Monday January 27, 2014

Burly’s Bill Will Be Vehicle on RTW

I’m told that Rep. Eric Burlison’s bill on right to work (HB 1099) will be the House’s vehicle to take the question to a vote of the people.  Look for the bill to be amended to add a referendum clause which would then allow it to bypass the governor’s desk (assuming it passes the Senate) and go to the August ballot.



Labor unions are said to be organizing meeting with their locals and clubs to get their members to contact their state reps and senators….




Latest Labor Stats

Press release late last week: U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez has issued the following statement regarding the department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report released today on union membership in 2013:


“Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that, in 2013, the unionization rate of employed wage and salary workers was 11.3 percent. Among private-sector employees, the rate was 6.7 percent.


“The data also show that among full-time wage and salary workers, union members have higher median weekly earnings than nonunion workers. The median weekly earnings of union members were $950, compared to $750 for nonunion workers…




Elmer to Exit

Springfield News-Leader’s Jonathon Shorman reports that Rep. Kevin Elmer won’t seek re-election.  Read it here.


Elmer, a Republican, will run for associate circuit judge, a position that is opening up with the retirement of Judge John S. Waters. Waters has been an associate circuit judge focusing on criminal cases in Christian County since 1999.




Advantage Capital Team Reunites at InState Partners

Jeff Craver, Ryan Brennan, Rob Monsees and others from Advantage Capital have reunited at InState Partners.  See the website here


“InState Partners offers comprehensive state government affairs and strategic counsel. With roots in the complex issues facing successful companies, the InState team members bring extensive expertise in all aspects of state government affairs.”




Hearings of Interest - House


After adjournment, Hearing Room 6 - Crime Prevention and Public Safety            

HB 1346 – Kathie Conway - Creates the crime of sexual exploitation by a clergyperson.


Noon, Hearing Room 5 - Workforce Development and Workplace Safety              

HB 1306 – Warren Love - Changes the laws regarding the prevailing hourly rate of wages.




8am, Hearing Room 6- Higher Education

HB 1390 – Mike Thomson - Requires the cooperative development of a university resource allocation model that incorporates performance funding for public four-year institutions of higher education.


1pm, Hearing Room 7 - Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight                    

Presentation of MoDOT's annual report                    


2pm, Hearing Room 5 – Appropriations - Health, Mental Health, and Social Services

Testimony from the Department of Mental Health on its FY 2015 budget and FY 2014 supplemental budget.


2pm, Hearing Room 1 - Appropriations - Education                         

The committee will receive testimony from institution presidents.   


5pm, Hearing Room 1 – Ways and Means

Executive Session on HB 1253 – tax cut bill.




8am, Hearing Room 3 - Budget                     

OA - Funding for Fulton State Hospital                   


8am, Hearing Room 4 - Emerging Issues in Agriculture      

HB 1391 – Tom Hurst – Guarantees the right to conduct and participate in rodeos in this state


Noon, Hearing Room 6 - Health Care Policy.

HB 1411 – Gary Cross - Requires persons less than 17 years of age using a tanning device in a tanning facility to have the parent or guardian of the minor give written consent in person to the minor’s use of a tanning device.




Hearings of Interest - Senate


2pm, Senate Lounge - Financial & Governmental Organizations and Elections

SB 511 – Kraus - Establishes photo identification requirements for voting.


6pm, Senate Lounge - Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence

SB 519 – Sater - Amends the current waiting period for having an abortion from 24 hours to 72 hours.



1pm, SCR1 - Small Business, Insurance and Industry

SB 546 – Lamping - Modifies Missouri' Health Care Freedom Act by prohibiting the state from implementing a health insurance exchange, prohibiting insurers from accepting remuneration and prescribing duties of the Attorney General for enforcement of the act.


3pm, Senate Lounge – Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment

SB 649, 650, 651, 652, 653 – Lager – Last session’s telecom bills thrown out by court (and being appealed).  (See the Municipal League’s statement below).



3pm, Senate Lounge - Education

SB 493 – Pearce – Another student transfer bill.




