Tuesday, August 4, 2015

MBEF: Obama Not Biggest Threat

In the news has been the EPA’s latest plan to cut carbon emissions.  See it here.

But Missouri for a Balanced Energy Future (MBEF) says that the “biggest threat to Missouri's energy future is not the Clean Power Plan, it's Missouri's outdated regulations and the unwillingness of the General Assembly to address energy infrastructure concerns,” noting the recent Post-Dispatch article in which “Ameren told analysts on a conference call it planned to invest another $500 million to $1 billion in the coming years. Unfortunately, none of it planned for Missouri.”


Pro-RTW Messaging

As right to work supporters are pushing for a veto override in the House where they are short of votes, here’s one argument being made…

“Vote on this now and it’s done.  Fail to get this done and the unions pour millions into getting Chris Koster elected governor since he would be the only thing standing between them and RTW, and Republicans in labor district could get swept in the union money tsunami.  Pick your poison: short term pain or long-term loss.”


eMailbag: on House Leadership Races Past and Future

Your lobbyist tipster handing the Speakership to Haahr in three years is hilarious.  Look for Rep. Kevin Austin to win the Assistant Floor race.  He has a loyal following….


Don't rule out Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick to be in a position to make a run for Speaker after Todd Richardson. He is seen by many as one of the smartest guys in the caucus, and will be coming off two years as Budget Chair while Haahr sits in a position (Pro Tem) that has little to no real influence. If Scott wants it, I'd say it's his to take.


Biggest loser in the House Majority Floor leader race: Sheila Solon.  She went out of her way to endorse Rep. Caleb Rowden instead of her KC Caucus colleague Rep. Mike Cierpiot.
Wrong Track Trouble

The new WSJ/NBC poll could spell trouble for the incumbent party… “On a benchmark measure of Americans' unease, 65 percent of those surveyed said the country is on the wrong track. That is the highest level of unease since November 2014, and nears the levels seen at other historical moments of voter discontent...”  See it here.


Hancock Upbeat

Politico looks at the coming “unpredictable” Republican presidential primary.  GOP State Party Chair John Hancock is quoted.  See it here.

“I don’t have a sense of dread about where things are,” said John Hancock, the chair of the Missouri GOP. “I’m very optimistic that we’ve got some phenomenal candidates who are going to wear very well as they get more and more exposure.”


Dems are seemingly overjoyed with the Republican scrum… For example the Jackson County Democrats are hosting a watch party for the Thursday debate.  Where: Firefighters Local 42 Meeting Hall… “We will be providing some snacks and beverages but you are welcome to bring your own. There is no cost but we're doing a $5 bingo…”



Paul LeVota exits his civilian job at Community America Credit Union.  See it here.


Sen. Scott Sifton visited with the mighty Jason Rosenbaum and Jo ManniesListen to the interview here.  The Politically Speaking podcast always unearths some little nuggets or gems.  This time… Mannies and Sifton go to the same church.  Who knew?


Missourinet reports that Rep. Kevin Engler is circulating his draft for a policy review related to interns in the capitol.  See it here.


A judge ruled that St. Louis City doesn’t need voter approval to spend tax dollars on a new stadium.  See it here.  But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  See the Federal Reserve study on the issue here.  (SPOILER: The short answer to this question is "No.")


eMailbag: on Schaaf Senate Letter

“Sen. Rob Schaaf advocating for total chaos in the Senate… It was like the Democrats drafted that email for him…”


New Committees

Association of Missouri Nurse Practitioners Political Action Committee was formed.  The treasurer is Janice Jones DNP.


Lobbyists Registrations

Brian Treece and Mary Timothy Phillips added Preferred Family Healthcare; and deleted Carol Jones Recovery Center, AO Community Living, Gateway Youth and Family Services, and Lakes Country Resource Centers.

Mary Timothy Phillips deleted W.D. Management.

Brian Treece deleted Kick International.

Jay Reichard added Missouri Hospital Association.

Brad Thielemier added Missouri State Troopers; and deleted Three Rivers College.

Kathryn Gamble deleted MO Association for Career and Technical Education, City of Kansas City, MO Railroad, Independent Colleges and Universities of Missouri, MO Coalition of Children’s Agencies, and MO Association of County Development Disability Services.


$5K+ Contributions

Koster for Missouri - $25,000 from Davis, Bethune & Jones LLC.

Parson for Governor - $10,000 from Drury Development.

Parson for Governor - $7,500 from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City Political Action Committee for Missouri.

Committee to Elect Judge Grand Gorman - $5,500 from Dempsey for Missouri.



Happy birthdays to Robin Carnahan (54), Dick Wiles (66), and Don Soph.