Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Reaction to Kinder for Gov

At Rep. Elijah Haahr’s event last night the big talk among the state reps in attendance was whether Rep. Caleb Jones would jump into the lieutenant governor’s race. The consensus being that he would be an attractive statewide candidate who could win both the primary and general.

Meanwhile others think that it would be a blunder (or “political malpractice”) if Sen. Will Kraus didn’t use this as an opportunity to switch from secretary of state – where he faces the buzz-saw of Ashcroft name ID – to LG.

The common thread between these two chattering points… apparent fearlessness of Bev RandlesRex Sinquefield contributions, which are currently at $1 million, but will presumably see additional infusions over the next twelve months.


On Peter Kinder’s prospects there are two schools of thought.  First, “Kinder is, by far, the front-runner.  Everybody seems to think his entrance hurts a different candidate, but the truth is, it hurts them all because he has such a huge advantage in name ID and conservative bona fides.”

The dissenting opinion is: just wait.  Yes, he has those advantages now, but as his opponents, the press and ultimately the voters look at the field closer, the shine will wear off and he’ll fade – especially if he’s outgunned on money.


For those who can’t not look… here’s a video of the Kinder announcement speech.


Greitens Pro-Life, Anti-ObamaCare

In his new “listening video,” Eric Greitens starts to sketch his positions – garden variety Republicanism so far.  He’s pro-life, pro-guns and anti-ObamaCare.


Does Jeff Mazur’s tweet offer a future attack line from fellow Republicans?

‏@jmaz: Wonder how his contemplation of a Democratic 2010 #mosen run plays in a GOP primary?

As if to inoculate himself from the charges, Greitens penned an essay about his “evolution.”  See it here.


Hanaway Pre-announces Quarter

The press release: “Former House Speaker and U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway announced today that she ended the second quarter with over $1.5 million cash on hand. Hanaway's campaign committee received donations totaling $363,264.20 from 200 donors.

Approximately 89% of Hanaway's total donations came from Missouri donors…

Hanaway is the first and only female Speaker of the House and was recently mentioned by the National Journal as the only credible Republican woman running for Governor in the nation.


Gun Play in the STL

Police officer ambushed.  See it here.

Nephew of an alderman killed.  See it here.
ALEC Sponsorships Still Available

The pitch…

> From: "Deanna Hemphill"

> Subject: ALEC Missouri State Night Dinner Update

> Greetings,

> As this year's Co-Chairs of Missouri State Night, Peggy Brand and I would like to extend to you an invitation to this year's Missouri State Night Dinner which will take place Friday, July 24th.  We have a great group of legislators planning to join us including Senators Ed Emery, Bob Onder, Paul Wieland and Representatives Donna Lichtenegger and Justin Hill.  PLEASE NOTE-- the venue has changed to Edgewater Grill, located at 861 West Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101.  Cocktails will begin at 6:00 PM followed by dinner at 6:30 PM….


Platinum Sponsorship: $1,000

Gold Sponsorship: $500

Bronze Sponsorship: $250


Obama Grants Commutations

According to the White House press release, “President Barack Obama granted commutations of sentence to 46 individuals.”

Here are the two from Missouri…

Willie C. Johnson – Steele, MO

Offense:  The defendant did knowingly conspire to distribute and possess with the intent to distribute cocaine base; the defendant did knowingly distribute cocaine base; the defendant did knowingly possess with the intent to distribute cocaine base (Eastern District of Missouri)

Sentence:  360 months’ imprisonment; five years’ supervised release (Feb. 18, 2005); amended to 168 months’ imprisonment (Feb. 12, 2015)

Commutation Grant:  Prison sentence commuted to expire on November 10, 2015.

Ezekiel Simpson – St. Louis, MO

Offense:  Possession with intent to distribute cocaine base (Eastern District of Missouri)

Sentence:  240 months’ imprisonment; 10 years’ supervised release (Feb. 3, 2005)

Commutation Grant:  Prison sentence commuted to expire on November 10, 2015.



Ferguson Commission released 95 pages of recommendations. See it here.


Post-Dispatch reports on the brewing Senate 23 primary.  Read it here.


Mark Patterson, treasurer for Alliance for Truth… lots and lotsa No-Nos…. Read the Missouri Ethics Commission order here, fining him $61,500.


Dent County grieves sex-same ruling.  See it here.


Politico reports on food safety issues and funding, the article starts out with a sickness from a caramel apple from… The Happy Apple of Washington, Missouri.  See it here.


Unlike Missouri, Kansas won’t say who gets tax credits.  See it here.


eMailbag: on Dems’ Fundy Name Change

“JJ Dinner changing to the Truman Dinner.  I mean, I get it, but it is a little humorous that the second choice for least offensive naming rights goes to the only human to ever call for the nuking of two cities.”


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Reps. Eric Burlison & Scott Fitzpatrick Golf – Island Green Golf Club – Republic – lunch at 11AM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Cynthia Gamble, Jorgen Schlemeier, Jeffrey Brooks, Bill Gamble and Sarah Topp added The Kraft Heinz Company; and deleted Kraft Foods Group Inc.


$5K+ Contributions

Lewis & Clark Regional Leadership Forum - $15,000 from Drury Development Company.

Lewis & Clark Regional Leadership Forum - $15,000 from HTH Companies Inc.

Lewis & Clark Regional Leadership Forum - $15,000 from Thirty & 141 LP.

Lewis & Clark Regional Leadership Forum - $15,000 from Bank of Washington.

Greitens for Missouri - $5,001 from Alan Scarrow.

Eastern MO Laborers Education & Benevolent Fund - $40,300 from Construction & General Laborers’ Local No. 660.

Missourians for Fair Taxation - $26,000 from National Association of REALTORS.

Greitens for Missouri - $10,000 from Dusty Emmert.



Happy birthday to David Winton (47)… “ironic since it is also Bastille day. A great reason to open a good French wine n'est pas?”