Thursday, January 29, 2015

Schweich’s In

Buckle your seat belts folks, we got a race on our hands.  Auditor Tom Schweich came out firing yesterday and declared himself a candidate for governor in 2016.

In the halls folks were already talking about the possibility that the field opens up wider.  Once there are two, it’s easier for a third to jump in.  You get three and you might just find a fourth.  The math becomes easier and easier for the ambitious to justify.  The two most mentioned names: the relatively unknown Eric Greitens and John Brunner.


Pay Raise

The Senate effectively killed the resolution which would have stopped the pay increase for legislators that the House passed.

Sen. Rob Schaaf, on Facebook, blamed Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal“I offered the House Concurrent Resolution to turn back the pay raise for statewide elected officials and members of the legislature, (HCS HCR's 4 & 3). The measure was filibustered by Senators Chapelle-Nadal and Holsman, both democrats. I myself had introduced the Senate version of the bill, but it had been decided by leadership to allow the House measure to advance, so that my bill was never heard in committee. In fact, there would not have been time to move my bill through the Senate and then send it through the House by the statutory deadline. The law is that in order to stop the pay raise, the HCR (or a Senate SCR) would have to be passed by Feb. 1, or basically Saturday night at midnight. Knowing that they could easily filibuster for that duration, and after Senator Chapelle-Nadal stated clearly that it was her intention not to allow the bill to come to a vote, I laid it over at noon today…”

But some think the truth is that Republican senators as well as Democrats think that the pay raises are not such a bad idea.  As one said, “Since when is talking for one hour considered a filibuster?”


Grisamore Registers

Former Rep. Jeff Grisamore registered as a lobbyist.  He joins a crop of newly retired legislators who are registered.  By my count there’s six now: Noel Torpey, Chris Molendorp, Chris Kelly, Dwight Scharnhorst, and Jay Swearingen.


Hancock Has the Votes

A strong source says that Republican political consultant John Hancock has nailed down the votes to replace Ed Martin as the Chair of the Missouri Republican Party.  That vote is expected in February at the Republican Lincoln Days meeting in Kansas City.


Bunten to MO Chamber

Brian Bunten left his position as General Counsel to Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and accepted a job as Assistant General Counsel for the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  It’s said that the LG’s office is interviewing, but hasn’t settled on a replacement yet.


Press Corps Punts MOTimes Decision

The Jefferson City press corps met and discussed how to handle the brew-ha-ha over Missouri Times’ parties.  Read Terry Ganey’s article here.


Another Senate Race for Ashcroft?

Republican tipster says: “I've heard a few times now Jay Ashcroft is being nudged to move and run in the Anne Zerr / Mark Parkinson Senate 23 race. Two extreme candidates in the to the far right and one to the far left (by today's GOP standards). Plenty of room for another candidate with great name ID and less baggage to swoop in and win.”


eMailbag on Country Club Meeting

“Progress Missouri's live tweeting/video streaming of the House Telecommunications Committee included ongoing tallies on alcoholic beverage consumption. Wonder how District 125 Rep. Warren Love 'splains his three glasses of lobbyist-purchased wine this Sunday at Hopewell Baptist Church in Osceola? There are some hard-shell teetotalers in Baptist congregations across Hickory, St. Clair, Benton and Cedar counties; it's another example of lawmakers posing one way at home and another when they start breathing the rarified marble-infused air of the Capitol.”



The Missouri Ethics Commission fined Bradley Harmon $41,000 for failure to file an 8-Day Before report, relating to Propositions A, B, C, D in Clayton Missouri.  See it here.


The MEC also fined The 19th Ward Regular Democratic Organization $10,000 for failure to make accurate and timely reports.  See it here.


Help Wanted

St. Louis Cardinals seek a Writer.  “This position will generate and develop superior, award-worthy features of any length.  They will be the lead content producer covering all facets of the team for Cardinals Gameday Magazine, the annual Cardinals Yearbook, and the online presence of those publications.  They must be a prolific producer who manages overlapping deadlines in an environment characterized by high volume, high performance, and high standards.”  See the ad here.


Missouri Department of Mental Health seeks Assistant General Counsel.  “This is a highly responsible position, reporting to the Department General Counsel. The Assistant General Counsel is responsible for a variety of administrative areas including: HIPAA, rulemaking, department operating regulations, and fiscal notes… Salary is $55,000.”  See the ad here.


The United States Courts seeks Operations Manager.  “The person holding this position will maintain an office in Kansas City, Missouri with occasional travel to the courthouses in Springfield and Jefferson City as well as other locations for training and business meetings… The Operations Manager will supervise the Case Processing and Courtroom Deputy Team Leaders and will have overall responsibility for all Kansas City Operations personnel. This position has supervisory responsibility for administration of Kansas City Operations, including intake, case administration, the CM/ECF database, records management, application of local rules and the federal rules of procedure and courtroom services.”  See the ad here.


Lobbyists Registration Changes

Jeff Grisamore added Ozark Investments LLC.

Andy Blunt, Jay Reichard and Mark Schwartz added Valued Pharmacy Services.

Lou Hamilton added St. Louis Police Officers Association.


$5K+ Contributions

Missourians for Koster - $10,000 from AT&T.

St. Louis Police Officers Assoc PAC - $6,500 from St. Louis Police Officers Association.



Happy birthdays to Reps. Tommie Pierson (69) and Craig Redmon (56), Allison Bruns, MO Chamber’s Karen Buschmann, Rory Riddler, and MOWonk’s Brian Schmidt (32).