Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Club For Growth Backlash?

Rep. Lyndall Fraker is making waves with an angry denouncement of Missouri Club for Growth’s attacks on Republican incumbents who strayed from the Republican majority and helped Governor Jay Nixon sustain his veto of a tax cut last summer.


Perhaps I’m oversimplifying here, but it looks like classic good cop/bad cop to me.  Rex Sinquefield has MCFG spending thousands of dollars attack a few representatives for their vote on the one hand.  And on the other hand, he is funding at least as much to Grow Missouri which appears to have the same aim, but is building their tax cut coalition in a positive manner.  Can you hear the ever-reasonable Aaron Willard with maybe a shrug his shoulders, “I know, I know, it’s terrible what they’d do, but listen why don’t you just work with us and then we’ll find a compromise to keep them off your back also…”


Fraker’s Facebook post: 2 weeks from today many races across the state will be decided. 4 of my fellow house members that have primary races have opponents that are being funded by a group that is backed by a St Louis billionaire. These people want to own the Mo House. The radio advertisements are now attacking the character of these fine men. It is sad that these guys that have served their communities all of their lives are being slandered. I hope voters wake up and realize what is going on and support Jeff Messenger, Lyle Rowland, Paul Fitzwater and Nate Walker in their re-elections. Some are afraid to stand up and say anything because they are afraid of these outside interest groups. But friends can't stand by and let this character assignation occur. God speed my courageous friends.


And, he continues: FYI if these guys lose, public education as we know it may never be the same. All of you good educators need to talk do your homework and make those in these guys districts understand this. Republic, Willard, Branson, Forsyth, Potosi, Macon and many others are the districts these fine gentlemen represent.



Onder Gets Rex $$$$

In the large contributions (see below), Bob Onder, running in the Senate 2 Republican primary, nabs money from Rex Sinquefield via two different committees… $10,000 from Missourians for Excellence in Government and $12,000 from Grow Missouri.



Koster’s Farm Tour

It may be pissing off the Wes Shoemyers and Joe Maxwells of Missouri, but Attorney General Chris Koster continues his rural tour in support of the “right to farm” amendment.  Where’s Koster…. Thursday, July 24… 9:00-10:00 a.m., Bob and Andy Jackson Farm in La Plata, MO… Noon-1:00 p.m., C. B. Keller Farm in Taylor, MO…. 3:30-4:30 p.m., Joe and Mildred Kirchdoerfer Farm in Cape Girardeau, MO…


With his cowboy boots on, his quarterly $500K campaign hauls, the searing image of an assault weapon in his hands in a TV ad, his chocolate-melting radio voice, and the Dems’ worship reverence for anyone who can guarantee another eight years of frustrating the Republican legislative majority, isn’t Koster… unbeatable?



Peters: Carter and Bullet Holes…

Rep. Joshua Peters will hold a “live media event” today to decry his opponent… Oh it will be a fun last two weeks folks!


From Peters’ press release:  “He has purposely allowed people to believe that his son, Aldermen Chris Carter, a former representative, is running again for state representative. By ducking personal appearances, he hopes to continue to confuse the voters. Throughout this campaign, we find voters who think that young Chris Carter Jr. is in jeopardy in this election. They know who he is but they are unfamiliar with the actual candidate, his father.”


“Even more importantly, Mr. Carter wants to avoid questions about his disgraceful past business dealings. He doesn’t want to discuss the facts revealed in United States v. Carter; Case: 4:05-cv-00597 (2005), in which Carter was found to have committed multiple violations of federal labor laws, including wage theft, and running an illegal kickback scheme where he intimidated his employees and made them return their lawful wages to him in order to keep their jobs.”


"We have many instances where Carter places yard signs on private property without permission, and multiple acts of vandalism and violence ranging from slashing billboards to bullet holes in automobiles…”



More on Quiet Stream Campaign

A source says that Rep. Rick Stream has signed Republican fundraiser Donna English, and as a result it’s likely that the next quarter will show some real activity.


But another source wonders if the Republican establishment isn’t in wait-and-see mode on the St. Louis County Executive’s race.  Everyone believes that a perfect storm necessary for a Republican to win county-wide.  And whether through polling information, or political intuition, some Republicans seem to have concluded that Charlie Dooley as the Democratic nominee is an ingredient in that perfect storm.  So if Dooley wins, it’ll be warp speed fundraising; and if Steve Stenger wins it might be walk away whistling….



