Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Roll the Tape

The peerless John Combest kindly serves up the link to a Missourinet video of last night’s charity MMA fights.  See Reps. John Mayfield and Glen Kolkmeyer bounce off each other here.  And Rep. Keith English hammers some poor young kid as well.

Transfer Bill Pickle?

On the Senate floor last night, debate on the “common core” bill (HB 1490) was diverted for an hour or two when Sen. Scott Sifton offered an amendment to include most of the student transfer fix bill (SB 493) onto the bill. 

Sifton offered the amendment because he is worried that two months after the Senate sent the House their transfer bill, it still hadn’t made its way to the House floor.  (It is expected to be brought up today, who knows…)  However Sifton did not include the provision which allowed public money to go to private schools.  

Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal told Sifton that a transfer bill without the private option didn’t have the votes to pass.  Other Dems worry that a student transfer bill with the private option will be vetoed by the governor, and the legislature won’t have the votes for an override.

So there’s the current pickle: the legislature inability to pass a fix without a private option, and their inability to override a veto of the private option.


Transportation Tax Passes Senate

The Senate modified the transportation sales tax proposal.  They cut the tax from a 1% sales tax to a .75% sales tax increase.  It would still be in effect for ten years.  It’s estimated that it would raise $6 billion over that time.

Although several senators spoke against the bill – Sen. Rob Schaaf read aloud the introduction of a book written by former senator Jim Lembke extolling freedom, for example – but no one attempted a filibuster. 

The vote was 22-10.  Minority Leader Jolie Justus joined Republican Sens. Dan Brown, Ed Emery, Will Kraus, Brad Lager, John Lamping, Brian Nieves, Rob Schaaf, Kurt Schaefer and Eric Schmitt.

Counter-Punching Lamping on Twitter

‏@JohnLamping: “14 republicans vote for largest tax increase in states history. If passed,Missouri will have 9th highest combined state and local sales tax”

‏@RyanSilvey: “@JohnLamping And one Republican was conspicuously absent when he had the opportunity to filibuster.”

‏@JohnLamping: “@tonymess @bshelly Sales tax can't pass without large majorities in Stl and KC. Use your platform.”

‏@tonymess: “@JohnLamping @bshelly Poor people need health insurance. They're dying. Use yours.”

Richardson Formally Announces for Floor

Rep. Todd Richardson formally announced he was running for floor leader last night at a House Republican caucus event.  It’s no surprise.  The surprise would be if he gets a challenge. 

Richardson was introduced by Speaker-designate John Diehl, as well as Reps. Caleb Jones and Sonya Anderson

Whither EcoDevo?

What’s interesting is what people aren’t even talking about right now… economic development.  HB 1501 is this year’s vehicle and it was debate one day last week, but hasn’t been heard from since.  It’s embroiled in differing opinions of what constitutes a good tax credit program, if caps should be lowered on the two biggest programs etc.

One source in the hallways thinks that economic development becomes “easier” next year without Sens. Brad Lager and John Lamping.  That may be true, but I remember only two years ago at this time when economic development was supposed to become easier after Jason Crowell was termed.  So… all together now… we’ll see….

NYTimes Working on Drug Monitoring Story

It’s said that the New York Times is working on a comprehensive story about Missouri’s lack of drug monitoring program.

This is the legislation that Rep. Kevin Engler has sponsored – first when he was a senator, and now as a representative – which would make it harder for someone to “prescription shop.”  Sen. Rob Schaaf, citing privacy concerns with having a big database of prescription drug users, has been a prime obstacle to the legislation.  Missouri is the only state without some monitoring system.

We’ll see…

Obama a Drag for Dems in 2014

From yesterday’s Politico Morning Score: “President Obama’s approval rating took a five-point dive in April to the lowest job approval number of his presidency, down to 41 percent in April from 46 percent in March, according to the poll. (Obama’s disapproval inched up to 52 percent from 50 percent in March.) The president’s numbers are even more dismal in specific issue areas. On the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s approval is at 37 percent – down from 44 percent at the end of March - while 57 percent disapprove. The generic ballot is tied - Democrats 45, Republicans 44 - but among voters who say they are certain to vote, Republicans have the edge: 49-44. But while the president's numbers might worry Democrats as they look to November's midterms, the survey shows that respondents are on board with the party's messaging on the middle class and women's issues. When asked which party respondents trusted do a better job helping the middle class, 52 percent of respondents said Democrats while only 32 percent said Republicans. On women's issues, 55 percent said the Democratic Party while 25 percent said the GOP.”    See the full poll here.

Help Wanted

Office of the Missouri Secretary of State seeks Chief Registration Counsel. “The Chief Registration Counsel coordinates and manages the Division’s efforts in securities, broker-dealer, broker-dealer agent, investment adviser, and investment adviser representative registration and in broker-dealer and investment adviser examination… Starting Salary: $4,167 - 5,000/Monthly”   See the ad here.

Dairy Farmers of America seeks Assistant Vice President, Legal provides “counsel, advice, and other legal services to all areas of the company, including, without limitation, transactions, disputes, regulatory issues, leases, contracts, real estate, secured transactions, bankruptcy, construction, labor and employment, manufacturing, intellectual property, and other business-related matters…”   See the ad here.

Monsanto Company seeks Assistant General Counsel, Ethics, Trade and Compliance.  “An Assistant General Counsel at Monsanto is a highly experienced attorney with substantial responsibility for advising the Company concerning increasingly complex legal issues related to a variety of business activities. The responsibilities include providing legal services, both directly and through the use of outside counsel, in multiple operating regions.”   See the ad here.


According to Linkedin, Mike Sutherland has a new job. He’s now Executive Director at Boonslick Regional Planning Commission.

Report: Rex Sinquefield has invested over $30 million in his political agenda since 2006.  Read it here.

Fundraising Calendar

From Mary Scruggs’ indispensable events calendar

Missouri Electric Cooperatives Fish Fry – South lawn of Capitol – Noon to 1:30pm.

Missouri Democratic State Committee – Senate Project Reception – Cork, Jefferson City – 5-7pm.

Reps. Glen Kolkmeyer & Kathy Swan Reception – 221 Madison St., J – 6:30-8pm.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Gate Way Group website:

Kent Gaines added Prost Builders LLC.

Harvey Tettlebaum added Kansas City Southern Railway Company.

$5K+ Contributions

Friends of Diehl - $10,000 from Roy Pfautch.

Corrigan Leadership Fund - $22,397 from Corrigan Leadership Fund.


Happy birthdays to lobbyists Andy Blunt (38) and Julie Finn, and former lobbyist Dave Evans.