Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Getting a little more intense, eight days left…

English To Flip

From behind the locked door of Rep. Mike Leara’s office, Rep. Keith English courageously announced that he’d be changing his vote on SB 509 and would join the Republicans to override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto.  Virginia Young has the story.  See it here.

Democratic reaction – in texts to me – was swift, mocking and merciless.

“Update on English – the Republicans will suspend the House rules the last week of session so he can walk around the floor without a shirt on.”

“Not sure English is smart enough to get anything (for his vote) besides his balls back from the jar on Diehl’s mantle.”

“(His price was) dinner at the country club and a cigar.”

Blame Game: Who Lost English?

First of all, the Dems blame Keith English himself.  The clear second though is the governor for – here we go again – not doing anything to help House Dems through two successive landslide victories of his own and a mid-term in between.

And then one Dem blames Minority Leader Jake Hummel’s decision to change chief of staff, saying that the steady hand of Ted Wedel would have avoided “this cluster.”

Next Up

Rep. Rick Brattin, who was absent yesterday grieving his brother-in-law’s sudden death, is expected to return today.  So the vote will come when the House reconvenes at 10 am.

And Then

On Twitter, Jane Dueker predicts a legal challenge.  Because the law doesn’t take effect for years, there’s time for the lawyers to go to work.

MASW: No on Transport Sales Tax

From the email blast to legislators:  “The Senate Substitute for HJR 68 is expected to be on the House calendar shortly and come before you for a final vote. The Missouri Association for Social Welfare (MASW) pleads with you to vote no on this regressive tax increase that would negatively impact on access to basic human needs among Missouri families already struggling to survive. Forty-percent of Missouri non-elderly households have incomes of less than $31,000 annually.”

Currao Comback

Vince Currao, who years ago was a go-to Democratic fundraiser du jour, has returned to do business in the state.  Fundraisers often seem to suffer burn-out, and Currao went and worked other states.  Now he’s easing his way back in.  He was recently walking the halls of the building.  And it’s said that he’s helping St. Louis Alderwoman Jennifer Florida in her bid to go city-wide.  She’s challenging incumbent Board President Lewis Reed.

House Budget Conferees

The House appointed their conferees for the budget negotiations.  The Republicans are led by Chair Rick Stream and Budget Vice-chair Tom Flanigan.  They are joined by a different Republicans on each bill and different Democrats.

HB 2002 – Lair with Rep. Genise Montecillo and Jeanne Kirkton.

HB 2003 – Lair with Montecillo and Chris Kelly.

HB 2004 – Rep. Lincoln Hough with Reps. Stephen Webber and Kevin McManus.

HB 2005 – Rep. Eric Burlison with Kelly and McManus

HB 2006 – Rep. Craig Redmon with Kirkton and Rep. Jill Schupp.

HB 2007 – Rep. Bart Korman with Kelly and Rep. Gail McCann Beatty.

HB 2008 – Rep. Marsha Haefner with Kelly and Rep. John Rizzo.

HB 2009 – Haefner with Rizzo and Kirkton.

HB 2010 & 2011 – Rep. Sue Allen with Kirkton and Rep. Jeremy LaFaver.

HB 2012 – Rep. Mark Parkinson with Kelly and Kirkton.

HB 2013 – Parkinson with Kirkton and Webber.

Three Months Until August Primary…

In the Senate 2 Republican, Vicki Schneider is first to stick the wood in the ground.  She has a billboard and 4x8 signs up… the yard sign wars is about to break out all over St. Charles….

Chesterfield Talks Secession

Post-Dispatch reports that the Chesterfield mayor Bob Nation, frustrated that he loses so much of his locally produced sales tax under the county’s pooling system, is ready to take extreme measures.  Read it here

Pull Quote: “I’m very seriously suggesting we need to consider looking at the constitutionality of the local sales tax system or even seceding from St. Louis County and joining St. Charles County because I don’t know what other solution to propose,” Nation told the City Council on Monday night during an agenda review meeting before the council meeting.

And – inside the article – lobbyist Mike Gibbons has previously been working on making the sales tax system change for $60,000/year.  But this year they switched the contract to Gamble and Schlemeier.

An joint interim committee had looked at the system last year.

Help Wanted

Missouri Attorney General's Office seeks Assistant Attorney General.  “This position presents excellent opportunities for courtroom and jury trial experience. Eligible candidates should: have at least 4-6 years of experience, preferably in labor and employment litigation; have graduated in the top 30% of the candidate’s law school class; have excellent writing skills; have a strong commitment to public service; and be licensed to practice law in Missouri.”   See ad here.

eMailbag: Republicans Understand Poverty

“Whoever said the ‘if only Republicans had family in poverty they would vote to expand Medicaid’ fuck that.  Besides being an apples and oranges comparison, I know several Rs that have immediate family in poverty that have taken a principled stand on Medicaid expansion.  Whatever you believe about the issue the idea that many on the left have that Rs have no personal experience with poverty is wrong and it’s offensive.”

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Gate Way Group website:

Rodney Boyd, Brian Grace, Jewell Patek, and Kelvin Simmons added Lyft, Inc.

Mark H. Levison deleted Microgrid Solar Energy LLC.

$5K+ Contributions

Committee to Elect Scott Dale - $10,000 from Scott Dale.

Lewis & Clark Regional Leadership Forum - $12,000 from Drury Development Corporation.

Slay for Mayor - $10,000 from Douglas Albrecht.