Friday, October 4, 2013

Audit: Kinder’s Waste Site May Be a Waste Itself

Tom Schweich released an audit of the lieutenant governor’s office yesterday.  See it herePeter Kinder earned a “good” rating from the auditor.

The part which will generate the chortles though is the auditor’s assertion that Kinder’s new website to help citizens report waste in government may actually be a waste itself.  

“[T]he Lieutenant Governor's Missouri Waste Report may be a duplication of effort and a waste of state resources.  The General Assembly increased the Lieutenant Governor's fiscal year 2014 personnel service appropriation by $38,000 to support the website; through July 2013, the office had spent $2,700 and the Lieutenant Governor's campaign committee paid $1,189 for the website.”

Schaefer to Gov: Fund Gas Chamber

Sen. Kurt Schaefer called on Governor Jay Nixon to fund a gas chamber in the 2015 budget since the deadly drugs previously used may not be available.  See it here.

This prompted one cynical observer to ask if the Republican attorney general candidates will now throw down an “execution off.”   He writes, “I expect Tim Jones will counter with drawing and quartering them – the more fiscally conservative, satisfying option.”

Caring Bridge for Ross Nichols

Ross Nichols, director of government relations for the Missouri Trucking Association, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  You may follow his battle at Caring Bridge (here).


Corisa for House 70

Joe Corisa started a campaign committee to run in House 70 as a Republican.  It’s a swing district.  The current incumbent, Rep. Bill Otto, is a Democrat. 

Here’s his bio: “Growing up in Hazelwood, Joe Corica is a Missouri native. Joe became active in politics at an early age. He helped found the ministry's Pro-Life Committee in 2003 at Chatham Bible Church where he now serves as head usher and member of the Emergency Response Team.

“A proud patriot, Joe left Trinity International University where he was attending and answered his nation's call to defend our freedom. Joe enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 2005. Serving 5 years, Joe achieved the rank of Corporal due to his character and commitment…

“Applying his military training, Joe was able to successfully transition into the civilian world. He worked for an international non-profit, Child Evangelism Fellowship, and System Services Enterprises before starting his own small business in Maryland Heights…

“He volunteers with Americans For Prosperity, Coalition for Life St Louis, and supports Faith and Freedom Family Ministry. This involvement, and his experience with the suffocating business environment in Missouri, caused him to realize he must answer the call to serve once again-- but this time as an elected servant to the people.”

Also his personal website is still up (see it here).

MEC Fines Hudson

The Missouri Ethics Commission fined Redditt Hudson $7,535 for all sorts of violations. Hudson ran unsuccessfully for Senate in 2012, losing soundly to Gina Walsh.  His campaign filed inaccurate reports, filed them late and made a few cash withdrawals.  See the consent order here.


Rep. Jill Schupp moves her target to 2014.  From her latest email blast… “With your permission, I would like to offer a new opportunity. Going forward, in addition to my reports about the legislature, I will also be offering updates and information about the campaign for Missouri Senate in the 24th District.”

Former St. Louis City License Collector – now head of the St. Louis Urban League – Mike McMillan terminated his campaign committee and donated the remains, $18,111, to the United Way.


Heavy Construction Association Local-PAC - $29,900 from Heavy Constructors Association of Greater Kansas City.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Thomas J Campbell added URS.

Elizabeth Lauber added Elizabeth Lauber.

Daniel Hall deleted Office of the Governor.

Kimiko Narita deleted Natural Resources Defense Council.


Happy birthdays to Kander’s John Scott, former Rep. Jerry Nolte (58), and Randy Asbury (55).

Saturday: Sen. Joe Keaveny (57) and Rep. Nick Marshall (41).

Sunday: Schaefer’s Yancy Williams.