Monday, May 4, 2015

Two weeks left…


Marijuana Movement?

Bloomberg has a graphic showing how social issues can be adapted with shocking rapidity.  See it here.  The marijuana reform advocates clearly see themselves as riding this type of wave.  We’ll see…


One rumor has medical marijuana supporters eying Sen. Joe Keaveny’s SB 386 – loosening the regulations on hemp extract for medicinal uses. The bill has a House hearing this afternoon.  Perhaps “mary med” forces will look in these final two weeks try to attach their language to the bill….


Brownback Gets It From All Sides

Catherine Rampell in The Washington Post uses the Kansas numbers as a launching off point to slam Republicans. See it here“In balancing the budget on the backs of children, Kansas politicians are behaving shamefully. But they may also be doing the rest of the country a favor, by giving us a preview of what might happen if Republicans control the White House and Congress after the 2016 election.”

And the Kansas City Star reports on a waitress – Chloe Hough at Boss Hawg’s Barbecue – who served up a little 1st Amendment for the governor… See it here.


Final Drive for Transportation Funding

The Senate perfected their new version of a fuel tax to pay for roads in Missouri last week…  Patrick Werner of Americans for Prosperity goes crazzzzy: “Do you mean to tell me that the legislature couldn't find the money for roads in the $26 billion budget they just passed last week? This is not a debate about the need for adequate road funding, but this is an argument about why the government continues to ask the taxpayers for more and offer only big government solutions. This tax increase could essentially wipe out the benefits of the only tax cut passed in 92 years… States like Missouri need to rely less on a bankrupt federal government that is $18 trillion dollars in debt, and look to long term policy solutions that grow our state…”


The Senate perfection vote only has 18 Ayes, but still looks like there’s more cushion as two Dems – Sens. Maria Chappelle-Nadal and Scott Sifton were absent, as was Republican Sen. Mike Parson who has previously endorsed transportation funding efforts.

And the St. Louis Business Journal reports that the bill will be headed to the House soon where is faces a fate unknown: “It will be up to House Speaker John Diehl, R-Town and Country, to determine whether the House considers the bill. Diehl's communications staff could not be reached for comment on Friday….”



MOScout Poll Crosstabs

See the cross tabs from the MOScout Weekly Poll in the Special Report section here.


Missouri Freedom – Tim Jones Poll on RTW

The press release: Ryan Johnson, President of Missouri Alliance for Freedom and former Speaker of the House Tim Jones joined forces on a project to commission Remington Research Group to survey a wide swath of Missourians about their of opinions of pending Right-to-Work legislation. The results are favorable to proponents of worker freedom….

The survey was conducted April 29 through April 30, 2015. 10,398 likely voters participated in the survey.  The survey is weighted to match expected turnout demographics for the 2016 General Election. Margin of Error is   +/- 1% with a 95% level of confidence…


Q: Currently there is a proposal in the Missouri Legislature known as Right to Work.

Right to Work is legislation that says each worker has the right to hold his job in

a company, no matter whether he joins a labor union or not. Do you support or oppose

legislation known as Right to Work?





Q: Those in favor of Right to Work or open shop laws say that no American should be

required to join any private organization, like a labor union, against his will. Do

you agree or disagree with this?



Don't know..........................8%


Q: Those opposed to Right to Work or open shop laws say that when all workers share

the gains won by the labor union, all workers should have to join and pay dues to

give the union financial support. Do you agree or disagree with this?



Don't know........................11%


eMailbag: on MOScout Poll

“You should have asked them a question that voters know less about.  Your over-simplification of the issue to a one sentence question serves no one.  Next survey ask them about string theory…”


Hostile Environment?

One topic that has bubbled up during all the talk about “InternGate” is whether the current culture of the building constitutes a hostile environment for women.  In particular one worries about younger women.  Several lobbyists that I’ve spoken to think the capitol has a problem.  Though I’ve also received the weary “honey, it was way worse twenty years ago” shrug.

The House’s sexual harassment policy covers all members, all employees and all interns and their interactions both at the capitol and also away from the capitol.  But it may be time to revisit whether the policy can be embraced more fully.



Governor Jay Nixon’s son was arrested on suspicion of a DWI.  See it here.


The latest Better Together report looks at the sorry state of policing in St. Louis County.  See it here.  Among the recommendations is targeted and strategic consolidations among some of the smaller jurisdictions.


Help Wanted

City of Independence seeks Municipal Court Judge. “The Independence City Judicial Commission is now accepting applications for the office of Municipal Judge of the Independence Municipal Division to fill the vacancy created by the term expiration of Judge Susan G. Watkins…” See the ad here.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Reps. Dave Hinson & Lincoln Hough Reception – Gumbo Bottoms – 7-8:30PM or adjournment whichever later.


Lobbyists Registrations

John Bardgett Jr. and Steven Tilley added Center for Competitive Politics.

Cathy Kelly deleted State Public Defender.

Merley McMurry deleted Kansas City Power & Light.


$5K+ Contributions

KCS Rail PAC - $20,000 from Kansas City Southern.

Home Building Industry PAC - $78,641 from Friends of the Fire District.

Greitens for Missouri - $15,000 from Mike Lukacs.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $12,500 from Drury Development.



Happy birthday to Jason Kander (34).