Thursday, October 10, 2013

McCullough Dumps Dooley, Wants To Stay Friends

Post-Dispatch reports that long-time St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCullough has told “embattled” County Executive Charlie Dooley that he won’t support him for re-election.  See it here.

And in a scene lifted from my high school memories, McCullough, after dumping Dooley, professes he hopes they can still be friends…

Pull Quote:

[McCulloch] described the tenor of last week’s conversation as “cordial” and expressed hope the two officials can remain friends despite the political divorce.

 That seems unlikely given Dooley’s combative response to McCulloch’s public revelation of the meeting.

 “I don’t need a prosecutor to tell me how to do my job,” the county executive said. “I know my job. He should do his job.”

GOP Gov 2016 Jockeying

According to a top Republican, a recent sit-down among the state’s top political consultants attempted to begin a hash-out of their 2016 line-up.

For governor, Tom Schweich and Catherine Hanaway are elbowing for the pole position.  One thought is that Schweich really wants to go to DC.  He might decline a 2016 guv race with the assurances (dude loves assurances) that he gets a clean shot at US Senate in 2018. 

Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer is still mentioned, as is John Brunner.  But they are seen as second tier candidates.  Luetkemeyer, according to this source, is not very interested in running, and Brunner is being pushed because he’s a potential self-funder.

Roman to Retire

St. Louis Business Journal reports that Boeing’s long-time government relations executive George Roman is retiring.  See it here.  On the state level, Boeing has been one of the least engaged of Missouri’s Fortune 500 companies.

Sherer to Black and Veatch

As indicated in the lobbyist registrations below, Carrie Sherer is leaving Cerner (last day tomorrow).  She’s heading to do government affairs for Black and Veatch.

Propofol Being Returned

Post-Dispatch reports that the Department of Corrections is returning its imported propofol stash.  “The Missouri Department of Corrections said Wednesday that it would return to a supplier a drug it had planned to use for lethal injections, but left unclear whether the action would have any effect on two executions scheduled this fall… Representatives for the department and Gov. Jay Nixon’s office did not return phone and email messages.”  Read it here.

One observer texts on the prospect of using a gas chamber: “Did you know that the Humane Society does not recommend using gas chamber for animals?  Can’t believe Chris Koster and Kurt Schaefer see that as acceptable for humans.  Especially when there have been wrongful convictions.  It will only cause litigation because it’s cruel.”

The Gun as an Organizing Tool

Rekha Sharma, Republican House candidate in District 68, will be holding a concealed and carry class on Saturday.  See it here.  She ran for the seat in 2012, only receiving 21% of the vote against Rep. Keith English.

Campaign Committees For Next Month’s Local Ballots

Here’s a quick listing of campaign committees organized around local issues on the ballot next month…

Citizens Who Care – In Support – Shall the County of Buchanan impose a county sales tax of one-quarter of one percent for a period not to exceed ten years for the purpose of providing emergency ambulance services.

Committee for Community Growth – In Support – Shall the Board of Education borrow money in the amount of $12,500,000 for the purpose of providing funds to prepay the existing lease financing to complete upgrades to district facilities.  Jefferson R-7 School District in Festus MO.

Committee for Research Treatments and Cures – In Support – 20-year, half-cent sales tax to recruit top medical researchers to Kansas City area hospitals.

Committee to Stop a Bad Cure – In Opposition – 20-year, half-cent sales tax to recruit top medical researchers to Kansas City area hospitals.

Yes for Clay County Constitution – In Support – Approval of a new constitution for Clay County.

Citizens for Greene County – In Support – Shall the County of Green impose a local use tax of 1.25%.  A use tax return shall not be required to be filed by persons whose purchases from out-of-state vendors does not exceed $2,000 in a calendar year.

