Friday, June 5, 2015

Nixon Vetoes RTW

As expected, Governor Jay Nixon vetoed the right to work bill.

His statement: “For generations, the ability of workers to join together and bargain collectively for fair wages and benefits has formed the foundation of the American middle-class. This extreme measure would take our state backward, squeeze the middle-class, lower wages for Missouri families, and subject businesses to criminal and unlimited civil liability. Right-to-Work is wrong for Missouri, it's wrong for the middle-class - and it must never become the law of the Show-Me State.”


Sen. Ron Richard statement: “I am saddened the governor vetoed legislation that is long overdue in our state. If Missouri were to join the 25 other Right-to-Work states, we would regain a competitive edge not only among our neighboring states, but on the national level as well. Right-to-Work encourages job growth and promotes individual freedoms by giving employees the power to determine their own futures. It does nothing to harm unions. Between 2013 and 2014, Indiana — a Right-to-Work state — added 50,000 union members and increased the state’s union membership by 1.4 percent. In that same time period, Missouri lost 5,000 union members, or .2 percent of union membership. Also during that time, Indiana gained nearly 94,000 jobs while Missouri only gained about 26,000.”


Rumorville: Brown for Parson

I haven’t seen an official release from Team Mike Parson, but word is that they’ve lassoed the endorsement of Sen. Dan “Doc” Brown.  Brown carried the right to work bill in the Senate and his endorsement furthers Parson’s rural credentials.



I haven’t heard much from Sen. Bob Dixon’s camp about his previously floated gubernatorial bid.  It appears that talk is waning.  Also good news for Parson.


No Authority to Raise Local MinimumWage?

Here’s an excerpt from a memo from William Geary, the City Attorney for Kansas City, saying that the proposal to raise the minimum wage locally won’t work.


There are several elements of the ordinance that lead me to conclude that the City does not have the authority to enact the ordinance:  

The ordinance conflicts with §67.1571, RSMo, which forbids the adoption of local minimum wage ordinances.

The ordinance is preempted by the Missouri Minimum Wage Law, §290.500, RSMo, et seq., because it would forbid what the state allows – the payment of wages from $7.65 to $9.99 per hour.

The ordinance establishes an enforcement procedure that allows private parties to sue for damages, but ordinances may not establish causes of action for the state courts to adjudicate.

Furthermore, I do not believe the City has the authority to mandate a minimum wage in its own contracts because of the broad terms of §67.1571, RSMo.

Finally, to act in an area that is already preempted by the State of Missouri, may only encourage those in the General Assembly who believe local governments are lawless wastelands of social engineering, to continue their assault on local governments.


Rumorville: Missouri’s Promise on the Move?

One tipster says that the four-year and two-year university presidents recently met with State Treasurer Clint Zwiefel and Attorney General Chris Koster about the Missouri Promise proposal. “There is also some speculation that Koster sees a ballot initiative as a way to ID voters for his gubernatorial race.  An additional 200,000 voters, many who would be middle to upper class families who like the idea of a free college education, could help the Democratic ticket….”


Rumorville: Feebees Asking Questions…

The Kansas City office of the FBI has apparently called some people asking questions about former speaker John Diehl.  No word on what specifically they are asking about.  And one veteran of Jefferson City cautions while folks can think this is a big deal, often times they just ask a few questions and are never heard from again.



Ferguson Mayor James Knowles will speak at the St. Louis Young Republicans June meeting.  It’s at the St. Louis County Library in Frontenac on Thursday June 11 at 7PM.


The Washington Post editorializes about the Kansas budget mess brought on by Sam Brownback’s tax cuts.  See it here.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Reps. Dean Dohrman & Nathan Beard Golf – Indian Foothills Golf Course – Marshall – 8AM.


Lobbyists Registrations

Marcus Long deleted St. Louis College of Pharmacy.

Dwight Scharnhorst deleted State Historical Society of Missouri.


$5K+ Contributions

Koster for Missouri - $10,000 from Four Corners Development LLC.

Hanaway for Governor - $10,000 from Herzog Contracting Corp.

Missouri Farmers Care - $10,000 from Missouri Soybean Association.

Koster for Missouri - $25,000 from Gregory Wendt.



Happy birthday to former Rep. Connie Cierpiot (tomorrow).

Sunday: Former Rep. Trent Skaggs (41), and Tom Vansaghi (47).