Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Otto for Congress

Sooooo… This is actually happening apparently.  Rep. Bill Otto sent out an announcement email this morning with a video.  See it here“If you stand with me, together we can make a difference.”

Dems should be able to hold his state representative seat, but it is definitely in the “watch” column for now.

And it’s a safe Republican congressional district.


Solon for Rowden

Rep. Shelia Solon says she’s with Rep. Caleb Rowden in his bid to become floor leader.  “He has been able to articulate a clear vision of what a unified caucus looks like and how his strengths and energy can play a significant role on the official side as well as the political side.”


Rumorville: Joyce to Retire

It’s said that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce is planning on not running for re-election next year.

In March she sent $100,000 to her committee.  The April report showed that it was a loan.  And now – assuming that the rumor is true – it looks like it was a head fake to keep tamp down speculation as she doesn’t fundraise heading into her re-election cycle.

Steve Harmon, son of former mayor Clarence Harmon, has formed a committee to run.

But it may be Mary Pat Carl, the CA’s lead homicide prosecutor, is Joyce’s favored successor.  We’ll see…


Rumorville: Murray for House 80

Texting tipster: “Vince Currao walked Ben Murray around the Capitol (recently).  Murray is looking at House 80.  (Rep. Mike Colona is termed).  Murray is Mike’s campaign treasurer and was Sen. Scott Sifton’s and St. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman’s campaign manager.”


Rumorville: Cole County Deputy Sheriff Spotted

One Republican reports seeing a Cole County deputy sheriff entering the building from the Senate garage on Friday.  He looked “determined,” according to this witness and was carrying a sheaf of papers…

There.  Now go speculate as you wish….


InternGate I Follow-Up Questions

Jason Hancock published a story Friday following up on questions that have been raised about whether Missouri Southern and the Missouri House appropriately reacted to news of an inappropriate relationships between then-speaker John Diehl and a 19-year old intern.  See it here.

Pull Quote: Wendy Murphy, an adjunct professor at the New England School of Law and an attorney specializing in cases involving sexual violence, said the difference in power and authority between the speaker of the House and an intern should throw the idea that it was consensual out the window.

“Because (Diehl) was in a position of authority over this intern, the school should go out of its way to investigate this fully,” Murphy said. “They need to be clear that this is unacceptable and need to send that message.”

Murphy said she is not trying to absolve the woman involved from any responsibility, but “when you’re that young and in that position, you are easily exploitable. And you may not even know you are being exploited.”

Meanwhile, the University of Central Missouri and the Missouri Senate are conducting a Title IX investigation into the departure of a pair of interns who worked in the office of Sen. Paul LeVota, an Independence Democrat. The focus of that investigation is unclear because neither the university nor Senate administrators would comment publicly.

Adam Crumbliss, chief clerk of the Missouri House, said he could neither confirm nor deny any investigation has taken place into Diehl’s relationship with an intern…


I wonder why Crumbliss can’t confirm or deny a House investigation.  That’s seems like a pretty simple question to answer.  And in the absence of official information, speculation grows…



Politico reports that we’ll be seeing statewide digital ads coming from the Progressive Coalition for American Jobs to Missouri in support of DC legislators supporting the latest trade pact.  See it here.


Business Insider quotes the KC Fed’s recent “Beige Book” survey showing a tightening labor market.  See it here“There was a particularly sharp comment in the release's ‘selected comments’ section suggesting it was getting harder to find qualified candidates (via @thestalwart): It is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified job candidates who are not carrying some form of personal baggage / problem. This is a sign that the labor market may be getting tighter. That could mean wage growth in the economy at some point.”


A group seeking to recall Ferguson Mayor James Knowles from office says it has enough signatures for an election.  See it here.


$5K+ Contributions

Parson for Missouri - $25,000 from Noranda Aluminum Inc.



Happy birthday to Chris Weber (33), Laurna Godwin, and Lea Crusey (34).
Slacker MOScout News

OK, OK I lied.  Legislative Grades tomorrow.  I know you can’t hardly wait…