MASW Opposes SNAP Rule Change

From the release: Missourians currently suffering with under/unemployment are facing additional challenges in 2014 if a proposed rule put forward by Gov. Nixon’s administration is approved in its current form.  The new proposal to limit food stamps for some jobless Missourians is estimated to impact on more than 100 Missouri counties. Missouri would be one of only six states to reject available federal benefits which currently bring millions of dollars to Missouri grocers and their surrounding communities, while also alleviating hunger… Proponents of the food stamp changes claim time limits on food stamps force citizens to find jobs. “Hunger is not a motivator,” said Jeanette Mott Oxford, executive director of the Missouri Association for Social Welfare. “It is a debilitator. It damages health, inhibits personal accomplishment and leads to further loss.”

MASA Supports Provisional Accreditation for KC

The release: The Missouri Association of School Administrators (MASA) is asking the Missouri State Board of Education to support the Kansas City School District by provisionally accrediting the school district based upon the progress they have made in the past year.  On September 26, Missouri Commissioner of Education, Dr. Chris Nicastro announced that she would be recommending to the state board of education at its October meeting to continue the unaccredited rating for the district even though the district had shown progress…

By designating the Kansas City School District as unaccredited, students will have the right to transfer to other districts in the county or adjoining counties pending the outcome of a lawsuit that is before the Missouri Supreme Court.  Currently, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has designated the Normandy School District and Riverview Gardens School District in the St. Louis area as unaccredited.  The transportation and tuition costs being paid by these two districts now threaten to bankrupt the school districts.  DESE has submitted a budget request to the Governor for $6.8 million to keep the Normandy School District solvent through the 2013-2014 school year.

 "There is no reason for the Commissioner of Education to jeopardize the financial stability of the Kansas City School District with her recommendation," Paul Ziegler said.  "Under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Green, they have shown remarkable improvement.  Now is not the time to pull the financial rug out from under them.

Help Wanted

Gov Watch Wants Assistant:  “Assistant Director, Missouri Legislative Service.  Full time position with excellent benefits. Duties include live monitoring of session activities and elections, heavy data entry, working in and around the capitol, working with and leading training sessions for clients, and other tasks as assigned. Applicants should be committed, flexible, and have excellent typing skills.  For more information please email”

eMailbag: Bits

From the in-box yesterday…

On Wagner’s presence in on the TV shots of Boehner talking tough on government shutdown: “She’s in the frame for ‘diversity.’”

On Zweifel eyeing US Senate: “Kinder & Zweifel both in. CD-8 & US Senate.”

On Skelton’s memoir:  “I have known Ike for at least thirty years now, and I don't believe his character is such as to write a "tell all" book. He may tell some tough stories and I'm sure he will state his position on things with clarity, but he has always been a gentleman--almost in the old fashioned Southern style--who would not be inclined to tell that sort of a story. I've heard Ike speak many, many times, and he and I have had many private conversations, but I'm still looking forward to hearing new anecdotes from his admirable life!”

Dieckhaus to Detractors: Stop Lying About My Record

In response to (Tuesday’s) anonymous piece: had my “crazy” HB 1740 passed several years ago, the state would have saved money (check fiscal note), Normandy would not be short money, and no St. Louis or St. Charles County school district would have been flooded. Oh, and it did not include vouchers.  Please feel free to use my name – Scott Dieckhaus


Citizens for Eggleston - $10,000 from J Eggleston.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $15,000 from Reynolds American Inc.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

John E Bardgett Jr, Brian Millner, John Parris, Kim Tuttle deleted St. Louis County Economic Council, and added St. Louis Economic Development Partnership.

Carol Kemna added Missouri Professional Mutual.

Stephan R Tomlinson added Missorui Department of Social Services.

Joseph L. Treadway added St. Louis Metropolitan Taxicab Commission, Missouri Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and Missouri Association of Rehabilitation; and deleted St. Louis County, and St. Louis Home Builders.

Kimberly Tuttle added Iron Capital Partners.

Emily Kampeter deleted Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan.

Carrie Sherer deleted Cerner.


Happy birthdays to Rep. Denny Hoskins and Jack Coatar.