statewide bid to also run for re-election.  While there’s still time for Republicans to recruit a top tier candidate, this seems likely to shrink the already incredibly small 2016 Senate battlefield, as it appears Senate 1 will remain safely under Democratic control.

Haefner Statement

"When I first decided to run for the House of Representatives in 2010, I did so because I believed the families and small businesses of South County needed a proven voice in the legislature… Earlier this year, I announced my candidacy for the State Senate. However, after prayerful consideration and discussions with family, friends and supporters, I have decided that I can most effectively advocate for our community by continuing to serve in the Missouri House of Representatives. I appreciate the overwhelming support and encouragement of so many and I look forward to continuing to serve the community I care so much about."


Hoberock Hits Pro-Labor GOP Reps

In what appears to be a series of web ads, a Washington MO businessman, Greg Hoberock, has bankrolled a few web ads against Republican state representatives who are anti-right to work.

See two videos hitting Rep. Anne Zerr here and here, and Rep. Sheila Solon here.

I would think that we will see a non-committee expenditure filing soon as a result, and that might shed light on whether Hoberock employed the services of a consultant.

Non-Committee Reporting

130.047. Any person who is not a defined committee who makes an expenditure or expenditures aggregating five hundred dollars or more in support of, or opposition to, one or more candidates or in support of, or in opposition to, the qualification or passage of one or more ballot measures, other than a contribution made directly to a candidate or committee, shall file a report signed by the person making the expenditures, or that person's authorized agent.


Noranda Watch

Noranda’s stock, which recently traded in the neighborhood of 40 cents area, closed yesterday at $3.95.  That’s largely due to their reverse stock split.  One wonders whether the blues of their stock price will send the aluminum giant back to the Public Service Commission to ask for further concessions in the future.  We’ll see….


What Kansas Did Wrong

Columbia Daily Tribune reporter Rudi Keller tweets about Rep. Caleb Rowden’s take on the Kansas tax cuts… .@calebrowden calls Kansas tax cuts "ridiculous", "short-sighted" & "narrow-minded" during Muleskinners talk. Defends Mo. tax cuts

This may be part of a wider revaluation of what it means to be a supply-sider.  Adherents to the theory that the economic gains can be achieved by increasing supply (as opposed to the Keynesian method of increasing demand) may be realizing that not all tax cuts result in growth.  In Kansas’ case it may be that exempting some businesses from an income tax but not others, is the typical “picking winners and losers” scenario.  If so, any resultant surge from new business filings could be companies reclassifying themselves to get the tax break, not actual growth of businesses.  Or it could be that in Kansas the tax rates were not truly impeding growth in the first place.  In 1981 when the top federal income rate was 70% for an individual making $108K, you can make the case that you’re dis-incentivizing earning.  But cutting a 6.45% rate to 4.9% doesn’t appear to fundamentally changes economic behavior; it just gets you a budget deficit.

Or maybe I’m being too cerebral, perhaps Rowden is just looking where he needs to be to win Senate 19…


Olson to DC

Meg Olson, who has spent some time walking the halls as the Community Outreach Manager for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, is moving to DC. Her Facebook announcement: Alright everybody! I am now the community organizer at Network! I will join the Nuns on the Bus midway through the 2015 tour and arrive in DC (my NEW home!!) on September 22--just in time to greet Pope Francis!   See the website for Network here.


Mr. Smith Goes to Prison

Former state senator Jeff Smith’s book is out today.  Buy it at Amazon here.

The fall from politico to prisoner isn't necessarily long, but the landing, as Missouri State Senator Jeff Smith learned, is a hard one.  In 2009, Smith lied to the Feds about seemingly minor campaign malfeasance and earned himself a year and a day in Kentucky's FCI Manchester. Mr. Smith Goes to Prison is the fish-out-of-water story of his time in the big house; of the people he met there and the things he learned: how to escape the attentions of fellow inmates, like a tattooed Klansman and his friends in the Aryan Brotherhood; what constitutes a prison car and who's allowed to ride in yours; how to bend and break the rules, whether you're a prisoner or an officer. And throughout his sentence, the senator tracked the greatest crime of all: the deliberate waste of untapped human potential...


