Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thomson Just Wishes The Maryville Story Would Die Already

Rep. Mike Thomson, speaking to Missouri Digital Media (see it here) gave some lousy quotes.  He says that he doesn’t know the details surrounding the sexual assault case and the charges being dropped, and he doesn’t really want to know apparently. 

"I have read some of the articles that are out there and they say, 'how do you sleep?' Well, I sleep fine," Thomson said. "I guess I'm going to be a little closed on this matter. I don't want it to spread, I want it to die."

Meanwhile Attorney General Chris Koster sits on his hands while other Republicans pounce…

Speaker Tim Jones: “As one of many who has now learned the details of this shocking story, I reacted with disbelief at what appears to be an absence of justice in the Daisy Coleman case. My heart goes out to Daisy and her family for all they have endured,” said Jones, R-Eureka. “While our attorney general has already stated he has no authority to intervene in this matter, I firmly believe he is empowered to do so under state statute 27.060.”

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder: “I am disappointed that the Attorney General would wash his hands of the matter through a brief statement by a spokesman. The appalling facts in the public record shock the conscience and cry out that responsible authorities must take another look. I call on Attorney General Koster and Prosecutor Rice to join me in asking that the Circuit Court convene a grand jury to review all the evidence, hear all witnesses, and issue a decision as to whether charges should ensue.”


Senate Confirmation Trouble

Daniel Hall’s PSC confirmation may have trouble on both sides of the aisle now… He may become the target for legislators who are looking for revenge against feeling wronged by the governor.  “It’s an excuse to get back (at the governor).”  We’ll see whether it’s just fighting words or folks actually block him.

And another rumor has Tim Dollar’s appointment to Missouri Conservation Commission in the crosshairs as well.  The name associated with that is Sen. Brad Lager.  Again, just a rumor so we’ll see…

Statewide Fundraising

Presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee Chris Koster kept his half-million dollar pace… He raised $542,547, and now has $1.2 million on-hand.

Incumbent Auditor Tom Schweich raised $280,705, and has $505,947 on-hand.  His only announced challenger, Rep. Jay Swearingen raised $10,635, and has $18,086. 

Swearingen kicked off his campaign during veto session, so he hasn’t had long to put some numbers up.  Still, he needs a big report next quarter or he won’t be taken seriously in 2014.

The Three GOP

Here’s how the three Republicans who have been circling each other for 2016 slots fared this quarter…

Tim Jones raised $235,657, but spent $109,658, and has $741,492 on-hand.

Kurt Schaefer raised $613,150 (this includes a $500K loan to himself), and has $645,984 on-hand.

And Eric Schmitt raised $171,725 and has $764,893 on-hand.

Senate Fundraising

Senate 2

Vicki Schneider raised $8,025, and has $18,636 on-hand.  Chuck Gatschenberger raised $51,272, and has $49,410 on-hand.  Bob Onder raised $31,080 and has $81,253 on-hand.  That’s a good quarter for Gatschy, and Schneider is in danger of becoming an also-ran.

Senate 10

Jeanie Riddle raised $41,944, and has $146,464 on-hand.  Ed Schieffer raised $17,910, but spent $15,140, and has $9,646 on-hand.   This may not be a race in the end, if Schieffer can’t keep pace.

Senate 12

Casey Guernsey raised $112,750 ($100K of that was from himself), and has $108,692 on-hand.  TJ Berry raised $13,690 and has $31,754 on-hand.

Senate 14

Maria Chappelle-Nadal raised $32,370 and has $154,695.  After a spirited primary in 2010, one might expect another primary this time around.  But no names so far, and Chappelle-Nadal keeps adding to her campaign account.

Senate 16

Dan Brown raised $37,650, and has $102,620 on-hand.  Brown looks solid.

Senate 18

Brian Munzlinger raised $46,580, and has $124,498 on-hand.  Munzy should be safe.

Senate 22

Jeff Roorda raised $51,191, and has $104,161 on-hand.  And Paul Wieland raised $12,470, but spent $19,116, and finished with $13,405 on-hand.  Roorda clearly wins this round.

Senate 24

John Lamping raised $4,500, contributed $3,000 to Sen. Dan Brown’s campaign and has $7,790 on-hand.  And Jill Schupp raised $81,372, and has        $177,583 on-hand.  I’m not sure anyone believes that Lamping is running for re-election.  One rumor says he’s actually bought a house in Kansas.  Getting to be time for Republicans to vet some candidates here, before Schupp builds up too much of a lead.

Senate 30

Bob Dixon raised $33,000 and has $33,899 on-hand.  If Dems could recruit a solid candidate, this could be a contest.  Dixon’s not building up much of a war-chest.

Senate 34

Rob Schaaf raised $29,198, and has $56,399 on-hand.  Not the most popular guy in the Senate, money in the bank would help keep people from thinking about causing him trouble.  Also it’s a 50-50 district if Dems can convince Susan Montee to jump in…

Committee Fundraising

House Republican Campaign Committee raised $509,751; spent $183,534; and has $339,629 on-hand.

House Democratic Victory Committee raised $50,385, and has $76,855 on-hand.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee raised $133,645, and has $281,957 on-hand.

Senate Democratic Campaign Committee raised $36,630, and has $61,129 on-hand.

Stenger Kicks Off

St. Louis County Councilman Steve Stenger formally declared his candidacy for St. Louis County Executive.  See the Beacon’s article here.

In an interesting campaign strategy, incumbent Charlie Dooley chose to keep secret the reason people should vote for him…  When asked why voters should re-elect him, Dooley replied: "Let's wait until we get to that point. We're not there yet."

Another Term for Slay?

In a campaign finance filing that might give heartburn to St. Louis mayoral wannabes, Franis Slay raised $130,938, and has $483,061 on-hand.  That’s nearly double the cash on-hand he had four years ago… Slay’s fundraiser now is Angela Bingaman.

Ellinger Tax Follow-Up

From an informed source… “This is a business dispute.  The law office believes the amount claimed- is in error. They have full faith that in negotiations that they will be owed a refund. However, it has been paid it in full, pending final negotiations and accounting. The law office has a ‘Guaranteed Certificate of Lien Release’ in hand issued by the state of Missouri Department of Revenue.”

eMailbag: Yes Managed Care Can Save Money

“Your anonymous pharmaceutical industry lobbyist is wrong. Carving out the pharmacy benefit would provide savings by improving the quality of care, helping members who don't take their medications as prescribed (which increases both pharmacy and medical costs), and improving the State's current generic fill rate to the 80%+ generic fill rate normally seen in managed care. The current system doesn't do any of these things well.”



Tug-O-War Committee - $7,500 from American Petroleum Institute.

Stand Up Missouri - $9,500 from World Acceptance Corporation.

Lewis & Clark Ozarks Mountain Forum - $25,000 from Glen Larson.

Committee for Research Treatments and Cures - $10,000 from St. Lukes Health System.

Missourians for Safe Transportation & New Jobs Inc - $17,333 from Associated General Contractors.

MADA Dealers Interested In Government - $10,000 from Missouri Committee of Auto-Truck Retailers.

Committee for Research Treatments and Cures - $10,000 from Kansas City Southern Rwy Co.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Andrew B Blunt and Jay Reichard added The Bank of Washington.       

Tim Green added Weis Design Group.

Judith Dungan deleted SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.

Michael R Gibbons and Tricia Workman deleted Health Care Fraud Shield       .

Tricia Workman deleted Missouri nurses Association.


Happy birthday to Rita Heard Days (63).

Productivity Crash Coming

At 3pm today… Cards play Game 5 for the National League Championship.