Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rumor: Kinder To Start Exploratory Committee for Congress

Buzzing around is a rumor that Peter Kinder is setting up an exploratory committee to run for Congress in the 8th District.  That’s where he and roomful of other hopefuls vied for the Republican committee’s nomination earlier this year when Jo Ann Emerson announced her retirement.  Jason Smith prevailed in that contest.

While the political spectator in me wants to jump up and down and do a Bring It On dance in front of my computer, I should issue some cautions.

First, this is a rumor – though I do think it’s true.

Second, I don’t expect a full-blown declaration of candidacy today.  But it is a clear step toward that destination.

More Thoughts

With so much of what was Team Kinder now on Team Smith, the response to this development may be cool.  It complicates their lives to have two friends preparing for a duel.

If Kinder jumps in, political chess-players imagine that former state senator Jason Crowell would be tempted to join the fray.  Unless grudges have unexpectedly melted, Crowell wouldn’t mind throwing an elbow into Kinder during the campaign.  And with both Crowell and Kinder drawing from the Cape Girardeau base, that would presumably help Smith in this hypothetical situation.

The exploratory committee would allow for Kinder to begin fundraising.  Word is that Smith had a pretty good quarter.

If Kinder does jump, it’s a freebee for him.  His lieutenant governor re-election isn’t until 2016.

Government Shut Down

Makes Missouri state government look pretty functional after all….

Mad Dog Mail Follow-Up

A couple Dems suggest that the Mail Dog Mail claim of being owed six figures by the House Dem Campaign Committee is “sketchy.”   They point to the fact that Mad Dog is apparently working in Virginia with Jody Murphy who headed the HDCC at the time.  If he failed to pay them as promised, why are they still working with him?

MO Execution Plans Endangering Drug Supply?

AP reports that propofol, a drug used in most anesthetic procedures, may face a shortage if the European Union refused to export it because it’s being also used in executions now.  Read it here.

Pull Quote: “Export is controlled by the European Union, which prohibits trade in goods that could be used for executions. The EU is reviewing whether to subject propofol to that rule… Until recently, Missouri and other states with the death penalty used virtually the same three-drug protocol. That changed in recent years as drug makers stopped selling the traditional execution drugs to prison officials because they didn't want them used for lethal injections. Last year, the Missouri Department of Corrections turned to propofol, which made headlines in 2009 when pop star Michael Jackson died after overdosing on the drug. So far, Missouri is the only state to adopt propofol for executions, though it has not yet put anyone to death with the drug.”

Hall, Cardetti Follow-Up

One reader points out that Daniel Hall and Jac Cardetti are not just both Nixonites, they’ve been brothers-in-arms for longer as both served in the Bob Holden administration as well…


Jane Cunningham helps nix the Monarch firefighter fundraiser.  Read it here.

The Department of Labor’s spokesperson won’t pick up the phone without questions in writing beforehand?  Sounds like my dream job…. Read it here.

And a birdie says that Gina Loudon has taped a segment for the Daily Show


Sander for Jackson County - $6,000 from Floorlayers Local Union 1181.

Sanders of Jackson County - $10,000 from CHIPP Political Account.

Committee for Research Treatments and Cures - $50,000 from Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co Inc.

United Food & Commercial Workers Local #655 Elect Political Action Fund - $6,375 from United Food & Commerical Workers Local 655.

Dooley for St. Louis County - $10,000 from Emerson Electric Company.

Dooley for St. Louis County - $7,750 from CH2M Hill Engineers Inc.

Committee to Elect Tony Miller - $150,000 from Davis, Ketchmark, McCreight, & Ivers PC Anne Zerr for State Representative - $5,001 from CHIPP PAC.

Notes: This is Tony Miller.  He’s running for Jackson County Legislature.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Ryann L Summerford added Planned Parenthood Advocates in Missouri.


Happy birthdays to Tom Irwin, Rep. Sandy Crawford (56), KC Star’s Steve Kraske, Kristy Manning and Matt Potter (40).