Monday, April 21, 2014

Legislature is on break today… Tomorrow committees start up at noon, House reconvenes at 3pm, and the Senate at 4pm.

Tax Cut Narrative Redux

The governor took to his bully pulpit last week to decry the tax cut bill and its estimated impact on education funding.  Here are the numbers they’re pounding.

Governor Jay Nixon: "These new numbers show that if the legislature succeeds in punching a $620 million hole in our state budget with this unaffordable giveaway to special interests, it's our students and schools who will pay the price," Gov. Nixon said. "Senate Bill 509 would drain hundreds of millions of dollars annually out of our K-12 schools -- weakening our economy, undermining our stable business climate, and putting full funding of the foundation formula out of reach. Missourians want good schools and good jobs, not another dangerous scheme to defund our K-12 classrooms."

Nixon’s press release also notes that “Senate Bill 509 includes a 25 percent tax deduction for so-called ‘business-income.’  This type of income is often reported by wealthier individuals, such as lawyers and lobbyists, with LLCs or corporate partnerships.”  

It is also, by the way the type of income also reported by less affluent left-leaning bloggers…


The extent to which the dynamic has changes is clear with this article (thanks to the peerless Combest) which quotes Rep. Nate Walker supporting the bill.  He was one of the most vocal renegade Republicans last summer when the HB 253 battle was hot and heavy.

MASW Considers Name Change

From their email blast last week, their board may consider a name change…

“The Missouri Association for Social Welfare (MASW) Board of Directors has been in a multi-year strategic planning project with a goal of increasing our power as a citizen advocacy organization. One of the questions currently before us is whether to change our name…

“Clearly, achieving victories that reduce poverty and improve the quality in Missouri is the most important thing that MASW can do to attract new members and funders.  However no matter how successful our actions, we must still convey to others who we are through our name, so it becomes important not to have a name that confuses the public or requires constant explanation…

“MASW began in 1901. Our first name was the Missouri Conference on Corrections and Charities. In 1914 we became the Missouri Conference for Social Welfare. In 1934 we selected our current name…

“We receive many calls asking for assistance even though we do not do direct assistance; some think we are the Department of Social Services.  The SW is assumed to stand for ‘social workers’ time after time, yet our membership is much broader than social workers.  Unfortunately the word ‘welfare’ has been used as a wedge issue politically, and some shut their doors in our faces based only on our name…”

Campaign Committee Quarters

House Republican Campaign Committee raised $301,659; spent $104,245; and has $541,887 on-hand. 

The Senate Republicans’ Missouri Senate Campaign Committee raised $140,692; spent $34,475; contributed $200K to its regional PACs; and has $359,071 on-hand.

The Democrats folded their House and Senate campaign committee, folding those activities into the state party apparatus.

The Missouri Democratic State Committee raised $348,019, spent $66,500, and has $416,619 on-hand.

The Missouri Republican Party raised $144,667; spent $45,000 and has $104,926 on-hand.  Since the quarter deadline, they sent $41K to non-partisan election in O’Fallon.

Committee Action this Week

House’s Elementary and Secondary Education Committee is expected to vote out Sen. David Pearce’s student transfer bill this week.

House Judiciary Committee will hold its hearing on the Senate’s criminal code revision this week.


Help Wanted

Conservation Federation of Missouri seeks Deputy Director.  “CFM is the largest and most representative conservation organization in Missouri. Serving as ‘The Voice for Missouri Outdoors,’ CFM promotes wise use of our state’s natural resources, and supports many conservation based programs and organizations.  The CFM Deputy Director serves as chief assistant to the Executive Director with a focus on fundraising, event planning and membership recruitment...  SALARY RANGE:  $50,000 - $65,000”  See ad here.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Gate Way Group website:

Richard M Aubuchon, Rodney Gray, Susan Henderson Moore, and Tami Holliday added The Doctors Company.

Sherry L Doctorian added Missouri Landscaping and Nursery Association.

Kristy Manning deleted Office of the Governor.

$5K+ Contributions

Committee to Elect Dierdra Ashley Freeman - $5,001 from Michelle Aycock.

Committee to Elect Mavis Thompson - $15,000 from David Stewart.

MO Republican Party - $7,200 from CNS Coroporation.

Missouri Early Voting Fund - $10,000 from Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 Political Education Fund.

Missouri Early Voting Fund - $25,000 from American Federation of Teachers.


Happy birthdays to Rep. Paul Curtman (33) , MO Chamber’s Dan Mehan, guru David Barklage, and former Rep. Maynard Wallace (71).