Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hancock to Address Allegations

John Hancock will reportedly go on Charlie Brennan’s KMOX show this morning at launch his defense.  That’s scheduled for 9AM.  “Hancock says he will publicly release documents to support his denial of these allegations, along with statements of support. Hancock tells KMOX News he is not resigning.”  Read the story here.

One Republican yesterday – while acknowledging Hancock was probably just in the wrong place at the wrong time – made the case forcefully that Hancock’s refusal to resign so the party can move on means he’s unwilling to do what’s in the best interest of the party. And that is what disqualifies him from a leadership position in the party.  The logic puzzle: If he would resign then he wouldn’t have to resign, but since he won’t resign, he must…

Meanwhile Tom Schweich’s chief of staff, Trish Vincent, is pressing forward with charges of anti-Semitism.  See it here.


Yesterday in the building was MRP vice-chair Valinda Freed joined by committeebmembers Janet Engelbach, Jim Berberich and David Courtway. Their message evidently was fairly simple: we elected John Hancock as a committee and we're standing by him…


Officers Shot in Ferguson

Last night two police officers were shot during protests in the troubled municipality of Ferguson.  See the Post story here.

This comes the night after the Ferguson Police chief announced he would be stepping down.


Greitens Begins to Make His Case

Soon-to-be Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens is starting to make the case for someone with no government experience to be the top official in Missouri.  See it here.

Pull Quote: Most recently, my home state of Missouri faced a serious crisis in Ferguson.  Governor Jay Nixon declared a State of Emergency, but when he was asked if the buck stopped with him – a reference to President Harry Truman, who kept a sign on his desk in the White House that said, “The Buck Stops Here” -- Governor Nixon gave a meandering more-than-two-minute-long non-answer.  All Governor Nixon had to say – and all he should have said – was “Yes.”  Instead, in the home state of ‘Give ‘em Hell Harry Truman,’ Governor Nixon’s non response was yet another example of how people lose confidence in the ability of our leaders to take responsibility and provide direction in a time of difficulty.  

The most trusted institution in America today is the military. Why? Responsibility for results. In the Navy, the moment a new Captain takes charge of a ship, he or she is immediately responsible for everything that happens there.  It is inconceivable that any Captain of a Navy ship would think to blame what happens on his watch on a former captain of the ship. That culture of responsibility is part of what makes the American military resilient, and part of why Americans still trust it… Our citizens know what our leaders are currently missing.  It’s possible – and essential – to move beyond words to plans, beyond intentions to results, and beyond arguments to action.


Stenger Apppointments

St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Steve Giegerich reports on new appointments by Steve StengerSee it here.

“St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger has tabbed Connie Cunningham, the executive director of the Missouri Family Health Council, to head the Children’s Service Fund. Stenger also announced Wednesday that Annette Slack, a former diversity officer with the Missouri Public Service Commission, will lead the Office of Community Empowerment. Established by Stenger, the office will act as a liaison between county government and residents seeking access to job training, health care, transportation and social services.”


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Last day to report Senate Consent Bills from committee.


Lobbyist Registrations

Dale Ludwig added Protect the Harvest.

Jay Reichard added Tri County Lodging Association.

Wm. Randolph Weber deleted Wm. Randolph Weber, Kindred Healthcare Inc.


$5K+ Contributions

Unite Here TIP Missouri State and Local Fund - $10,000 from United Here.

KCS Rail PAC - $20,000 from Kansas City Southern.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Schmitt’s Kack Haslag.