Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nixon Appoints Isom

Governor Jay Nixon appointed Dan Isom director of public safety.  The announcement drew both praise for Isom and cynicism toward Nixon…

One observer: I can't be the only person who sees his appointment of Isom as pathetic. No knock on Isom. I know very little about him. But isn't it just ridiculous that Nixon gets knocked on Ferguson and then does this. And then says it has nothing to do with Ferguson… Every person with any authority in that office is a white male attorney… it isn't like tons of people haven't been saying he has a problems with women and blacks throughout his political career.

Joining this line of talk was US Senator Claire McCaskill in the Kansas City Star (read it here)… She applauded Nixon’s decision to diversify his administration. But she also criticized his earlier record on appointments, calling it “unfortunate” and suggesting a possible diversity motive for Wednesday’s choice.  “Last Friday he was asked if he had any African-Americans in his cabinet,” she said. “Five days later, we have an African-American in his cabinet.”

And Sen. Jamilah Nasheed tells Jo Mannies of her skepticism (read it here)… “I think the timing of it was politically motivated,” said state Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, who will be sponsoring Isom’s nomination in the state Senate. The governor, she said, “is pandering’’ to African-American officials who are angry with him… “He can pander all day long and play political chess here,’’ Nasheed said. “It’s not going to work.” That said, she emphasized that she thought Isom was a stellar choice for the state’s public-safety post. While the senator is suspicious of the governor's motives, she said his decision "is a good one."

Another observer wryly notes: It doesn’t matter who Governor Nixon appoints as director of public safety… because Andrea Spiller will still run the department, as she has through several figurehead directors preceding Isom…


Veto Session Talk

Veto session in two weeks…  Reminder: the MOScout Cheat Sheet is here.

The pro-life agenda looks to have a strong possibility for overrides.  Rep. Kevin Engler’s HB 1132 – pregnancy resource, food pantry tax credits, and Rep. Kevin Elmer’s HB 1307 (wait longer for abortions) each passed with override majorities.  Thus their prime candidates.  Some in the Republican circles are not excited about taking up the waiting periods, thinking it’s not great messaging in an election year.  But it’s a long-shot that House Republicans tell the pro-life faction of their governing coalition to wait.

And Sen. Will Kraus’ gun bill (SB 656) looks safe for an override as well.  There were 9 absent Republicans in the House during session and almost all are Yes votes.  So it will be an easier override in the House than the number might indicate.

Unlikely to see veto action… the huge transfer bill, SB 493.  The votes for the override just aren’t there in the House.  And it’s unlikely the Senate will send something over which it knows has no chance…


MCN To Use Veto Session to Focus Attention on Ferguson

From the twitter-feed of Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal



Apologize @GovJayNixon. No one who was there the 1st Monday night has recovered, including your Democratic Senator, me. MO Hwy Patrol abuse.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I'd like to have everyone tear gassed to come up to Jefferson City 4 Veto Session. I'd like to introduce you to Sen colleagues


Did Ferguson Help Republicans’ Override Chances?

That’s the question from one Republican: Because of the unrest in Ferguson, the Governor hasn't flown around the state to use his scare tactics in order to get constituencies to urge lawmakers to sustain the vetoes on bills from this past session, I wonder if this will have any affect on the outcome of the bills vetoed…


Recount Questions

The Secretary of State has set up a special webpage for the Amendment 1 recount.  See it here.  They will release the county-by-county results of the recount as they come it.

And some county clerks seek a change in the recount procedure to ease their load…

*From:* Schreiber, Sharon []

*Sent:* Wednesday, August 27, 2014 8:52 AM

*To:* Election Authorities

*Subject:* FW: Recount Procedures

Many of you have asked about requesting an exception to a procedure outline in the recount procedures.  In order to receive an exception for a different procedure, you will need submit a written statement to the Secretary of State's office (by fax or email) of the procedural change signed by you, the opponent, and the proponent no later than 5:00 p.m. on September 2, 2014.


The contact information for the proponent and opponent is:

Dan Kleinsorge,

Wes Shoemyer,


If you have any other questions, please contact either Brianna Lennon or Julie Allen at or


*Sharon B. Schreiber*

Elections Division

Secretary of State Jason Kander’s Office

> From:   Richard Struckhoff/GCMO

> To:,,

> Cc:     "Lennon, Brianna" <>

> Date:   08/26/2014 04:39 PM

> Subject:        RE: Notice of Recount & Procedures

> Dear Dan and Wes,

> I'm writing to implore you to join me in seeking an exception to the

> recount procedure issued by the Missouri Secretary of State's Office

> earlier today.  The procedure, as written, would require that all ballots

> be sorted by party by our bipartisan judges before being counted.  If

> employed, this method would double or trip the time needed to complete this

> recount, significantly creating a stronger likelihood of human error and

> inaccurate results.  In Greene County alone, we would probably have to

> bring in ten bipartisan teams just to complete the recount in a day.  We

> estimate only five teams would be needed to conduct the recount if the

> sorting requirement is suspended.

> I am advised by Brianna Lennon (see her email below) that your approval of

> this change is necessary by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 2, 2014.

> Please give this request your most favorable consideration and email or fax

> your approval to Brianna as soon as possible.

> Thank you.

> Richard T. Struckhoff, Greene County Clerk

> 940 Boonville, Room 113

> Springfield, MO 65802

> (417) 868-4060


Today is August 28

It’s the day when all those laws passed last session and signed by the governor take effect…


Help Wanted

Franklin County seeks Assistant Prosecuting Attorney.  “Will handle traffic and misdemeanor docket and other responsibilities as assigned…” See the ad here.


eMailbag: House 150 Poll is Sad

Republican: “That House 150 poll (showing the Dem leading the Republican) is bogus.  Neither candidate had enough name ID to solidify that type of support; if the ‘undecideds’ don’t make up at least 25% of the sample populace, the poll was either done by someone who does not know how to poll, or the Dems paid to get the results they wanted for their narrative.  Either way, it’s sad.”


Fundraising Calendar

Today’s fundraising events from Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Sen. Mike Cunningham & Rep. Lyndall Fraker Golf – Marshfield Country Club.


$5K+ Contributions

Friends of Tom Schweich - $5,500 from Barnett Helzberg Jr.

Ashcroft for Missouri - $10,000 from August Busch III.

Committee in Support of Public Education - $125,000 from American Federation of Teachers.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthdays to Rep-elect Shamed Dogan (36), and Speaker-designate John Diehl (49).