Friday, June 19, 2015

Jefferson City Night Life

Post-Dispatch Virginia Young writes a 1,600 word article based on a police investigation sought by Brittany Burke. See it here.

While the major revelation is that John Diehl had an affair with Burke – and Young floats the suggestion that their relationship was the reason she exited the Nixon administration – the portrait of the general climate and culture of Jefferson City during session is what will stick with readers the most.

Burke had called the police because she was concerned she’d been sexually assaulted.  In their investigation, they recreate the night – April 8.  It’s a Wednesday night which in Jeff City terms is like a Friday because Thursday legislators leave to return home.

What we get from Young’s article sounds like the basis for a movie screenplay, maybe The Hangover in Jeff City?…  She’s having drinks with still-in-college reporter Eli Yokley running up a $166.97 tab at Grand Café, then heading up to Pfenny’s where she meets other politicos.  Her tab there includes 11 Jagerbombs, 9 Vodka Red Bulls, and 1 Jack Daniels, totaling another $128.50.  Then there’s a businessman giving her a piggy-back ride, Rep. Dave Hinson driving around trying to find her, and Diehl who does find her when he returns to his place at 3:15AM. He’d just been “hanging out with friends” until that time. Two hours later she’s walking back to the Doubletree.

I mean, seriously kids…


This morning on 97.1FM former speaker Tim Jones says, “My legacy’s looking a little brighter every day.”


Noranda Watch

Noranda hired Morgan Stanley to help them look at “strategic alternatives.”

The press release: The Company also announced that its Board of Directors has decided to suspend the Company's quarterly dividend and will seek stockholder approval of a reverse stock split at a ratio to be determined. "We are pleased to announce the engagement of Morgan Stanley as an advisor as we proactively identify and evaluate prudent actions to continue to create stockholder value across the aluminum price cycle," said Layle K. "Kip" Smith, Noranda's President and Chief Executive Officer. "In the face of low aluminum prices, I am proud of the progress we have made in improving our cost structure and overall productivity, as well as our investments that support future improvements. This strategic review builds on that work, and is an exciting part of optimizing the positioning of the Company."



On Twitter, the peerless John Combest admonishes Bill Otto’s campaign for continuing with their online “thunderclap” despite news of Ann Wagner’s mother-in-law’s passing.

‏@johncombest: #ottoforcongress "Thunderclap" gimmick should have been delayed a few days upon death of opponent's mother-in-law.


Reps Attend Eigel Event

From an Eigel supporter: Reps. Paul Curtman, Andrew Koenig and John Wiemann attended Bill Eigel event on Tuesday night. (He’s running in Senate 23).  It was standing room only. Eigel gave a speech you would hope a governor candidate could give. Perhaps he should be running for a higher office... Now on to having a big quarter in less than a month of fundraising!


KC Biz Journal: Border War Negotiations

From this morning’s Kansas City Business Journal (see it here): Kansas Commerce Secretary Pat George will spend his final weeks in the post working on a deal that could end the economic development Border War with Missouri. George announced June 17 that he plans to resign as head of the Department of Commerce sometime in July. He said he'll spend his remaining time in office brokering a deal to de-escalate the Border War, and that a deal could be announced before he departs. "I feel like we're pretty close to having some sort of agreement, and we'll certainly be pushing hard over the next six weeks to get an agreement out there," he said. "If not, it'll be on the one-yard line for my successor to come in and get it across the goal line."



Kansas City columnist Yael Abouhalkah writes about Jeff Roe’s client going negative in the KC City Council race. See it here.


John Hancock, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party, is the St. Louis Young Republicans’ July speaker! Mark your calendar for Thursday, July 9th: 7pm - 8pm at STL County Library Headquarters (Auditorium).


The Missouri Mental Health Commission announced yesterday that Mark Stringer was appointed the new Director for the Department of Mental Health.  Stringer “has been in the mental health field for more than 28 years and served on the DMH team for 16 years in various roles.  For the last 8 years he has been the DMH Director for the Division of Behavioral Health…”


The St. Louis Business Journal “Legislative Roundtable” is set for Wednesday, June 24, 2015, 7:30am-9:00am at the Danforth Plant Science Center.  On the panel are Sens. Joe Keaveny, Jamilah Nasheed and Eric Schmitt.


Email on Time Capsule

Don't suppose the new-to-be football stadium would fit the time capsule...


Lobbyists Registrations

Samuel Richardson II added General Omar Bradley Leadership Institute, Randolph County University of Missouri Extension, and Anaerobic Digester Consultants.

Jeff Knappen added Actavis PLC.


$5K+ Contributions

Lewis & Clark Regional Leadership Forum - $15,000 from David Spence.

Eigel for Missouri - $6,000 from Robert Eigel.

Eigel for Missouri - $5,001 from Jeff Culbertson.

Koster for Missouri - $25,000 from Kent Emison.

New Approach Missouri - $5,340 from American Victory Coalition.


Notes on Money

“New Approach” is a pro-marijuana reform campaign committee.



Happy birthdays to former Sen. Brian Nieves (50), Jason Cohen, Eric Friedman, Keith Kirk (51), Angela Bingaman (29), and Misty Snodgrass.

Saturday: Sen. Eric Schmitt (40), and Capital Cork’s Jami Wade.

Sunday: Mike Pridmore (36, and Jeff Shawan.