Monday November 24, 2014

Smith on Ferguson

Former state senator Jeff Smith has penned a brief, readable book (70 pages) on the political landscape of Ferguson.  It’s available at Amazon here.  I just one-clicked my copy this morning, so I haven’t read it yet, but I plan to sit with it today or tomorrow.  I’m especially looking forward to Chapter 7 “Elbert Walton and the Racial Politics of North County.”


Lembke on Obama

On Facebook, former state senator Jim Lembke blasted the Barack Obama immigration executive order.  I had wondered if he’s mellowed, and if his tenure with Sen. Rob Schaaf would mark a departure in his temperament.  Best guess: no.

“On Thursday evening our nation watched the president make the announcement that he would by EO destroy our constitution and the rule of law. I firmly believe that come January, the new congress will do nothing to stop the actions of the tyrants that hate America and work for Her ruin. It is just a matter of time before our republic implodes from the weight of our leaders misdeeds and neglect. This is why I believe more than ever that the sovereign states will be the protector of our freedom and liberty. We need to focus on making Missouri the most prosperous state in the union. We need to put forth a plan in January that will send a message to the world that Missouri equals freedom, that Missouri will fight to prosper the working poor and the middle class….”


Smith Gets Ways and Means

Congressman Jason Smith won an assignment to the Ways and Means Committee.

The committee which handles tax policy is considered one of the most powerful in Congress.  His ability to land the spot bodes well for his political future.

How did a new member nab the coveted seat on Way and Means?  It’s said it wasn’t all that different than the way that he won the legislative committee’s nod for the congressional nomination eighteen months ago.  He worked hard and made friends.

Smith made a concerted effort to demonstrate that he was a team player.  Avoiding a potentially time and money consuming primary (read Peter Kinder) freed Smith up to go work for other candidates.  He visited fifteen districts, and to contribution money to the congressional committee and candidates.

Perhaps most importantly though Smith used his personal charm.  He worked the list the people who would influence the ultimate decision.  Just as with the special nominating process (or winning state House leadership races), the committee assignment process is determined by a certain number of people.  Smith may not electrify a big crowd with speeches, but he can work one-on-one relationship as good as anyone.  And proving it this early in his career in DC is a testament to his ability.




It’s said that Congresswoman Ann Wagner was denied her desire to switch over to the Energy and Commerce Committee.  She already sits on the relatively powerful Financial Services Committee and the math of slots available on Energy may have worked against her.

And a tipster reports Wagner was just at the National Governors’ meeting in Boca Raton, FL.  And imagining the future says, “The two guys from Florida and two guys from Texas running for president could tap her for VP...”


Ferguson Bits

NYTimes: Waiting is the Hardest Part

“Across the region, school administrators are debating whether to start their holiday recesses early because of the potential for unrest. And in Clayton, the affluent hub of the St. Louis County justice system, guests at the Crowne Plaza hotel coped with heightened security precautions: restricted access to the building, and the shuttering of the restaurant that faces the street and the courthouse. The breakfast buffet was relegated to an out-of-the-way ballroom. The Thanksgiving season — and for many, life itself — is in limbo in this region as people wait…”  Read it here.


Yes, No, Maybe So?

Post-Dispatch reports that the grand jury judge has not agreed to release the transcripts of the proceedings.  Read it here.  St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch has said that there was an agreement.  But now I guess there isn’t.


WashU Political Review: Fear Mongering

When does prudent preparation turn into fear mongering?  Read it here.


CNN: TV Anchors Meet with Wilson

“In the pursuit of that interview, several high-profile television anchors have secretly met with Wilson, according to sources at several TV networks. All of the meetings were off the record, meaning the anchors could not describe what was said.  These meetings are a normal part of the TV guest booking process, but they're significant in this case because Wilson has not been seen in public since Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9.  Among the anchors who have met with Wilson are Matt Lauer of NBC, George Stephanopoulos of ABC, Scott Pelley of CBS, and Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon of CNN.”  See it here.


Lobbyist Registrations

From the Gate Way Group website:

Richard A Mcintosh added Sage WightmanClark School Partners.

Judith Ellie Glenn deleted Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services; and added St. Louis Childrens Hospital.

Joseph L Treadway added Environmental Federation of Missouri.

Michael Grote added ITC Holding Corporation.

Robert Marley added Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Michael Grote, Scott Penman, and David Winton deleted Tesla Motors Inc.


$5K+ Contributions

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $16,000 from Friends of Caleb Rowden.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthdays to Ryan Nonnemaker (34), and former Rep. Dennis Wood (70).