Friday, May 30, 2014

Quick Look at Bills Nixon Vows Veto

Here are the vote counts on the bills which Governor Jay Nixon has said he’ll veto because they’re budget busting giveaways.

HB 1296 (Rep. Andrew Koenig sponsor) changes some calculations of sales taxes.  House passed 111-38; Senate passed 31-0.

HB 1865 (Rep. Craig Redmon sponsor) creates some calculation changes and exemptions for taxes.  House passed 119-24; Senate passed 28-1.

SB 584 (Sen. Bob Dixon sponsor) tax exemptions and changes in burden of proof in tax disputes.  House passed 92-34; Senate passed 24-7.

SB 612 (Sen. Rob Schaaf sponsor) non-resident income tax and other tax changes.  House passed 132-9; Senate passed 32-0.

SB 662 (Sen. Will Kraus sponsor) notice of sales tax changes and other tax changes.  House passed 114-27; Senate passed 32-0.

SB 693 (Sen. Mike Parson sponsor) change to wine tax credit and other provisions.  House passed 88-51; Senate passed 26-5.

SB 727 (Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal sponsor) exempts sales tax at farmers market, and allows SNAP benefits for felons.  House passed 129-16; Senate passed 27-4.

SB 860 (Sen. Mike Cunningham sponsor) tax exemptions.  House passed 109-23; Senate passed 30-1.

Most of these had overwhelming support.  Though there are a few which passed without override majorities, though some of those may look better after the absentees are accounted for.

To be successful in sustaining his vetoes, Nixon has to bring home Dems and hold them while sufficiently embarrassing Republicans as big spenders.  Nixon doesn’t have a good track record of working the legislature so one might think that the lobbyists on these various exemptions may be working it harder than him. 

On the other hand, Nixon does have a good record of creating outside pressure – like on the tax cut last year – and because these are mostly “giveaways” there is a clear narrative to be told.

Legislature Already Acts On Cap and Trade

Rep. Jay Barnes notes that the Missouri legislature this session passed Rep. Todd Richardson’s bill – HB 1631 – to deal with possible EPA regulations coming down to cut greenhouse emissions.  See his explanation here.

In Missouri, we enjoy some of the lowest electricity rates in the entire country. Missouri families pay 14 percent less and businesses pay 12 percent less for electricity than the national average… More than 80 percent of our energy comes from coal-fired power plants. Because of that, President Obama’s war on coal is an attack on every person who pays a utility bill here. If President Obama gets his way… your utility bill will increase dramatically. Even the EPA admits that new regulations would add 80 percent to the cost of coal-fired electricity. If you currently pay $100 a month, you’d pay $180 – or nearly $1,000 per year.


The Missouri House can’t control what happens in Washington. But we can do our best to mitigate the effects of President Obama’s pen-and-phone regulatory agenda.


HB 1631… requires the Air Conservation Commission to adopt our own Missouri-based standards for carbon emissions if the EPA persists in regulating coal-fired power plants out of existence. HB 1631 ensures Missouri, not unaccountable EPA bureaucrats in Washington, will make key decisions for its economy.

Barnes concludes that, “The bill passed 134-17. With this wide bi-partisan majority and Gov. Nixon’s consistent support for American energy, I fully expect that he will sign the bill.”

We’ll see if Nixon – thought to be keeping his national options open – will in fact go along…

Sinquefield Calls Governor Idiot

Progress Missouri put up a video with excerpts of a talk given by Rex Sinquefield in which the retired businessman calls Governor Jay Nixon an “idiot” for vetoing the tax cut last year…

See it here.

Schupp Other Big Fundy

In addition to the women’s event on June 4 which looks like a monster fundy, Rep. Jill Schupp’s team also thinks that their June 28 event, being headlined by US Senator Claire McCaskill will be equally successful.  It’s all pointing toward a big July quarter for Schupp.

Uber Contra Taxis

Uber, the app-based, ride-sharing company which – along with Lyft – is challenging the incumbent taxi services, upped its rhetorical volume against the regulatory establishment which is protecting the taxis.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick: “We’re in a political campaign, and the candidate is Uber and the opponent is an asshole named Taxi.  Nobody likes him, he’s not a nice character, but he’s so woven into the political machinery and fabric that a lot of people owe him favors.”

Read it here.

Think Uber’s going to take the high road? No such luck. The company is looking to hire a senior executive who has run political campaigns, or who has run cities, Kalanick said. “We have to bring out the truth about how dark and dangerous and evil the taxi side is.”

Harris Off Team Schweich?

Word is that political consultant James Harris is no longer working on Team Schweich.  This rumor has it that there was no big “falling out,” instead his contract ran to the end of its time and wasn’t renewed, perhaps because Auditor Tom Schweich has no opponent this year.


Filing News

According to the secretary of state website, there was no new filing in House 84.  After the Republican was disqualified in that district, they had until 5pm yesterday to nominate and file a replacement candidate.


With no Republican in House 84, Rep. Karla May is assured re-election.



Half Past Evil

Lobbyist Daryl Duwe has penned his latest political thriller, Half Past Evil.  Those who read his 2008 page-turner Borrowed Time know that Duwe known how to construct a tightly-coiled plot with plenty of sharp twists.  This one sounds like it fits that mold… “Missouri Governor James Madison McHenry is ready to launch his bid for the presidency against a popular incumbent, but his headwinds suddenly include a band of terrorists intent on impacting the election results. The campaign turns into a wild ride of lies, distortions and dirty tricks. It all adds up to the most amazing presidential campaign in history.”  Buy it here.

St. Louis Business Journal Awardees

Interesting list of legislators to be honored June 13 by the St. Louis Business Journal… includes a lot of Medicaid expansion/reform supporters… Reps. Jay Barnes, John Diehl, Marsha Haefner, Chris Kelly, Todd Richardson, Rick Stream and Noel Torpey, and Sens. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, Tom Dempsey, Jolie Justus, Mike Kehoe, Mike Parson, Ryan Silvey, and Gina Walsh.

Biking Parkinson

Rep. Mark Parkinson will be biking from Jefferson City to his home (102 miles) today.  It’s a fundraiser.  See it here.

Fundraising Calendar

Today’s fundraising events from Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar:

Rep. Genise Montecillo Golf – Crescent Farms Golf Course, Eureka.

Rep. Ed Schieffer Fish Fry & Dance – Old KC Hall, Hwy. C, Old Monroe – 5-9 p.m.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Gate Way Group website:

Edward DeDomenico deleted Halcyon Asset Management LLC.

Michael R Gibbons and Tricia Workman deleted Alliance Oncology.

Neal English deleted Missouri Citizens for Reform, and Discount Smoke Shop Inc.

Scott Swain deleted Vehicle Protection Association.

$5K+ Contributions

Missouri Early Voting Fund - $15,000 from United Food & Commercial Workers Active Ballot Club.

Dooley for St. Louis County - $5,326 from U-Gas.


Happy birthdays to Rep. Galen Higdon (60), and American Cancer Society’s Stacy Reliford (35).

Sunday: Reps. John Wright (38) and Steve Lynch (60).


To master pollster David Chilenski and wife Sarah, on the birth of their daughter, Martha Elizabeth, yesterday.  For the record keepers… 8 lbs, 1 ounce measuring 21.5 inches.