Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ag Fund Gets Funded

The AgPAC which I mentioned a week or so that was formed – with Sarah Steelman as its treasurer – is poised to rev up soon.


There will be some big checks coming into the committee which will support the Right to Farm Amendment in August.  Look for Sen. Mike Parson to send $75K into the committee, Rep. Caleb Jones to contribute $5K and donor/activist Forest Lucas $15K.


This positions Parson – and to a less extent Jones – as leaders of the pro-Ag movement within the legislature.  As one observer says, “A lot of reps say they support this amendment, but how many people put $75K of their own campaign money on the line?”


AgPAC will have people on the ground running a grassroots campaign to support the RTF ballot question, but the more intriguing prospect is that AgPAC would survive after August as a vehicle to support pro-Agriculture candidates.



Herzog’s Hegeman Money Redirected?

In the large contributions, there’s a similar maneuver to some checks yesterday:  Stan Herzog, big-time Republican donor, sent a check to a politician, followed by a check from incoming state senator Dan Hegeman.


When Hegeman first announced for state senate – after Rep. Casey Guernsey withdrew – he received $50,000 from Herzog.  No one filed against Hegeman.  And now that money appears to be following other Herzog donations this cycle.


Yesterday Herzog sent $10K to Sen. Rob Schaaf, and another $15K went to Schaaf from Hegeman.  Today, $25K went from Herzog to Sen. Mike Kehoe, and also $25K from Hegeman to Kehoe.



Dueks Contra Stones

Tweet from lobbyist Jane Dueker:  ‏@JaneDueker: I can confirm again that kidney stones are more painful than natural child birth. Dr. and nurses at @StLukesSTL were God sends. Thank you!




The good-gov St. Louis group, Better Together, that’s looking at regional governance issues (i.e. St. Louis City re-entering St. Louis County) says that the fragmented nature of the St. Louis costs millions and millions in duplicative services.  Read it here.



From one Democrat legislator comes this question: What’s with Treasurer Clint Zweifel’s $10,000 contribution to House 18’s Democratic candidate Lauren Arthur?  She’s in a contested primary in a safe Democratic seat.  Aren’t there places Democrats could use that money more prudently than a safe seat primary?  Say Senate 22, or Senate 24?



One Republican says Catherine Hanaway is building some buzz out in Warren County after a fundraiser for the nonprofit food pantry Agape.



Former state representative Barbara Fraser endorsed Steve Stenger in his challenge to Charlie Dooley.



Jim Anderson’s retirement from the Springfield Chamber of Commerce became official yesterday.  No word on how the search for his successor is going.



Twitter zinger from St. Louis Committeewoman Marie Cesleski:   stl7thward: Jackson County Recorder is not elected, works for County Exec Mike Sanders. Wonder what he has against gays and lesbians getting married.



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Gate Way Group website:

Richard M Aubuchon, Rodney Gray, Tami Holliday, and Susan Henderson Moore added Norcal Mutual Insurance Company.

Michael Moehn added Ameren Corp.

Jeffery N Brooks, Bill Gamble, Jorgen Schlemeier, and Sarah Topp added Lutheran Senior Services.

Lynn P. Behrns deleted City of Centralia.

Gregory J. Linhares deleted Supreme Court of Missouri.

James C McNichols deleted Hawthorne Consulting LLC.

Jarrett J Sage deleted Missouri Independent Bankers Association.



$5K+ Contributions

Kander for Missouri - $20,000 from Simmons Browder Gianaris Angelides & Barnerd LLC.

SEIU Missouri State Council PAC - $24,500 from SEIU Missouri/Kansas State Council.

Friends of Diehl - $9,500 from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City.

Friends of Diehl - $15,000 from Lewis & Clark Leadership Fund.

Citizens to Elect Mike Kehoe - $25,000 from Stanley Herzog.

Citizens to Elect Mike Kehoe - $25,000 from Hegeman for Senate.

SmartKC - $50,000 from James Nutter Sr.

Citizens for Morris - $15,000 from Family Pharmacy Inc.

Citizens for Steve Stenger - $7,500 from Chad Roberts.

A Better Missouri With Governor Jay Nixon - $12,250 from Health Systems Inc.



Happy Birthday

Happy birthdays to Rep. TJ McKenna (29), and Bruce Wylie.


Thursday: Monsanto’s Duane Simpson (the big 4-0), and MATA’s Sara Schuett.


Friday: Sen. Ron Richard (67), former Rep. Joe Aull (66), Courtney Cole, Jim Moody (65), and Brian Millner (29).


Saturday: Rep. Chris Molendorp (45) and St. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman (40).


Sunday: Susan Montee (55), and Empire District’s Elizabeth Dumm.