Friday, May 22, 2015

Follow-Up on House Floor Leader Race

Here what some folks said about the floor leader race…

From a lobbyist on Rep. Caleb Rowden… “If a floor leader promises all his money goes to HRCC shouldn't he be from a safe seat?”


From a Republican: the list of possible candidates for assistant floor leader keeps growing – Reps. Kathy Swan, Kevin Austin, Keith Frederick, Holly Rehder, and Justin Alferman – and all of them need Mike Cierpiot to win floor leader to be able to run for the position.  One more factor helping Cierpiot.”


And Rep. Robert Cornejo sent his caucus an email announcing his bid…

Cornejo’s Letter

I hope this note reaches you well-rested and ready for a fruitful summer as we prepare for a successful Veto Session and gear up for a wave of Republican red in the 2016 elections.

I wanted to let you know that I plan on seeking the office of Floor Leader, and I hope that I will have your support…

Over the past three years I have had a chance to visit with a significant number of you in your own districts, both one-on-one and at your fundraisers. I have worked to show my dedication to the caucus by giving campaign funds, offering advice, and volunteering my door-knocking skills whenever I could. If elected Floor Leader, I pledge to each and every one of you that I will continue to help the caucus in any way that I possibly can…

My motivation for seeking the position of Floor Leader is solely to further these goals, not to further my own career.  I have no plans to seek a different office in 2016 or 2018, and I am not going to use the position to pad my campaign account.  As I have shown in the past, I am committed to donating any funds I am able to donate to the caucus, and I pledge to do the same moving forward if I am elected as Floor Leader.

Over the past few years, I have shown myself to be a capable leader on important issues for our caucus. For example, through Senate Bill 5 this past legislative session, our caucus was able to address a major issue: stopping municipalities from preying on people and piling up unnecessary fines and costs.  After shepherding SB5 through the House, I am proud that I was able to work together with Rep. Austin and Rep. Curtman to hold strong on the House position and ensure that virtually all of the House’s positions were adopted in the Conference Committee Report…

I have also demonstrated the ability to help others get bills through the legislative process, assisting with a variety of situations including helping one of our caucus members handle a bill that the Senate turned into an omnibus dealing with unfamiliar issues and helping other members deal with an issue “on the fly” when things went in unexpected directions on the House floor. I am always happy to help our members achieve their legislative priorities, and if elected Floor Leader I pledge to continue making this my top priority.

I am asking for your support and vote for Floor Leader when it comes time to fill the vacancy. Over the next couple of months, I will be on the road looking to meet with each and every one of you personally to discuss how we can move this great state forward and how I can help you do that…


More Intern Questions Raised

Here’s Alex Stuckey’s story on InternGate II

Pull Quote: In March, a man and a woman interning for Missouri Sen. Paul LeVota abruptly ended their legislative internships and returned to the University of Central Missouri.  Now, the university is conducting a Title IX investigation, though it’s unclear whether the Democrat from Independence is the one being investigated. The Senate also is investigating… In a statement, LeVota said Ron Berry, his chief of staff, received an email from the university stating those two interns “were needed back at school to work on other projects.”

The university’s Title IX guidelines stipulate it “can relocate students to another class, grant temporary absence from classes (and) make temporary alterations to work schedules” when a complaint is made.


The Senate’s investigation seems to be in contrast to the House’s action/inaction on John Diehl’s sexting scandal.  It remains to be seen if there will be fall-out from folks (whether at the university or the House) who knew of Diehl’s behavior, but failed to report or act on it.

Perhaps the House and university did do an investigation, but have kept it silent?  Perhaps no one was aware of the inappropriate texts?  We’ll see….


More Potential House Battlegrounds to Watch

Here are more potential battleground House districts in 2016.  Again they are all possible Democratic pick-ups, an indication that after cycles and cycles of victories, Republicans have stretched their super-majority so much they have a lot to defend.

House 29 – This is where Noel Torpey resigned to take the FERAF job.  It’s a heavy Democratic district that was won largely because of Torpey’s amazing campaigning.

House 35 – Rep. Gary Cross held off Democrat Ken Duvall last cycle with 52.5%, but with a better presidential turn-out for Dems in 2016, it’s back on the Watch List.

House 68 – Democrats are anxious to take-out Rep. Keith English who won the heavy Democratic district as a Dem then switched to Independent.

House 117 – Rep. Linda Black switched to the Republican caucus right after winning as a Democrat in 2014.  The make-up of this district will make it a possible target in 2016.


Lobbyists Registrations

Joe Summers added UCB Inc.

Charles Miller added Truman Road Corridor Association; and deleted MJT Development Co LLC, and Hawthorne Property Holdings LLC.


$5K+ Contributions

Koster for Missouri - $10,000 from James Nutter.

Parson for Missouri - $25,000 from Donald Babb.

Citizens for Steve Stenger - $6,250 from Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri Local 2665 PAC.



Happy birthday to Rep. Travis Fittzwater, and Bryan Cave’s Dan White (44).


Saturday: RFT founder Ray Hartmann (63), and Jeanie Riddle’s Zach Monroe.


Sunday: Minority Leader Jake Hummel (39), St. Louis County Councilman Sam Page (the big 5-0), and Gregg Christian (35).


Monday: Sen. Ed Emery (65), former Speaker Tim Jones (44), MO Budget’s Amy Blouin (46), and Gus Wagner (44).



Slacker MOScout News

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, I’m on vacation.  So, no Weekly Summary or “Who Won the Week” today, no Weekly Poll on Sunday, and no Update on Monday.

Also – thanks to everyone who has alerted me to the traffic problem with the website.  I should have a fix worked out next week.  Thanks for your patience.

See you all Tuesday… when I promise I will deliver the much-anticipated “Legislative Grades.”

Have a good weekend!