Thursday, February 12, 2015

Blunt + Moody = Powerhouse Firm

BOOM!  Here’s the press release…


Jefferson City, Mo. – Two of Missouri’s leading government relations firms today announced a merger to most effectively serve their clients.  Andy Blunt and Jim Moody announced the merger of James R. Moody & Associates and Schreimann, Rackers, Francka, Blunt (SRFB) – a new strategic alliance that will expand the scope of services and capabilities for their clients. The combined firms will be housed at SRFB effective March 1, 2015.

“Our focus has always been on increasing growth and making strategic decisions to expand our range of services and benefit our clients,” said Andy Blunt, an SRFB partner who manages the firm’s government relations program.  “This integration will create one of the most seasoned and experienced government relations firms in Missouri and increase our ability to deliver innovative, best-in-class services to our clients.”

Blunt said Jim and Chris Moody are highly respected government relations specialists who have been strategic allies of SRFB in the past and he is looking forward to growing the new practice with them.

“Working together with Andy and his firm, we have seen tremendous synergies and are excited to combine forces,” said Jim Moody, president of governmental relations for James R. Moody & Associates.  “This alliance will create new opportunities for growth, expanded services for our clients and a continued focus on inventive strategies to affect policy change.”

With their collective experience in politics and public policy, both firms are highly respected in Missouri’s capital for their commitment to service and dedication to their clients.  Providing a broad range of government relations and legal services, the new government services team at SRFB firm will bring over 50 years of government relations experience with one of the deepest networks of contacts in the state.


RTW in House

The House perfected its “right to work” bills yesterday.  It garnered 92 votes. See Jason Hancock’s article here.

Pull Quote: The historic votes on bills known as “right to work” came despite long odds that either bill will actually become law. One more vote in the House is needed before the measures would go to the Senate, where opponents would probably filibuster. Beyond that is an almost inevitable veto by Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat.


Treasurer Clint Zweifel’s statement: As the son and grandson of union carpenters, I know what a union means. It means safe working conditions and livable wages for families. It means middle class families have the chance to obtain the American Dream. It means leaving our kids with better opportunities than those we received. Today's votes in the House will only result in yet another obstacle to the future for the men and women who build our state and our economy.


Why Wright Shouldn’t Run for Treasurer

With conflicting talk about which statewide race John Wright is looking at, one observer thinks that his worst match-up would be in the treasurer’s race.  That position’s emphasis on finance might seem attractive to Wright, with his Wall Street experience.  But politically, that becomes a liability, as “Wall Street” polls barely above “used car dealer.”  Forget Wright’s voting record in the House, Team Schmitt would run ads talking about Wright’s Wall Street experience.



The Senate spent the majority of the day debating Sen. David Sater SB 24 which would place new limits TANF benefits.  Democrats filibustered.


I’ll use this as my opportunity for my once a year public service announcement (with guitar): the right to not be murdered, the right to food money, and the right to free speech.  There are some exceptions to these rights, by the way.


McCaskill Raises $$$ Off House Resolution

> From: Claire McCaskill <>

> Date: February 11, 2015 at 1:50:46 PM CST

> Subject: Manly firmness

> Reply-To:



> Did you see this resolution in the Missouri State Legislature calling for our

members of Congress -- including me -- to "endeavor with 'manly firmness' and

resolve to totally and completely repeal" -- and NOT replace -- the Affordable

Care Act?


> Despite their resolve, I don't think you prove your manhood by kicking families

off their health coverage and starting to once again let insurance companies

discriminate against women and sick people.


> That's why we're pushing back in-state and redoubling our efforts to protect

Americans' access to health insurance, but we need to make sure our campaign has

the resources to support this fight.


> Will you contribute $25 or more right now to help make sure our campaign has the

resources to fight back against resolutions calling for repealing health care

coverage with "manly firmness?"



Show-Me Institute: Tesla is Free Market

Tesla lobbyists are passing around a post from the Show-Me Institute website to continue the drum beat that this is a free market issue.  See it here.

Pull Quote: “While that does not mean the dealership model would or should disappear, the government should not stop Tesla or any other car company from trying something different. That freedom to innovate is essential for a competitive market.”









New committee filed… Asbury for Governor.  The treasurer is Jim Coy.


Here we go again… St. Louis City Recorder Sharon Carpenter has posted an RFP Notice for Human Resources and Communications Consulting. The RFP is active for a mere two weeks with the deadline to submit being next Wednesday, Feb. 18 and contract set to begin March 1st. Under Recorder Jennifer Florida, employees filled out job surveys which were given to the City's Personnel Dept. to evaluate job titles and descriptions, as well as pay inequities. It appears that Carpenter is about to pay someone to do what the Personnel Dept. was or is doing for free.


Governor Jay Nixon nominated Robert Hartnett for the Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors, and Professional Landscape Architects; Trudi Foushee for the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners; and Dr. Jade D. James for State Board for the Registration of the Healing Arts.


eMailbag on Asbury for Gov

“Randy is a good guy, no shot of winning governor race, but if he hadn't been redistricted out of a seat he was on his way to being Budget Chair… He also could always come back as a Senate replacement for Munzie.”


eMailbag on RTW

Catherine Hanaway should be very nervous if this bill passes in any form at any level.....this can only hurt her election prospects.  There are union members who vote Republican on social issues.  This is not a social issue if you talk to members who are up lobbying in the halls....this is their livelihood.


Help Wanted

Senate seeks Accounting Specialist.  “An individual who will perform administrative and professional accounting work in a position responsible for the processing and reporting of various financial transactions for the Missouri State Senate… Applicants should have prior knowledge and experience with the SAM II financial areas and related policies and procedures and a working knowledge of state financial management, appropriation and budget procedures.”

See the ad here.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Today is Missouri Press Association Day.


Lobbyist Registrations

Jim Moody and Chris Moody added American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (ASPCA)

Ashok Gupta added Natural Resources Defense Council.

Nike Thompson added Families And Friends Organized To Reform Juvenile Justice, and Campaign for Youth Justice.

Richard Brownlee added AuBuchon Law Firm LLC.

James Atkins added Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and deleted Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Steven Glorioso added Republic Services.

Anne Silea added Lutheran Family and Children’s Services of Missouri.


$5K+ Contributions

It’s been nearly a week since there’s been a large (over $5,000) contribution.  That’s an unprecedented dry spell in my memory.  So much that I called up the Missouri Ethics Commission to see if their website was working correctly.  Yes it is, they said, no big checks have been reported this week.