Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Special Session Bits

Here is the Senate Committee Substitute.  It tightens up some language, but doesn’t change much.  It passed out 8-2.  (Sens. John Lamping and Will Kraus were the Nos).  And the House Economic Development Committee passed their bill out unanimously.  See Virginia Young’s article here.

The only person to testify against the bill in either the Senate or the House was former Budget Chair Carl Bearden who now represents United for Missouri.

The Senate convenes tomorrow at 9AM, an hour earlier than usual.  There should be some thoughtful debate.  It’s thought that the “hawks” will ask for offsetting reductions in tax credits to “pay for” the expansion from the Boeing tax credits.  If an amendment along those lines is offered, the best guess is that Pro Tem Tom Dempsey rules that such a move is out of order as it goes beyond the scope of the governor’s call.  If it plays like that, it’s unclear what the hawks fall-back position is.  So (all together now) we’ll see….

In a letter to Governor Jay Nixon organized labor promises Boeing their best efforts.  “This unprecedented accord states that our organizations will make our workers available to Boeing 24-hours a day, in three, 8-hour shifts from the beginning of the project until its completion…  [This] will double the work hours per week, and triple the workforce… As a result, we will reduce the construction time of these facilities by at least a year, thus increasing savings.  Furthermore, these three, 8-hour shifts will be worked under the standard wage, and will not count as overtime…”  See it here.

The AFL-CIO has informed legislators that this will be a rated-vote.  That brought this email to MOScout from a liberal: Labor message to legislators: if you don't vote to give a corporation a billion dollar tax break and allow unions to negotiate away overtime protections ... You're anti-union and that will be noted on your permanent record. I feel like I'm on crazy pills.

And in an email to representatives, Ryan Johnson, President of the Missouri Alliance for Freedom, introduces himself and his organization (“a new non-profit organization named the Missouri Alliance for Freedom that seeks to protect and grow individual, religious, and economic liberty throughout Missouri.”).  And informs the reps “This will be an important vote for the Missouri Alliance for Freedom and we will be grading on the legislation that comes to the fore during special session.”  (There’s against the deal, by the way)

In Sen. Eric Schmitt’s office… Brian Bunten, on loan from Team Kinder, is helping out while Matt Panik enjoys a few days of paternity leave following the birth of his son.

While Nixon staffer Jeff Harris pushes for the deal, some remember Minority Leader Jeff Harris wasn’t as fond of the Bombardier deal.  Rep. Jeff Harris, D-Columbia, who also voted against the measure, said the bill provides a favored deal for a corporate interest. "It looked to me that it was a corporate tax giveaway," he said. "And I didn’t think this was the type of thing we should do at this time when we’re not funding education or health care."   See it here.

Just as old Supreme Court dissents become the basis for overturning decisions years later, Matt Bartles’ argument against the Bombardier subsidy was getting passed around yesterday.  See the mighty Jason Rosenbaum’s audio of it here.

On the Move? Green to the Corner Office

Rumor has it that Brad Green, staffer to Sen. Gary Romine, will be taking Kit Crancer’s spot and go to work for Pro Tem Tom Dempsey once regular session starts next year…

Schmitt Takes on Student Transfers

Although Sen. Eric Schmitt is in the spotlight as chair of Economic Development Committee, here’s an interesting bill he’s prefiled.

SB 495 – read the summary here – is a substantive crack at the student transfer issue.  The bill (among other things) would ask DESE to accredit individual well-performing schools within unaccredited districts, and then send students in the failing district to those schools first – if there’s capacity for them.  It would also create a “clearinghouse” for parents and students of their options when their district becomes unaccredited.

Mitten Also Thinking of Caucus Chair?

It’s said that Rep. Gina Mitten is also considering throwing her hat in the ring for Caucus Chair, the Democratic leadership position vacated by Steve Webb’s resignation.

Revenue Inch Up

The release from OA: State Budget Director Linda Luebbering announced today that 2014 fiscal year-to-date net general revenue collections increased 2.2 percent compared to fiscal year 2013, from $3.04 billion last year to $3.11 billion this year.


Net general revenue collections for November 2013 increased by 1.0 percent compared to those for November 2012, from $618.7 million to $625.1 million.

Help Wanted

Rep. Josh Peters seeks an LA.  “The Legislative Assistant must be motivated, creative, self-disciplined and organized. In addition to a strong grasp of policy, ideal candidates should have a keen political sense and the ability to balance the competing interests of a demographically and ideologically diverse constituency.”  See ad here.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Wayne Cooper added Cooper and Bates.

Shanon M Hawk added Shawk Consulting LLC.

Jim Lembke added Flotron & McIntosh, and Progressive Resources.

Kimberly Akin, Heath Clarkston, and Harry Gallagher deleted Internet Alliance.

Steven Bernstetter deleted BJC Healthcare.

Brady J. Deaton deleted University of Missouri.


MO Democratic State Committee - $10,000 from Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562.

Friends of Tom Schweich - $10,000 from Cape Radiology Group.

Citizens for Steve Stenger - $5,500 from Bradford Kessler.

Stand Up Northland - $7,500 from Kansas City Power Light.

CWA District 6 – Political Education Committee - $8,000 from CWA COPE.


St. Louis Alderwoman Jennifer Florida.