Monday, April 13, 2015

Senate to Take Up Gas Tax?

Jefferson City Tribune reports that the Senate might debate Sen. Doug Libla’s gas tax proposal.  It would raise the gas tax two cents a year for three years in order to fund the state’s dwindling transportation budget.  See the article here.

Pro Tem Tom Demspey tweeted that the Senate might amend the proposal on the Senate floor to only seek a two cent increase.

Over the weekend I polled the question (using the 6 cent raise figure) and found Missourians were opposed to the proposal.  33% supported the idea; 55% opposed.

That is the usual fare for Missouri where every type of tax increase is a difficult sell.

However with leaders across the political spectrum agreeing that Missouri’s transportation funding is in dire straits, is this the time to ignore the anti-tax feelings of Missourians and do what might be in their best long-term interest?


Poll Cross Tabs

Find the cross tabs to the Weekly Poll here in the Special Reports section.


Spence for Brunner

In the large contributions below, 2012 Republican gubernatorial nominee Dave Spence gives $25,000 to John Brunner’s 2016 gubernatorial exploratory committee.  That’s a nice pick-up for Brunner and we can all scratch Spence off our maybe list.



Jeffrey Fox too… giving $10K to Brunner in the $5K+ Contributions.  The Fox family was behind Tom Schweich’s candidacy, so that support appears to be migrating.


Hillary Announces…

Hillary Clinton announced her long-expected bid for the White House.  See the announcement video here.


McCaskill Email Blast


Claire McCaskill was the first sitting member of Congress to announce her support for a potential Hillary Clinton presidential run in 2016.


Claire is thrilled that Hillary Clinton has officially announced her campaign for President of the United States!

Let’s help Hillary get her campaign off to a strong start and show that we’re supporting her campaign right from day one. Contribute $25 or more…

American Conservative Union Email Blast

After nearly four decades of single-mindedly chasing the Presidency, Hillary Clinton will announce this weekend that she will again run for the White House in 2016. Never before has a Presidential candidate played so fast and loose with the truth as has Mrs. Clinton. From her refusal to shoot straight with the American people on the deaths of four Americans, including an ambassador, in Benghazi, to her unwillingness to play by the rules in the handling of her official emails during her time at the State Department, we have seen time and time again that Hillary Clinton thinks she does not have to follow the laws the rest of us have to follow….


New Committees

Brad Ketcher is the treasurer for “New Approach Missouri,” a campaign committee to support a statewide marijuana initiative in 2016.


Dan Reuter formed a campaign committee to run for House 96 as a Republican.  Incumbent Mike Leara is termed.  Here’s Reuter’s bio on his law firm page.


Pat Contreras started a campaign committee to run for Treasurer as a Democrat.  His treasurer is Dem consultant Shawn Borich.  Contreras’ announcement noted that he served “both in the Obama and Bush administrations as a U.S. State Department diplomat…”




Today is the St. Louis Cardinals’ home opener… 3:15pm…


Politico continues to put Missouri in the “red state category.”  Interesting, considering a split Senate delegation and a Democratic governor and attorney general.  See it here.


eMailbag on DED’s PSC Filing

It just won’t stop……

“Everyone would agree the PSC is in the business of setting rates based on what it costs the utility to prudently serve its customers. Noranda isn't asking for the PSC to set its rate based on what it cost to serve them, they are asking for rates well below what it cost to serve them… The PSC is well equipped and experienced in establishing fair rates based on work done by accountants and engineers to assess "costs of service" to meet the needs of each customer class (residential, business and industrial)…”


Help Wanted

The Columbia Daily Tribune seeks a full-time Higher Education Reporter.  “Ours is a family owned newspaper in the vibrant city of Columbia, Missouri. We seek an enthusiastic, talented and self-driven journalist to join our team. Responsibilities include reporting and writing stories concerning local colleges and universities….”  See the ad here.


Lobbyist Registrations

Jack Cardetti added Navient Solutions Inc.


$5K+ Contributions

MO Cattleman’s Association PAC - $12,600 from Missouri Cattlemen’s Association.

Missourians for John Brunner - $25,000 from David Spence.

Missourians for John Brunner - $10,000 from Jeffrey Fox.

Schmitt for Missouri - $5,001 from Land West 7 LLC.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $25,000 from Friends of Todd Richardson.