Ross: They’re Baccckk…

Op-ed from Dan Ross, Executive Director of the Missouri Municipal League…


“This sensible local oversight role is under assault in Jefferson City by big telecommunications companies… Urban, suburban and rural - we all support expanding broadband to take full advantage of technology. But from erecting soaring towers to attaching multiple antennas on existing structures, telecommunications giants want an almost free hand from state lawmakers by gutting local government review…


Last year there were similar legislative efforts by telecommunications giants to weaken local oversight of land uses. The 2013 efforts started with a single bill, then like a snowball rolling down a mountainside, the bill grew and grew through the legislative process until it was heavy with all sorts of unrelated things. This conglomeration made it into law last year, but the courts recognized that the mish-mash covered so many subjects in a single bill as to violate the Missouri Constitution…


“They are back in 2014 with more legislative shenanigans. This time, they have broken the multiple subjects that were rolled up together in one bill into separate bills… Standing alone, one bill's effect may seem minor. But the words matter, and taken all together, they would put local governments and our citizens on the sidelines as the big telecommunications firms have their way….




Post “Corrects” Smith-Jones Editorial

An interesting clarification on the Post-Dispatch’s A2 page yesterday.  Referring to an earlier editorial about Jeff Smith making contributions through various committees to Speaker Tim Jones… “the term ‘money laundering’ was used to describe a practice of dividing the payment of monies among various political action committees (PACs) that are then contributed to a single campaign.  Nothing in the editorial implied or was intended to imply any criminal activity by those identified in the editorial.”


While Republicans may cheer the “clarification” of Tony Messenger backing off his attacks of the speaker and of the money “shell game,” the essential point is being reiterated even in the correction: it’s no crime in Missouri for donors to obscure their contributions.





Rep. Genise Montecillo filed a bill requiring lobbyists who are sex offenders to file a statement to that effect with the Missouri Ethics Commission.   See it here.  The bill had a certain buzz this weekend as folks tried to divine which lobbyist Montecillo might be targeting with the bill…




Lawyer Marc Ellinger filed four more initiative petitions concerning the income tax cut and tobacco tax increase.  See them here.




Why is there no major Republican running for any of the county-wide offices in St. Louis County?  No one of consequence for county executive, prosecutor or assessor?  One theory holds that Auditor Tom Schwiech doesn’t want to give Dems any reason to turnout…




Help Wanted

MPERS (MoDOT and Patrol Employees' Retirement System) seeks general counsel.  “The position is responsible for legal work regarding the administration of benefits and general operations such as drafting legislation, rules and policies, researching benefit issues, and reviewing investment and other business related contracts.”  See ad here.




Shelter Insurance seeks director of government relations.  “Acts as the Company representative to communicate corporate philosophy to legislative and regulatory bodies. Researches and monitors legislation and regulatory matters that may affect Shelter operations and communicates those to business partners.”  See ad here.




Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:


Karen Strange added Missouri Animal Husbandry Association, Top of the Ozark Kennel Club.

Aaron Baker added Axiom Strategies.

Ann Bickel added Shawk Consulting LLC, Lewis Rice & Fingersh LC, and EAB & Company LLC.

Larry Dority added Liberty Utilities (Midstates Natural Gas) Corp. DBA Libert Utilities; and deleted Laclede Gas Company.

Michael R Gibbons and Tricia Workman added Missouri Creditors Bar Inc.

Jay Hardenbrook added Missouri Budget Project, and Missouri Policy Matters.

Mary Mulhearn added Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Dave Murphy added Conservation Federation of Missouri.

Annie Presley added Uber Technologies Inc.

David Winton deleted L Arthur Enterprises.




$5K+ Contributions

Jackson County Democratic Coalition - $10,000 from Quinn Capital LLC.

Integrity in Law Enforcement - $11,000 from Charles Laue.

Supporters of Health Research and Treatments - $176,150 from William Danforth.

St. Louisans for a Sustainable Future - $5,225 from Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment.

Friends of Tom Schweich - $6,000 from Rudolph Farber.

Friends of Tom Schweich - $25,000 from Peter Herschend.

Citizens to Elect Dennis Broadbooks - $5,001 from Dennis Broadbooks.

Make Springfield Safe - $10,000 from Springfield Police Officers Association.





Happy birthdays to Rep. Jill Schupp (59), and AMEC’s Mary Scruggs.