Wednesday, May 13, 2015


After a long day of debate, the Senate Republican majority used the rare procedural maneuver of the “previous question” to cut off debate and pass Right to Work.

The PQ vote was 19-14.  Joining the Democrats in opposition were Republicans Tom Dempsey, Bob Dixon, Gary Romine, Ryan Silvey, Wayne Wallingford, and Paul Wieland.

Democrats have vowed revenge for the outrage, promising to “slow down” the Senate’s proceedings to a grinding crawl.  But with the $3 billion FRA extension still on the table, we’ll see if they relent for that item.

The vote was enlightening… Dempsey showed some steel by going against the grain of the majority of his caucus, and also Floor Leader Ron Richard’s top priority.   Sen. Eric Schmitt’s often extols the chamber’s deliberative manner.  That was stuffed in a drawer for the day as he joined the PQ signees. Sen. Jeanie Riddle, who was a NO on RTW in her House days, is moving to the right as she moves up in the Senate.  Sen. Rob Schaaf, who uses the right to speak more than any other senator, voted to stop debate.

The mighty Jason Rosenbaum noted on Twitter (see it here) that a number of Republicans that the AFL-CIO endorsed in 2012 voted for the measure including Sens. David Pearce, Kurt Schaefer, and Schmitt.


Will there be any blowback from lobbyist corps towards Richard if Senate Dems shut/slowdown of the Senate mean that many lobbyists’ priorities don’t make it across the finish line?

Tweet of the Day

Sen. Ryan Silvey ‏@RyanSilvey: I could have sworn in 2012 when I signed up to run, I ran for Senate. Today, the Senate is being run like the House. #NotWhatISignedUpFor


Apollo Splits from Noranda

Noranda filed a secondary offering with the SEC (see it here) to sell 22.8 million shares.  The shares represent Apollo Global Management’s 33% stake in the company. “The Company itself is not selling any shares and will not receive any proceeds from the proposed offering.”

The news of Noranda’s biggest shareholder headed for the exits sent the stock down to a new 52-week low, closing yesterday at $2.08/share.

This marks the closing of a chapter for Noranda.  See Rep. Jay Barnes’ chronicle of their ownership here.

But it’s unclear what the next chapter holds.  Will the departure of the hedge fund free Noranda management of the concerns of their largest shareholder?  Could the absence of Apollo’s deep pockets impact the coalition of industrials and consumer groups that Noranda has led in recent years?


Hanaway Critiques Danforth Eulogy

On KMOX Catherine Hanaway wagged a finger at Jack DanforthSee it here.

Pull Quote: “The overriding message of the eulogy given at any funeral should be a tribute to that person. The ‘blame game’ of the message was completely contradicted by the Clayton’s Police Department report.”


Tonight, Hanaway has a fundy at the Kirkwood home of John and Lori BeckSee John Beck’s bio here.


LG Dem Talk

In the large contributions, see that Brad Bradshaw is landing some checks from donors.

But Jason Holman’s calls are going well.  And he’s increasingly confident on his lieutenant governor bid.


Word is that Rep. Jeremy LaFaver is making calls about jumping up to Holsman’s Senate 7 seat.


New Committees

Quality Care State PAC was filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.  The address on the committee is the same as Jefferson City’s Capital Region Medical Center.


Lobbyists Registrations

Doug Amacher and Andrew Hee added MSD Partners L.P.

Kenny Tsai added Uber Technologies Inc.


$5K+ Contributions

Bradshaw for Missouri - $20,000 from The Nail Law Firm.

Bradshaw for Missouri - $5,005 from Dollar, Burns & Becker L.C.

Bradshaw for Missouri - $5,500 from Michael Ketchmark.

Bradshaw for Missouri - $20,000 from Eric Belk.



Happy birthday to former Rep. Beth Low (38), and Corey Jackson (33).