Ashcroft the Insider?

One Republican observer watching the Jay Ashcroft commercial muttered a “tsk-tsk” at Ashcroft’s reference to the Missouri Capitol as “Jeff City.”  It’s a little too short-hand, a little too knowing. Together with the last name Ashcroft, those sort of subtle cues will make any narrative of being ‘a change agent’ quite difficult.



Keller’s Commandments

Political consultant Gregg Keller offers four political management tips on his blog…


  1. Go. Go. Go. A political manager always needs to be moving, always doing things and always seen by their team to be doing things. Every self-help book puts proactivity right at the top of attributes for a successful person. The same is true for political organizations. Embrace your inner spaz. If you saw me in one of my political management roles you’d think I had serious ADHD, as I constantly flitted from one meeting or phone call to another. In politics, that’s what successful management looks like…


See the full post here.



AFL-CIO Endorsements

I scanned through the Missouri AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education (COPE) list of endorsements. They endorse both Republicans and Democrats because “Stopping ‘Right to Work’ and Paycheck Deception will take both Republicans and Democrats.”


Endorsements of interest (some I’ve previously reported):

Rep. Jeff Roorda got the nod in Senate 22.


Incumbent Rep. Nate Walker in House 3, one of the “flimsy 15” getting a primary challenge.


Kevin Garner, in a tight Democratic primary in House 18.


Rep. Josh Peters in Hosue 76 running against Chris Carter Sr.


In House 86, running to replace Rory Ellinger, Joe Adams got the endorsement in that four-way.


In House 102, both the Democrat, John Callahan, and incumbent Rep. Kurt Bahr’s primary opponent, Mike Swyers were endorsed.


And in House 113 (Roorda’s seat), Democrat Sean Fauss and Republican Jason Fulbright (both in primaries) were endorsed.


See the full list here.



Mayor Slay on Uber

St. Louis moves to accommodate Uber…


Mayor Francis Slay’s comment on the Taxi Commission change in regulations: “For years, taxis in the region were a generally disappointing mode of transportation. They have improved over the last decade, though, with the creation of the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission and the Commission's enforcement of standards of safety and professionalism. I have had things to complain about, but I also had a responsive entity to whom to complain… Now that the Commission has changed its regulations for Uber, it is up to Uber to identify new or existing companies to start delivering the service here in St. Louis. If you are an Uber user, urge them to do so.”



Help Wanted

Standing Partnership seeks a Strategic Communications Manager.  “Responsible for the development and implementation of strategic communications campaigns… Responsible for day-to-day client relationship management, providing strategic counsel and supervision for all facets of campaigns, including research, planning, writing, digital communications, media relations and presentations for clients… Monitors campaign budgets and manages internal reporting processes and client receivables. Analyzes campaign initiatives and reports results to the internal team and client. Manages and coordinates the efforts of team members, freelancers and outside specialists and partners.”  See the ad here.



Lobbyist Registrations

From the Gate Way Group website:

David C Linton added David Linton LLC, and United for Missouri.

Constance Rush added Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Ken Vuylsteke added Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys.



Fundraising Calendar

Today’s fundraising events from Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Mo Democratic Party Reception, Senate Project – The Kelley Group – St. Louis – 4-6 p.m.

Rep. Jeanie Riddle Reception –2992 S Thornridge – Springfield – 5:30-7 p.m.



$5K+ Contributions

Citizens for Porter - $20,000 from Craig Porter.

Missourians for Safe Transportation & New Jobs Inc - $20,000 from American Bridge.

Missourians for Safe Transportation & New Jobs Inc - $75,000 from International Union of Operating Engineers.

Missourians for Safe Transportation & New Jobs Inc - $10,000 from St. Louis Regional Chamber.

Conservative Coalition of Clay County - $20,000 from Northwest Missouri Leasing LLC.

Committee in Support of Public Education - $25,000 from Southeast Region Teachers Association Inc.

Committee to Elect Allen Moss - $30,000 from Allen Moss.

SmartKC - $37,000 from Missourians for Responsible Government.

Onder for Missouri - $10,000 from Missourians for Excellence in Government.

Onder for Missouri - $12,000 from Grow Missouri.



Happy Birthday

Happy birthdays to Comcast’s Tom Krewson (53), AFT’s Bob Quinn (58), and former Rep. Darrell Pollock (53).