Tuesday, January 13, 2014

McCaskill: No Gov Run

US Senator Claire McCaskill announced yesterday in a Steve Kraske interview that she was a “firm No” in response to speculation that she would make a 2016 gubernatorial bid.  (Last week, I had listed her not running as one of five things that shouldn’t surprise us in 2015…)

There’s little to analyze beyond the obvious: Hugely great news for Attorney General Chris Koster and the MO Dems.  Republicans take a deep breath and repeat after me, “A lot can happen in 21 months.”


Koster’s statement on the news: “Claire McCaskill is the heart and soul of the Democratic Party in Missouri, and her commitment to progress for our state is unsurpassed. Creating a better future for Missouri is at the center of everything she does. Senator McCaskill is a friend and advisor to me, and it is a friendship I hope continues for many years to come. Claire's voice for centrist principles will move the U.S. Senate and our country forward.”


Rumorville: More than a few people were suggesting that McCaskill had polled the race and found the general election unwinnable.


Weber to Stenger

Shannon Weber, who was previously political director for the Carpenters and then the AFLCIO, is now working for St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger.  She’ll be helping with his legislative affairs, so she’ll likely still be around the building from time to time this year.


Moley Registers

Former Rep. Chris Molendorp registered as a lobbyist yesterday. See the registration changes at the bottom.


Senate Committees

Here are the Senate committees. As speculated, Sen. Rob Schaaf nabbed a chairmanship.  And Sen. Mike Kehoe slid over from Transportation to Commerce, opening up a chairmanship for Sen. Doug Libla.  Sen. David Sater was named chair of Seniors, Families and Children.  The freshmen Republicans took vice-chairmanships of General Laws (Paul Wieland), Economic Development (Dan Hegeman), Judiciary (Bob Onder), Seniors (Jeanie Riddle), and Transportation (Dave Schatz).


Agriculture, Food Production and Outdoor Resources

Brian Munzlinger, Chair; Doug Libla, Vice-Chair.

Dan Brown, Dan Hegeman, Mike Parson, David Pearce, Kiki Curls, and Jason Holsman.



Kurt Schaefer, Chair; Ryan Silvey, Vice-Chair.

Dan Brown, Mike Kehoe, MikeParson, David Pearce, David Sater, Rob Schaaf, Kiki Curls, Jamilah Nasheed, and Gina Walsh.


Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment

Mike Kehoe, Chair; Ed Emery, Vice-Chair.

Mike Cunningham, Will Kraus, Jeanie Riddle, Gary Romine, Dave Schatz, Wayne Wallingford, Joe Keaveny, Jason Holsman, and Scott Sifton.



David Pearce, Chair; Gary Romine, Vice-Chair.

Dan Brown, Ed Emery, Doug Libla, Bob Onder, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, and Jason Holsman.


Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections

Jay Wasson, Chair; Mike Cunningham, Vice-Chair.

Dan Hegeman, Will Kraus, Jeanie Riddle, David Sater, Wayne Wallingford, Paul Wieland, Joe Keaveny, Paul LeVota, and Scott Sifton.


General Laws and Pensions

Rob Schaaf, Chair; Paul Wieland, Vice-Chair.

Dan Hegeman, Bob Onder, Dave Schatz, Joe Keaveny, and Jill Schupp.


Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight

Mike Cunningham, Chair; Ryan Silvey, Vice-Chair.

Mike Kehoe, Jeanie Riddle, Jay Wasson, Paul LeVota, and Jamilah Nasheed.


Jobs, Economic Development and Local Government

Eric Schmitt, Chair; Dan Hegeman, Vice-Chair.

Bob Dixon, Will Kraus, Gary Romine, Dave Schatz, Jay Wasson, Paul Wieland, Kiki Curls, Jason Holsman, and Jamilah Nasheed.


Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence

Bob Dixon, Chair; Bob Onder, Vice-Chair.

Ed Emery, Kurt Schaefer, Eric Schmitt, Joe Keaveny, and Scott Sifton


Progress and Development

Joe Keaveny, Chair; Gina Walsh, Vice-Chair.

Jill Schupp, Ryan Silvey, and Wayne Wallingford.


Seniors, Families and Children

David Sater, Chair; Jeanie Riddle, Vice-Chair.

Will Kraus, Doug Libla, Gary Romine, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, and Jill Schupp.


Small Business, Insurance and Industry

Mike Parson, Chair; Doug Libla, Vice-Chair.

Brian Munzlinger, Wayne Wallingford, Jay Wasson, Paul Wieland, Kiki Curls, and Gina Walsh


Transportation, Infrastructure, and Public Safety

Doug Libla, Chair; Dave Schatz, Vice-Chair.

Bob Dixon, Mike Kehoe, Brian Munzlinger, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, and Kiki Curls.


Veterans’ Affairs and Health

Dan Brown, Chair; Rob Schaaf, Vice-Chair.

Mike Cunningham, Bob Onder, David Sater, Eric Schmitt, Ryan Silvey, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, Jill Schupp, and Scott Sifton.


Ways and Means

Will Kraus, Chair; Wayne Wallingford, Vice-Chair.

Bob Dixon, Ed Emery, Bob Onder, Paul LeVota, and Scott Sifton.


House Committee Chairs

Speaker John Diehl announced the House chairmanships.  I’ve listed them here with the Select Committee of the subject matter first in bold, then the standing committees which report to it below.  The bills will flow from the standing committees through the select committees to the House floor.


Agriculture- Rep. Bill Reiboldt.

Agriculture Policy- Rep. Jay Houghton.

Conservation and Natural Resources- Rep. Sonya Murray-Anderson.


Budget- Rep. Tom Flanigan.

