Friday, July 3, 2015

MCN to Parents: You Got To Sue For Your Right to Transfer

Yesterday Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal held a press conference to react to Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of the legislature’s transfer bill.  It was the second bill they had passed and then vetoed by the governor without any warning during the legislative session that he opposed it.

Post-Dispatch’s Elisa Crouch has the story here.

Pull Quote: Chappelle-Nadal, D-University City, said she won’t be trying again. Instead, she’s directing parents to file lawsuits whenever they are told they have missed the deadline to apply or that classrooms in their preferred school system are too full for their children.

“If DESE says you cannot leave, you should sue,” Chappelle-Nadal said, referring to the state’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. “If you want to go to Parkway, go to Parkway. If you want to go to Brentwood, go to Brentwood.”

Nixon, she said, will be responsible for the fallout.

After the Missouri Supreme Court upheld the law in 2013, the state education department issued directives to school districts to reduce potential chaos. It advised them to turn away transfer requests when classrooms exceeded certain targets. It allowed them to set a deadline for transfer requests. And it allowed unaccredited districts to choose one district to send buses to, rather than provide transportation to all students.

None of these directives is included in the statute itself. It states that children in unaccredited districts can leave for better schools at their home district’s expense, without exception…


Hawley Ethics Complaint Dismissed

The Missouri Ethics Commission dismissed a complaint against Josh Hawley that he “used the Missouri Liberty Project and the Missouri Forward Alliance, non-profit entities formed by you, to advance your candidacy for public office without registering a candidate committee…”

Although Hawley “attended and spoke at 56 events across the state during 2014 and 2015, including 10 county Lincoln Days Events and the 2014 the Reagan Lincoln Days State Conference” and had “contracted services” with J. Harris Company LLC, the “Commission did not find that your presence at political events, responses to press inquiries, contractual relationship with a consultant, or your teaching status meets the standard to be considered a ‘candidate’ as defined in Section 130.011,RSMo.”  See it here.


Roorda Calls for Pizza Boycott

Former Rep. Jeff Roorda entered the fray which started between Taxi Commishers Lou Hamilton and Chris Sommers, calling for a boycott of Sommers’ Pi Pizzeria.

From his Facebook: BOYCOTT PI PIZZA!!! Take a look at the potshot that outspoken anti-police activist and Pi Pizzeria owner Chris Sommers took at me and Darren Wilson in the River Front Times. Please join me in boycotting this know-nothing, loud mouth's pizzeria & Marxist revolutionary haven. Believe me, I'm doing you a favor...his pizza tastes like re-fried dog vomit anyway if you ask me.



From Politico’s Influence here are some DC lobbyists changes with Missouri ties…


Gephardt Group Government Affairs: Innovation Reform Action Project

Gephardt Group Government Affairs: New York Air Brake

Gephardt Group Government Affairs: Zipit Wireless, Inc.

NEW LOBBYING TERMINATIONS: (Firm: Client (Type of Termination))

McAllister & Quinn, LLC: Columbia College of Missouri(Q2 Termination)


File under “Can’t Get Over It”…. MissouriNet reports that two Missouri counties aren’t complying with the recent Untied State Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.  See the story here.


Kansas City Star reports jobs growing faster on Missouri side of State Line Road than Kansas side.  See it here.


President Barack Obama named 108 mathematics and science teachers as recipients of the prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. From Missouri they were: Ruth Knop, Parkway West Senior High School; and Kathleen Dwyer, Maplewood Richmond Heights High School.


eMailbag: Grassroots Fundraising

Every time I read about a candidate who emphasizes their “grassroots support” all I hear in my head is “Call time is hard and going to chili suppers is more fun.”


$5K+ Contributions

Anne Zerr for Missouri - $10,000 from Simmons Hanly Conroy.

Ashcroft for Missouri - $10,000 from Peter Herschend.

UTU PAC - $12,000 from United Transportation Union PAC.

Missourians for Fair Taxation - $50,000 from Missouri Association of REALTORS.

Cunningham Campaign Committee - $10,509 from Citizens to Elect Robin Harris.

Missouri Farmers Care - $9,500 from MFA Oil.

Bradshaw for Missouri - $10,000 from Brad Bradshaw.

Citizens for Mary Pat Carl - $25,000 from Mary Patricia Carl.

Citizens for Mary Pat Carl - $115,000 from Mary Patricia Carl.

Scott Sifton for Missouri - $35,000 from Scott Sifton.


Notes on Money

Mary Pat Carl just announced her bid to replace Jennifer Joyce (St. Louis City Circuit Attorney) yesterday, and is putting up her own money right away to seed her campaign.



Happy birthdays to Sara Schuett (43), and Duane Simpson (41).

4th of July: James Moody (66), Sen. Ron Richard (68), Brian Millner (30), Courtney Cole, and former Rep. Joe Aull (67).

Sunday: St. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman (41), former Reps. Chris Molendorp (46) and Gary Dusenberg (69).