Friday, December 27, 2013

Rumorville: Rupp for PSC?

A while back I mentioned this rumor: Sen. Scott Rupp to join the Public Service Commission.  Well, it’s back. 

It’s now said that Governor Jay Nixon has offered Rupp the Republican slot on the powerful board.  No word on whether Rupp – who has also been weighing a run for St. Charles County Executive is interested.

A few thoughts:

First, Rupp is a very amicable person who should have no trouble winning confirmation from his Senate colleagues.  And Rupp’s inclusion would presumably also ease the way for Daniel Hall’s appointment – who might be more controversial.

Second, if something like this went through, there’d be another legislative vacancy, and the pressure might build on Nixon to call special elections.  If he took the political heat and only called specials in the Senate vacancies – Rupp (theoretically) and Ryan McKenna – that would again potentially subtract from the Republican House majority.  For if Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger won the special, he’d have to resign his House seat.  This would again strengthen Nixon’s veto pen.

MOScout Readers Poll

Here are yesterday’s results…  Thanks for voting everyone, little over 100 responses.

Most Effective Legislator – Republican Representative

Jay Barnes… 16.84%

Eric Burlison… 0%

John Diehl… 29.47%

Tim Jones… 5.26%

Todd Richardson… 48.42%

Readers’ picks: Dave Hinson, Lincoln Hough and Caleb Jones.

Most Effective Legislator – Democratic Representative

Penny Hubbard… 5.49%

Jake Hummel… 7.69%

Chris Kelly… 81.32%

Gail McCann Beatty… 2.20%

Gina Mitten… 3.30%

Readers’ picks: Mike Colona, TJ McKenna, John Rizzo, Jeff Roorda, and Stephen Webber.

Most Effective Legislator – Republican Senator

Tom Dempsey… 32.22%

Mike Parson… 10%

Ron Richard… 18.89%

Eric Schmitt… 22.22%

Ryan Silvey… 16.67%

Readers’ picks: Bob Dixon, Mike Kehoe, Scott Rupp, and Jay Wasson.

Most Effective Legislator – Democratic Senator

Jason Holsman… 0%

Jolie Justus… 41.84%

Jamilah Nasheed… 20.41%

Scott Sifton… 27.55%

Gina Walsh… 10.20%

Readers’ picks: Paul LeVota.

Best Consigliore

Matthew “Kool Aid” Michelson (David Pearce)… 14.71%

Abe Rakov (Jason Kander)… 30.88%

Pat Thomas (Brian Munzlinger)… 14.71%

Yancy Williams (Kurt Schaefer)… 39.71%


Readers’ picks: Jared Brown (Dan Brown), Kit Crancer (Tom Dempsey), Tucker Jobes (David Sater), Joe Lakin (John Diehl), Matt Panik (Eric Schmitt), Angie Robyn (Clint Zweifel), Kenny Ross (Tim Jones), Dusty Schnieders (Ron Richard), Mark Schwartz (Ryan Silvey), Todd Scott (Tom Dempsey), and Janson Thomas (Gina Walsh).

Toughest Job

Amanda Good – Humane Society… 7.78%

Jeanette Oxford – MASW… 26.67%

Matt Forck – Ameren… 30%

Jake Hummel – House Minority Leader… 30%

Joe Pierle – MO Primary Care… 5.56%

Readers’ picks: Kate Casas, Jolie Justus, Sara Schuett, and Roy Temple.

Most Powerful Special Interest

Educational Establishment… 25.27%

MATA… 16.48%

NRA… 15.38%

FERAF… 8.79%

Organized Labor… 10.99%

Realtors… 9.89%

Rex Sinquefield… 13.19%

Readers’ picks: Jeff Smith.

Softest Voice, Biggest Stick

Ted Powers – InBev… 53.25%

Craig Unruh – ATT… 38.96%

Ryan Rowden – API… 7.79%

Readers’ picks: David Barklage, Ron Leone, Larry Pleus, Bill Ratliff, Jorgen Schlemeier, and Tricia Workman.

Top Lobbying Firm

Bardgett & Associates… 30.68%

Burton-Liese… 9.09%

Dentons… 9.09%

Flotron & McIntosh… 2.27%

Gamble & Schlemeier… 34.09%

Polsinelli… 5.68%

Scherr & Winter LLC… 7.95%

Stinson… 1.14%

Readers’ picks: Schrieman Rackers Francka and BLUNT,  and Penman-Winton.

Single Best Person to Have on Your Side

Joyce Aboussie… 41.25%

David Barklage… 21.25%

Ken Morley… 5%

Jeff Roe… 32.50%


Ludwig Adds Registrations

Dale Ludwig, head of the Missouri Soybean Association, added a few more lobbyist registrations (see below).  One rumor says that there may be a change happening soon at MO Soybean, so it’s unclear if this is the beginning of a transition.  Two of the three new registrations are at the same address as the Soybean Association, so it may just be a bit of expansion of their portfolio.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Dale R Ludwig added Mid-America Biofuels LLC, Missouri Farmers Care, and Paseo Biofuels LLC.


Happy birthday to Rep. Jay Barnes (34).

Saturday: Rep. Sue Enthicher (63), and former Rep. Michael Spreng (66).

Holiday Break

No Weekly Summary or “Who Won the Week” today on account of the holiday shortened week.  See you Monday…