Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Here Comes Kehoe?

Sen. Mike Kehoe changed his campaign committee yesterday.  It now indicates that he will be running for a statewide office in 2016.  After his re-election in November, Kehoe had the committee designated for a statewide office in 2020.

In addition to bumping up the year into this cycle, Kehoe also changed his treasurer.  On his last report, his treasurer was John Kehoe.  Now it is Charles Kruse of the Farm Bureau.  That could translate into a powerful endorsement if Kehoe moves forward.

There had been talk that Kehoe would hop into one of the down ballot races, lieutenant governor for example.  But now with the disarray at the top spot following the suicide of Auditor Tom Schweich, it’s quite possible we’ll see Kehoe enter that fray.


Parsons for Gov Follow-Up

Mike Parsons for Governor would be legit.  Schweich camp (Danforth, Fox etc) is going to mobilize around someone other than Catherine Hanaway… then Forrest Lucas finances the rest… (Parson’s) sheriff experience vs Chris Koster’s law enforcement a pretty good match-up…”


Follow-Up on Brunner-Lamping Bit

Another tipster says that “John Brunner hasn't ruled out Governor 100% but he knows that John Lamping is pushing Eric Greitens everywhere he can. Lamping is committed to Greitens…”


Supreme Court Moves on Ferguson Court

The Supreme Court of Missouri moved to take over the City of Ferguson’s case load.  See the press release and order here.

The action came after the Department of Justice’s report last week which severely criticized the operations of the court system as unjust.

The press release says that the transfer of cases “will continue until further order of the Court.”


Governor Jay Nixon Statement

“Courts are a vital part of our democracy, and our court system is built on the trust of the citizens it serves.  Today’s strong and appropriate actions by the Missouri Supreme Court are a solid step forward. I will continue to work with the Missouri Supreme Court and the legislature to ensure all municipal courts operate in the fair, transparent and accountable manner Missourians expect and deserve.”


Jake Hummel, Brandon Ellington Statement

"We strongly support the Supreme Court's decision to take control of the Ferguson Municipal Court. Public trust in the system is impossible when constitutional rights are commonly violated and justice is rare. The problems with the Ferguson municipal court's operations are too disturbing to be allowed to continue, and we appreciate the Supreme Court's swift and appropriate action to begin restoring integrity to the city's system of justice."


Freed to Committee: Stay Strong

Valinda Freed, the new Vice Chair of the Missouri Republican Party, penned an email to her fellow committeemembers Sunday, running through the Schweich-Hancock affair, and urging them to hang tough for Hancock.

Here’s excerpts…


Fellow Committeemen and Committeewomen,

As your newly elected Vice Chairman, I greet you on this glorious Sunday.  I have reflected on the events of the past days and my emotions have run the full gamut as I am sure yours have… 

Our family is praying for the Schweich family and grieving with them as I know that you are.  All our prayers are good and they bring healing and comfort to them and to each of us as we utter them…

As we move through the coming days, please join me in praying for the John Hancock family as well. John and Georgann have been brought far too close to this tragedy in an unconscionable and irresponsible way.  Representatives of the media and a few political leaders have tried to make John Hancock the scapegoat in this tragedy.  They have done their best to ruin John Hancock in the media frenzy that has followed the apparent suicide. 

 I find it more than ironic that these men are willing to "try and convict" John Hancock of the bigotry of religious prejudice when there is not one shred of evidence pointing to that fact.  How do we know that there is no evidence?  We know because no evidence has been produced… 

I have gone back many times and thought of the hopeful message of unity that John delivered in his acceptance speech in Kansas City.  We were inspired by his words and we wanted to join him in bringing our Missouri Republican Party to the strong and viable organization that it has to be.  We all agreed that we would accept nothing less from ourselves and from our leadership.    

Forgive the length of this message...but I will end by saying this..... the Missouri Republican Party is "OPEN FOR BUSINESS" !    We are a strong and viable organization.  You and I are the heart and soul of the Missouri Republican Party.  We are the 68 men and women who were elected by the voters in our individual Senate districts to represent those voters in the business of the state party. 

And so, ladies and gentlemen, represent them we will!  Political operatives do not speak for MRP.  Elected officials do not speak for MRP as Senator Blunt has so aptly stated.  The media does not speak for the Republican Party.  The elected committeemen and committeewomen elect our officers and those officers serve two year terms as per Missouri statute. 

John Hancock was elected as Chairman of MRP on February 21st with a mandate of 50 out of 68 votes.  I for one plan to serve alongside him for the next two years as we conduct the business of the state party.  Our mission is clear, our goals are set, and we are busy about the business of electing Republicans in the next two years. 

You are needed as never before and I ask you to do whatever you can to add value to MRP.  Right now we need to speak with a clear voice in support of our Chairman.  We need to be helping to organize our districts so that they become fully engaged in the important grassroots work that we have begun...



The House today is looking at working straight through – no break for lunch – as they tackle the budget bills.  Long day ahead…


Over at the Public Service Commission today, Noranda’s request for rate relief is moving.  The snark from the other side: look at the huge bonuses paid Apollo hedge fund owners before you give them more money…


There were Lutz ribs getting cold at the end of the Senate Bowling event last night.  One staffer said it was an indicator of the “weight loss” contest several senator offices are involved in.  “When’s the last time you saw food left over at a Senate event?”


Today’s Events

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Caleb Rowden Reception – Missouri Credit Union Association, Jefferson City – 6-7:30 p.m.


Lobbyist Registrations

M’Evie Mead added Advocates Of Planned Parenthood Of The St. Louis Region And Southwest Missouri, and Planned Parenthood Advocates Of Kansas & Mid-MO.

Ryan Stauffer added Students First.

David Shorr added Taney County Regional Sewer District

Lindsey Douglas added Union Pacific Railroad.

Scott Penman deleted Missouri School Boards Association.


$5K+ Contributions

Taxpayer Protection PAC - $5,200 from Platte County Republican Central Committee.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura O. Jones (43), Eddy Justice (42), Luke Scavuzzo (59), Matt Jessee, Jamey Murphy, and Shawn M. Bell (29).