Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Grove to BJC

Sean Grove has started working for BJC as the new Government Relations External Affairs Manager.  This position was opened when Courtney Harris was promoted internally.  Grove had worked for Rep. Paul Curtman in the House.


Follow-Up on House 100

I mistakenly wrote yesterday that Derek Greier, Republican candidate for House 100, was on the Chesterfield City Council.  He is not. He resigned in March “to focus on family and career.”  One observer notes that the “timing of his announcement shortly before filing closed for his City Council seat prevented others from considering a candidacy and resulted in no contest to replace him with what most viewed as his handpicked candidate.”


Munzinger in House 136

Jeff Munzinger (note no “L” after the “Z,” that is to say – not a Munzlinger) filed a campaign committee to run as a Democrat in House 136.  The current incumbent in this Springfield seat is Republican Rep. Kevin Austin. Munzinger owns Munzinger & Company Inc.  See the website here.


Republican Gubernatorial Debate This Weekend

This weekend will offer the first chance to see the half-dozen Republican candidates for governor on stage answering questions.  The debate is being hosted Saturday by the Butler County Republican Central Committee.  Chairman Eddy Justice emailed out the “ground rules” to the participants.  Here are some excerpts…

The moderator will be Mitchell Davis, independent member of academia with no relationships whatsoever to any candidate…. No one other than the moderator and the BCRCC Executive Committee will see the questions in advance, but candidates will be made aware of the subject areas no less than 7 days in advance.  Questions will be of a general or philosophical nature, with preference given to current events.  No questions will be of a personal nature to any candidate or group of candidates…


The intent of this debate is to give all candidates the opportunity to answer questions, state their positions and present themselves in the positive manner of their respective choosing.  Negative personal attacks on any other Republican candidate (present or not present) will not be permitted.  The moderator shall enforce this rule, first with a warning to the offender and then by stopping/ending the offending candidate’s answer if the act if repeated.  Extreme repeat offenses will result in a candidate not getting the opportunity to provide a closing statement…

The questions will be limited to these topics but not all topics are guaranteed to be addressed.  I anticipate that all of you will make yourselves aware of the ground rules and I know each of you are up to date on each of the subject listed below.

Question Topics:

Taxpayer Funded Projects

The Ferguson Situation

The Planned Parenthood Videos

Ethics in State Politics

Federal Stimulus Funding of the State Budget

The Campaign for US President

Your Plan of Action if Elected


Schmitt Against Iran

From the press release: State Senator Eric Schmitt (R-Glendale) today announced a plan to stop an initiative negotiated by the Obama Administration in the Iran nuclear deal that would unravel state policies preventing taxpayer dollars from being invested in state sponsors of terrorism… Major parts of the proposed Iran deal require the United States to stop applying economic sanctions to Iran. Most importantly for the taxpayers of Missouri, the deal authorizes the federal government to take all actions necessary to ensure state and local laws facilitate the lifting of sanctions and opening of commerce and investment with Iran… Senator Schmitt's legislation was specifically crafted to address Paragraph 25 of the Iran nuclear agreement…



MEC dismissed a complaint against Show Me Cannabis Regulation.  See it here.


In the large contributions below see that the Realtors tossed a half-million into their campaign account, which appears aimed at strengthening their position preventing a encroaching sales tax.


eMailbag on Greitens

Lobbyist: Eric Greitens keeps being dismissed by the professional political class in Missouri. Yet, he's raising money at a better clip than any other GOP candidate, has looks and a family straight out of central casting and a personal story that is too good to be true. In the age of Donald Trump, is it too hard to believe voters would rather have a former Navy Seal who worked with Mother Teresa than a career politician?


Republican: The infusion of big money to Greitens is causing other GOP candidates to strike out against him.  My guess is Greitens will start being a frontrunner-type target.  I haven't seen Peter Kinder criticize Greitens, which in my opinion is gentlemanly and smart.  The interesting thing about Greitens' money as contrasted to Catherine Hanaway's is that much of it is coming from those who have no special interest in Missouri and therefore no expectation of accommodations.  It leaves Greitens free to govern without encumbrances.  I was also interested to note that the $200,000 donation came from an individual who used to head up fundraising for the Republican National Committee.  Obviously Greitens passed the R sniff test with that knowledgeable guy.


eMailbag on Hawley

I hope that he issues his opinion protecting clerks' religious views on a roll of toilet paper so it is useful for something.  When did political discourse devolve to the point that seemingly intelligent and well-credentialed candidates are required to so blatantly pander to the base of their party.  Both sides do it, but this is blatant.  Mr. Hawley is a constitutional scholar and established attorney, but to become AG in Missouruh, he has to fake dumb on the basic tenants of federalism that he should have learned in middle school civics.  The race to the bottom continues!


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Sen. Eric Schmitt Golf – Forest Park Golf Course – STL – lunch at 11AM.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee – Cardinal vs Chicago Cubs Game – Busch Stadium - STL – 12:45PM


Lobbyists Registrations

Molly Dempsey deleted St. Charles County Association of Realtors.

Rose Marie Hopkins deleted Norcal Mutual Insurance Company.


$5K+ Contributions

Working Families Committee - $10,000 from SEIU Missouri State Council PAC.

Koster for Missouri - $100,000 from UAW-V-CAP.

MADA Dealers Interested in Government - $14,000 from MADA Services Corporation.

Midwest Region Laborers Political League Education Fund - $6,788 from Laborers Supplemental Dues Fund.

Missourians for Fair Taxation - $500,000 from Missouri Association of REALTORS.



Happy birthdays to Rep. Alan Green (55), former Sens. Jack Goodman (41) and Delbert Scott (66), former speaker Rod Jetton (48), Zach Pollock (38), Mark Habbas (42), Jorgen Schlemeier (the big 5-0), and Dave Plemmons.