Monday, November 18, 2013

Still Registers

Former state representative Mary Still registered as a lobbyist in Missouri late last week.  Her first client is Schneider Electric.  See their website here.

According to the registration she will lobby “the Executive Branch, including any department, division, agency, board or commission of state government; the General Assembly; and elected local government officials.”

Still ran unsuccessfully for state senate in 2012 losing to Sen. Kurt Schaefer.  She is the latest former elected official to lobby after the conclusion of their public service.  There are various proposals to put a “wait period” of some length before former legislators could become lobbyists.



Koster Gives $100K to MO Dems

On Friday I bungled the announced Kansas City fundraiser for Dems.  I misread who the checks were to be made out to, and thought it was House Dems.  In fact it was the Missouri Democratic Party.  House Dems reportedly had an event on the same night in Jefferson City (go figure).

At the KC event, Attorney General Chris Koster made good on the first of his annual $100,000 deposits to MDP.  He made the pledge at the Democrats’ Jefferson-Jackson dinner earlier this year.

Tipster: “Governor Jay Nixon was the only statewide not at the Kansas City event and people are upset.  Sort of stupid to be upset.  It is what you would expect.”

Post Hits Hagler

The Post-Dispatch did a front-page Sunday story on controversy surrounding the departure of Jon Hagler from the Department of Agriculture.  See it here.

Professional reporter Virginia Young reports on the promotion of certain women seemingly beyond their qualifications.  The most often-talked about example floating through the Jefferson City grapevine is the hiring for a bartender…

Pull Quote:  “He defended hiring and promoting Laura Tucker, the former bartender who now oversees international trade.  According to her résumé, from 2002 to 2012, Tucker was a ‘service industry specialist’ at Tellers Gallery and Bar in downtown Columbia, with duties such as to ‘assist in managing front of house operations.’  Hagler said he hired Tucker for her writing skills. Tucker has an English degree, ‘with an emphasis on fiction writing,’ from Mizzou.

“Hagler also promoted Rachel Mobley, a former Nixon campaign aide who started in 2009 as the agency’s $53,292-a-year legislative liaison. In August 2012, Hagler made Mobley director of the Division of Business Development, a job that pays $80,000. Under a tuition assistance program that Hagler authorized, the state is helping pay for Mobley to earn her master’s degree in business administration. She expects to complete it in 2016. Mobley has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg.”

Marshall Talks Impeachment

Rep. Nick Marshall says he will file articles of impeachment against Governor Jay Nixon because of his executive order saying that married gay couples could file joint tax returns.         See the Springfield News-Leader story here.  (Thanks to the peerless John Combest for the link).

Pull Quote:  “Rep. Nick Marshall, R-Parkville, announced his intentions on Facebook.  ‘He (Nixon) has openly disregarded the laws and Constitution of the State of Missouri and allowed his administration to do so on multiple occasions. If we are to live under the Rule of Law, he cannot be allowed to remain in office,’ Marshall wrote.”

Schweich Fundy

Auditor Tom Schwiech held a fundraiser at mega-donor Sam Fox’s house over the weekend.  The headliner was former UN Ambassador John Bolton.  One attendee says the VIPs included Sen. John Lamping, Speaker Tim Jones, Congressman Billy Long, and Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer.

Former state senator Jane Cunningham gushed about the event on twitter.  See it here.

“Enjoying celebrating rising star Tom Schweich with long time Republican friends who have risen and retired at THE dinner party at Sam Fox's.”

“Sam Fox said he will continue 2 support Tom Schweich 4 Auditor & future government endeavors because so overqualified. Raised $200k tonight!”

Real Question: Has Schweich so cemented his Sam Fox relationship to have iced out AG Chris Koster in a possible 2016 gubernatorial duel?  Fox has supported Koster in the past.  And though Schweich supporters may think they have Fox pocketed, beware… when Koster comes acallin’ with his siren voice and magnetic eyes…


Governor Jay Nixon kills a deer and brags about it.  See it here.

Who was that at Rep. Mike Leara’s fundy last week?  Word is that Dem Rep. Keith English stopped by…

Tim Decker, director of Missouri Division of Youth Services (DYS), has been named director of Children's Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services (DSS). Decker will assume his new duties on November 25, 2013. ‘Tim has served the Department of Social Services since 1984 and helped the Division of Youth Services become a nationally recognized program that helps troubled young people become law-abiding citizens,’ said Brian Kinkade, acting director of the Department of Social Services.”

eMailbag: On McKee-Gatschy Connection

“Of course Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger has Paul McKee’s support.  Gatsch + David Barklage = support from Lewis & Clark, i.e. McKee.”

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Mary W Still added Schneider Electric.


MO Republican Party - $15,000 from August Busch III.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $15,000 from QC Holdings Inc.

Citizens for Steve Stenger - $5,001 from Travis Noble P.C.

Missourians for Koster - $10,000 from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City PAC for Missouri.

Committee to Elect Sherwood Smith - $10,000 from Tax Payers Unlimited.

MO Democratic State Committee - $100,000 from Missourians for Koster.

House Democratic Victory Committee - $15,000 from CHIPP.

Missourians for Koster - $7,500 from Larus Corporation.

Notes on Money

Firefighter union leader Sherwood Smith gets firefighter money (Tax Payers Unlimited) for his Jackson County Legislature race.


Happy birthday to Reps. Randy Dunn (31) and Brandon Ellington (33).


To IUPAT lobbyist Bruce Holt on the birth of his granddaughter, Scarlett Clare.