Appropriations- Agriculture, Conservation, and Natural Resources- Rep. Craig Redmon.

Appropriations- Elementary and Secondary Education- Rep. Kurt Bahr.

Appropriations- Health, Mental Health and Social Services- Rep. Marsha Haefner.

Appropriations- Higher Education- Rep. Donna Lichtenegger.

Appropriations- General Administration- Rep. Robert Ross.

Appropriations- Public Safety and Corrections- Rep. Kathie Conway.

Appropriations- Revenue, Transportation, and Economic Development- Rep. Lincoln Hough.


Commerce- Rep. Anne Zerr.

Economic Development and Business Attraction and Retention- Rep. Caleb Rowden.

Small Business- Rep. John McCaherty.

Trade and Tourism- Rep. Don Phillips.


Education- Rep. Mike Lair.

Elementary and Secondary Education- Rep. Kathy Swan.

Emerging Issues in Education- Rep. Lyle Rowland.

Higher Education- Rep. Steve Cookson.


Financial Institutions and Taxation- Rep. Tony Dugger.

Banking- Rep. Sandy Crawford.

Pensions- Rep. Nate Walker.

Ways and Means- Rep. Andrew Koenig.


General Laws- Rep. Caleb Jones.

Emerging Issues- Rep. Elijah Haahr.

Government Efficiency- Rep. Paul Curtman.

Professional Registration- Rep. Eric Burlison.


Insurance- Rep. Don Gosen.

Health Insurance- Rep. Jim Hansen.

Property, Casualty Insurance, and Life Insurance- Rep. Noel Shull.


Judiciary- Rep. Kevin Austin.

Civil and Criminal Proceedings- Rep. Robert Cornejo.

Consumer Affairs- Rep. Mark Parkinson.

Corrections- Rep. Paul Fitzwater.


Labor and Industrial Relations- Rep. Holly Rehder.

Employment Security- Rep. Wanda Brown.

Workforce Standards and Development- Rep. Bill Lant.


Social Services- Rep. Sue Allen.

Children and Families- Rep. Diane Franklin.

Health and Mental Health Policy- Rep. Keith Frederick.

Veterans- Rep. Charlie Davis.


State and Local Governments- Rep. Sheila Solon.

Elections- Rep. Sue Entlicher.

Local Government- Rep. Dave Hinson.

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness- Rep. Shawn Rhoads.

Transportation- Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer.


Utilities- Rep. T.J. Berry.

Energy and the Environment- Rep. Rocky Miller.

Telecommunications- Rep. Bart Korman.

Utility Infrastructure- Rep. Lyndall Fraker.


Other Standing Committees

Administration and Accounts- Rep. Mike Leara.

Ethics- Rep. Todd Richardson.

Fiscal Review- Rep. Sue Allen.

Government Oversight and Accountability- Rep. Jay Barnes.


Other Select Committees

Rules- Rep. Kevin Engler.


House Rules Changes

Rule 27

Duties of Select Standing Committees - Generally.

Except for the Select Standing Committee on Rules, the select standing committees shall consider and report upon all matters referred to them by their regular standing committees…

Upon consideration, the select standing committee shall be authorized to: (a) Create a house committee substitute on any bill or resolution in its possession. (b) Report the bill or resolution “Do Pass” or “without recommendation” to the Speaker. (c) Report the bill or resolution “Do Pass with recommended committee amendment” to the Speaker provided that the Committee shall not consider any substitute under color of amendment. (d) Report the bill or resolution as a “House Committee Substitute – Do Pass” or “House Committee Substitute – without recommendation” to the Speaker.  (e) Return the bill or resolution to the Regular Standing Committtee from which it was referred in its original form as first read.


Other Rules Changes

The new House rules go to five conferees in conference committees from the three of last session.  That will give more people a place at the table.  And they give a little more breathing room to reconsider bills in committee.  It can be done in the three following committee meetings instead of just the one immediately following the original vote.


Kinder’s Strength

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder reported on Facebook that the protestors in the Senate gallery on opening day “forced me to pound the gavel so hard I broke the 1"-1.5" pad underneath.”  See the photo here.


New Committees

Adam Schnelting started a campaign committee to run for House 65 (Anne Zerr term limited) as a Republican.

Former St. Louis alderman Tom Bauer started a campaign committee for his current effort to return to office.

Bill Super started a campaign committee to run for Council Person In-District District2 City of Kansas City.  It’s non-partisan.

Rafael Hernandez started a campaign committee to run for Ward 12 Alderman in the City of St. Louis as a Democrat.


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

MCTA (Missouri Cable Telecommunications Association) Lobby Day.


Lobbyists Registration Changes

Rod Herrmann added Gas Workers Local 11-6.

Jay Swearingen added Missouri Main Street Connection.

Chris Molendorp added Missouri Hospital Association, Connectcass, and Chris Molendrop Management Inc.

John Young added Pebb O’Fallon LLC/

Jewell Patek added Polsinelli, and The Safety Net of Missouri Inc.

Jennifer Durham added City Of Lee’s Summit, and BNSF Railway Company.

James Durham, Jennifer Durham, and LuAnn Madsen deleted John Britton & Associates.

LuAnn Madsen added The Britton Group LLC.


$5K+ Contributions

Stand Up Missouri - $19,000 from Tower Loan of Mississippi LLC.

Stand Up Missouri - $39,500 from World Acceptance Corporation.

Stand Up Missouri - $6,000 from Personal Finance Company LLC.

Stand Up Missouri - $11,500 from Empire Finance Co LLC.

Stand Up Missouri - $25,000 from National Installment Lender.

Bradshaw Exploratory Committee - $6,000 from Roger Nail Jr.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthdays to St. Louis Alderman Jeffrey Boyd.