Saturday Morning Rummage, December 13

New Committees

Friends of Beth Braznell - Alderman Ward 15 City Of St Louis; Democrat – Treasurer: Jay P Rosloff.

Friends of Jamekia Kendrix - Council Person In-District District3 City Of Kansas City; Independent – Treasurer: Dramane Kendrix.

Missourians for Randles – Exploratory Lieutenant Governor; Republican – Treasurer: Bill Randles.

Coatar for St. Louis – (Jack Coatar for) Alderman Ward 7 City Of St Louis; Democrat – Treasurer: Megan Shackelford.

Friends of Stephen Jehle - Alderman Ward 20 City Of St Louis; Independent – Treasurer: John Payne.

The Power of One – One Community – One Future – Political Action Committee – Treasurer: John Kruse.

Patty Johnson for State Representative - State Representative District 56; Democrat – Treasurer: Bobby Davidson.

Citizens for a Better Columbia – Political Action Committee – Treasurer: Yancy Williams.