Brunner: Almost There…

From his latest email blast: “We are nearing a formal announcement about my campaign for Governor of Missouri…”


DeLear Kick-off Coming

Byron DeLear, who will be running in Bill Otto’s House 70 seat, will have his campaign kickoff on Thursday, September 24, 6PM at the Sports Café, in Bridgeton, MO.  On his host committee: Russ and Debra Carnahan, Sam Page, Sens. Jill Schupp and Jason Holsman, Reps. Joe Adams, Mary Nichols, Sue Meredith, Tommie Pierson, Jon Carpenter and Gail McCann Beatty, former Reps. Kenny Biermann and Vicki Englund.


Judy Baker Follow-Up

Perhaps the reason Dems are casting about for a new treasurer candidate is reflected in the MOScout poll from last weekend which shows Sen. Eric Schmitt outperforming the generic GOP ballot and only Republican winning the St. Louis area.  St. Louis is an expensive market to buy into…


Spring Break

For the planners among you… the legislature’s Spring Break this year appears to be set to start after adjournment on March 17, and then back the Tuesday after Easter, March 29.


NYT: Urban Area Murders Up

The New York Times reports on an increase in homicides in America’s cities.  St. Louis (+60%) and Kansas City (+20%) make the table.  See the article here.

Pull Quote:  More than 30 other cities have also reported increases in violence from a year ago. In New Orleans, 120 people had been killed by late August, compared with 98 during the same period a year earlier. In Baltimore, homicides had hit 215, up from 138 at the same point in 2014. In Washington, the toll was 105, compared with 73 people a year ago. And in St. Louis, 136 people had been killed this year, a 60 percent rise from the 85 murders the city had by the same time last year.  Law enforcement experts say disparate factors are at play in different cities, though no one is claiming to know for sure why murder rates are climbing.


New Committees

Nola Wood formed a committee to run for House 36 as a Republican.  This is the special election to fill Kevin McManus’ seat.  Her treasurer is Bill Randles.


Michael Stephens formed a committee to run for House 128 as a Republican.  The current incumbent is Rep. Sue Entlicher. Entlicher could run for another term, but instead is retiring.  She’s a former county clerk and might end up lobbying for them.  Stephens owns Stephens Pharmacy Inc.


Kevin Klupe formed a committee to run for St. Louis Sheriff as a Democrat.  His treasurer is Alderman Pat Ortmann. Klupe is a special agent for Missouri Alcohol and Tobacco Control.


Help Wanted

The Department of Social Services seeks Hearing Officer.  “The position requires a licensed attorney who will work in a quasi-judicial role, presiding over administrative hearings and issuing administrative hearing decisions involving child support… The starting salary for this position is $38,928.00 per year, with full state benefits…”  See the ad here.


eMailbag on Rizzo in Senate 11

“If Rizzo has only Republican opposition he should win. But both the primary and general election opponents will spend some time talking about his aunt and uncle being convicted of vote fraud in a race he won by one vote. One of those rare nasty attacks that happens to be true… I wouldn't think the Democrat candidate for SOS wants Rizzo on the ballot…”


eMailbag on Truman Dinner

Grumbling Dem: Most of the representatives didn’t have seats and were hanging out in right field.  Some paid money for that treatment…


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Gail McCann Beatty Golf – Swope Memorial Golf Course – 8AM.

Reps. Jered Taylor & Sonya Anderson – Ozark Mountain Shooters.


$5K+ Contributions

Teamsters Local Union No 688 Political Action Committee - $10,321 from D.R.I.V.E. Committee.

Citizens for Jake Zimmerman - $25,000 from Simmons Hanly Cooper.

Eastern MO Laborers Education & Benevolent Fund - $10,685 from Political Action Committee of Laborers Local No. 42.

Local 41 Political Action Fund - $8,765 from DRIVE Committee.

Koster for Missouri - $10,000 from Innovation Homes LLC.

Greitens for Missouri - $5,001 from Keith Strope.