Friday, March 5, 2015

New Details on Schweich Suicide

AP’s David Lieb has an article detailing a little more of the bizarre final moments of Tom Schweich’s life.  Schweich was, according to his chief of staff Trish Vincent, so distraught over misinformation about his religion that he couldn’t sleep and was physically ill.  And in the minutes before he killed himself, he threatened to do so to a Jack Danforth aide before handing the phone over to his wife.

It is haunting to read.  And just as unfathomable and senseless as it was a week ago.



Republican Paul DeGregario pens a letter reflecting on Schweich’s suicide.  It rambles quite a bit full of personal asides (I get most of my news from John Combest’s website…”).

The bottom-line is that he blames lots of people for Schweich’s death including but not limited to John Hancock, Catherine Hanaway, and Rex Sinquefield.


Rex’s Tax Cut Commitments

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback continued his Missouri tour on behalf of Rex Sinquefield organizations, speaking yesterday at a Show-Me Institute event.

Sinquefield shared the microphone at this event and indicated that he has commitments from the two gubernatorial candidates to which he’s provided financial support.

“If Catherine Hanaway gets elected, we’ll move at a Kansas pace because she said the income tax has to go. And Chris Koster, the Democratic nominee, has told me that the tax on businesses and pass-throughs, which right now in Missouri with the new law when it takes effect will be 4.5 (percent) said it should go to three immediately. And he’s a Democrat. So the air is ripe in Missouri for big tax cuts,” Sinquefield said.


In the meantime, the much ballyhooed tax cut in Kansas had only produced “you just wait and see” from Brownback and Sinquefield.  We’ll see…


Democrat Days in Hannibal

This weekend Missouri Democrats will huddle in Hannibal for speeches, parties, and jockeying for 2016.

The statewide slate is in a bit of disarray right now.  However it still being quite early in the cycle, there’s time for Dems straighten things out.

From the program, it appears that St. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman elbowed out Sen. Scott Sifton for prime position.  He’ll give remarks before Secretary of State Jason Kander keynotes on Saturday.

That AG primary between Zimmerman and Sifton is the slot which gives Dems the most heartache, as it hurts their chances in November, but also puts Senate 1 in play without incumbent Sifton running for re-election.


Help Wanted

Missouri State Public Defender seeks Trial Attorney/Assistant Public Defender.  “Provide legal representation to indigent clients charged with criminal offenses facing the possibility of incarceration… Current Openings: Jefferson City—Accepting applications through March 18.”

See the ad here.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

This weekend: Missouri Democrat Days – Hannibal, Missouri.


Lobbyist Registrations

James C Bowers Jr. added Hannan, Pat & Rosemary, Martin Marietta Kansas City, LLC, Christopher J. & Loretta A. Storm, Andrew Armato; and deleted William C And Teresa A Rice; and deleted DC Hospitality Group LLC, It Properties LLC, Westwood Partners LLC, MSJJ Holdings LP, Hunt Martin Materials LLC, Ideker Inc, and Shoal Creek Valley CID.

William Moore added Arrowhead Development Group LLC, Drumm Farm, PG Inc, Velton Cass Regional, and Joplin School District.

Jonas Arjes added Taney County Partnership; and deleted Taney County.

Brad Ketcher deleted Results Engineering.

Brian Berskoetter deleted Central Plains Cement Company, Audubon Materials LLC, and CenturyLink.

Jane Dueker deleted Monsanto Company.

Carol Weatherford deleted Missouri NEA – retired.


$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Koster - $10,000 from IBEW PAC Voluntary Fund.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthdays to Kit Bond (76), Chuck Simino, Christine Page (30), and Todd Patterson.


Saturday: former Sens. Frank Barnitz (47), and Carl Vogel (60), and Jeff Layman.