Friday, June 20, 2014

Transportation Tax Polling

It sounds like that transportation sales tax polling continues.  This is largely conjecture, but from what I have gleaned it appears that supporters of the tax are trying to fine-tune their message according to region.  It would require a more surgical campaign than simply raising a ton of money and bombarding voters over TV.  Instead it would be using the smaller universe from the lower turn-out August electorate and targeting them with greater precision than is usual for a statewide contest.


The notion is that folks who might have reservations about the overall plan could be persuaded by focusing on the benefits for their specific region.


This line of reasoning was behind the Facebook posting of Eddie Roth yesterday.  Roth is Mayor Slay’s deputy chief of staff.

No to Amd 7 = No to City projects, including:


$200M+ funding for:


STL Streetcar, Airport freight ramps for 747’s x 2, North Riverfront Loop, Midtown Loop, Metro/West Florissant-Natural Bridge BRT, Gateway Bike Plan, improved Bike/Ped connections btwn neighborhoods & Forest Park/Delmar MetroLink Stations, improved multimodel freight access to North Riverfront, ADA sidewalk/crosswalk/bus stops, Goodfellow btwn1-70/Natural Bridge (complete streets), MLK btwn Grand/Kingshwy (complete streets), Grand Center-Wash from Theresa to Sheldon Thtr. (complete streets), Tucker Blvd btwn Washington/Spruce (road diet /ped/ADA), Lacledes Lnding (ped/ADA), 7th&8th Streets betwn Washington/Walnut (ped/ADA), Clark&Spruce btwn Tucker/14th (complete streets), N. Grand btwn Natural Bridge/1-70 (complete streets), Natural Bridge between Grand/Kingshway (complete streets), Vandeventor btwn 1-44/Forest Park (safety, ped), Morganford betwn Arsenal/Chippewa (complete streets), South Broadway btwn Upton/Holly Hills (complete streets), South Grand btwn Utah and Gravois (complete streets).


Plus about $2.4 million per year in discretionary transportation funding that could be used for, among many other things, local matches for federal/private funding to replace or repair aged street bridges and viaducts.




Missouri Club for Growth PAC Targets Four Flimpsies

The press release:  The Missouri Club for Growth Political Action Committee (MOCFG PAC) announced four initial endorsements today in advance of the August 5th primary election.


*Missouri Club for Growth PAC's Endorsements in 2014 Missouri House Primaries*


House District-3:      *MOCFG PAC Endorses Dr. John Bailey* over Rep. Nate Walker

House District-130:  *MOCFG PAC Endorses Loren Hunt* over Rep. Jeff Messenger

House District-144:  *MOCFG PAC Endorses Ron Bohn Sr.* over Rep. Paul Fitzwater

House District-155:  *MOCFG PAC Endorses Jason Frodge* over Rep. Lyle Rowland


These are four of the fifteen representatives who voted against the override of the tax cut bill last summer.  In the $5K+ Contributions below, the first check from MO CFG appears to have hit in the amount of $25,000 to Ron Bohn.  One assumes similar checks will be coming to the other candidates.  And I expect to see third-party mailers from MO CFG as well.


John Bailey is the only one of these four that I view as a serious challenger to the incumbent.




Ashcroft: I’m Winning!

In a note to supporters, Jay Ashcroft – running in Senate 24 – claims to have polling showing that he’s leading Democrat Jill Schupp by six point…


> ---------- Forwarded message ----------

> From: John "Jay" Ashcroft <>

> Date: Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 8:57 AM

> Subject: We can win this race!


> Friends,

> As you have likely heard by now, I am running for State Senate in the 24th

District in St. Louis County.

> I have some very exciting news: early polling says we’re leading this race!

> Our first poll showed that the district supports me over my opponent Jill

Schupp…and by 6 points!!!

> This is exciting news.

> This is a competitive district that has been held by both, Republicans and

Democrats over the years. For us to have this early lead proves that voters want a

common sense leader that will grow jobs, build government accountability, and

protect the freedom of opportunity that our state promises.

> While we’re thrilled to begin so strongly, we need your help to finish this race!

> There’s little doubt that my opponent’s well-financed friends will ensure she has

hundreds of thousands, if not more than a million, dollars to try to defeat me. As

their attack machine gets started, we cannot afford to stand idly by. We’ll need

to fight back.

> Today, I humbly ask that you join my team here.

> A gift of $100, $50, $35 or even $15 will go a long way in ensuring we can restore

the opportunities that make our state, and our nation, great….




Vowell Back in House 78

Natalie Vowell apparently won her appeal to be reinstated to the ballot.  This creates a Democratic primary in House 78 again, between Vowell and the incumbent, Rep. Penny Hubbard.





Governor Jay Nixon signed SB 492 yesterday which implements some performance based funding for higher ed institutions.  See the Post-Dispatch article here.




On the Show Me Institute’s blog, David Stokes weighs in on the Ameren-Noranda battle.  Read it here.  The free market think tank is largely funded by huge, mostly Republican, donor Rex Sinquefield.  He has stayed out of the utility scruff so far.




Congresswoman Ann Wagner’s candidate, Steve Scalise, won the whip election.  Read it here.




Fundraising Calendar

Today’s fundraising events from Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. David Wood Golf – Rolling Hills Country Club, Versailles.



Saturday 21 – Rep. Tim Remole Golf – Moberly Heritage Hills Golf Course, Moberly/Huntsville.




Lobbyist Registrations

From the Gate Way Group website:

James C. Bowers, Jr. added Jeremy Franklin Mitsubishi of Kansas City, Brighton Creek Commons LLC, DC Hospitality Group LLC, and Adam and Robyn Tholen.

Michael T. White added PG LLC.

Amanda Petelin deleted American Cancer Society.




$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Safe Transportation & New Jobs Inc - $10,000 from George J. Siebers & Co.

Committee to Elect Ron Bohn - $25,000 from Missouri Club for Growth.




Happy Birthday

Happy birthdays to Sen. Eric Schmitt (39), and Capital Cork’s Jami Wade.


Saturday: Mike Pridmore (35).


Sunday: Rep. Margo McNeil (66), Ann Auer and David Poger.