Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Martin Discontent

The Missouri Republican Party’s lackluster fundraising has some GOP politicos privately blaming Ed Martin.  One such finger-pointer is Cindy O’Laughlin who sent this email to her fellow Missouri Republican State Committee members.  She says the party is moving in the wrong direction, Democrats are emboldened by the meager cash on-hand, and she calls for a change in leadership at the state party.

Good Morning, In today’s political climate I believe that we each must do everything we can to insure success for our “side” of the aisle. Planning and managing for success involves putting together related factions, solidifying our message and starting each day with renewed commitment.  Our Missouri GOP, like all groups, faces challenges and setbacks but I believe we (and each of you) is committed to working toward the success that limited government and conservative fiscal policy can bring to our state and country. In order to win, we need to have a winning team leading the charge.  Each person brings certain skill sets and strengths and your challenge is to determine who will best lead us to victory. At the present time, we seem to be flailing and are on a decided downward trajectory. This concerns me greatly.  I’ve always joked that I know perfectly how to do something I don’t actually have to do. I understand that no plan is perfect and there will always be a time to regroup as we see what works and what doesn’t.  At the present time, we have approximately $17,000 in our party’s coffers.  All the federal monies that were allocated to us have been depleted and probably will not be replenished for some time, possibly years depending on the races that materialize at the federal level. We are in a very precarious position, just at the time when we need to be moving toward strengthening our run at the Governor’s position, solidifying our Republican majorities in the statehouse and in general, putting Missouri in a strong conservative position.  I would submit that we need a change in leadership at our party’s headquarters.  There’s no denying that we are moving rapidly in the wrong direction and if we do not stop the downward movement we could lose many of the majorities that we do have. Democrats are reading the same information I am (including the $17k figure vs. over $300k last year) and this emboldens them.  People like Senator McCaskill and Chris Koster stand ready to fund liberal candidates whom we certainly don’t want elected.  I would ask that you review the situation we are in and move toward providing new leadership. We cannot expect people to support our party when it is obviously going in the wrong direction.  I hope you will take this letter as it is intended; a respectful request that we work together to insure victory for our party.  Thank you.

Big Day for Hough

Yesterday Lincoln Hough became a dad.  His first child William Pfeifer Hough weighed in at 9lbs 7oz, measuring 22 inches today.

Then his previously scheduled fundraiser at the home of Elaine and Loren Cook II is said to have raised over $100K.

Others on the host committee: Carol & Ed Pinegar, Kay & Jerry Cook, Sara & Chip Cook, Paula Cook Daugherty & Jerry Daugherty, Virginia & Bill Darr, Juanitha & Bill Foster, Beth Yarbrough & Dwayne Holden, Cindy & Glenn Larson, Ken Meyer, Abbi & Charles Rose, JoAnn & Jack Stack, Anita & Leo Tokarczyk, and  Liz & H. E. (Spook) Whitener.

Missouri Supreme Court Denies Benefits to Gay Partner

After a Missouri highway patrolman was killed in the line of duty, his same-sex partner was denied the survivor benefits.  Yesterday the Missouri Supreme Court upheld that decision. Read the decision here.

Many commenters view this decision as the high court being on the right side of the law, but on the wrong side of history.

The Dissent

For decades, indeed centuries, gay men and lesbians have been subjected to persistent, unyielding discrimination, both socially and legally. That shameful history continues to this day. The statutes at issue in this case, sections 104.140.3 and 104.012, RSMo Supp. 2001, bear witness to that history and help ensure that this unfortunate past remains a prologue to the continued state-sanctioned marginalization of our fellow citizens. The plain meaning and intended application of sections 10 4.140.3 and 104.012 is to specifically discriminate against gay men and lesbians by categorically denying them crucial state benefits when their partner dies in the line of duty. This type of intentional, invidious and specifically targeted discrimination is fundamentally inconsistent with the constitutional guarantee of equal protection under the law.


Scott Charton recalls Ike Skelton stories with Mark Reardon, including audio of a tired Bob Dole making a mistaken endorsement of Skelton.  Listen to it here.

The Missouri Ethics Commission dismissed a complaint against Aaron Willard and Grow Missouri.  See it here.

Gracia Backer says her situation was déjà vu of recent accusations against Jon Hagler’s management style.  Listen to her here.  And of course Nixon’s folks are all mums and crickets.

Speaking of crickets, one observer of the Maryville case wonders why the state senator, Brad Lager, hasn’t weighed in…


Citizens Who Care - $15,000 from Heartland Health.

Missouri Health Care Association PAC - $150,000 from Missouri Health Care Association.

Committee for Research Treatments and Cures - $25,000 from Sprint.


Citizens Who Care is the committee supporting a sales tax increase for ambulance services in Buchanan County.   Heartland Healthcare is a big player there obviously. 

Missouri Health Care Association is reloading their PAC.

The money keeps flowing into the committee pushing the Jackson County tax for translational research.  Despite the huge amount of money flowing into it, it’s hardly a gimme.  Especially concerning for supporters is the likely very low turn-out.  Those gumbly “anti” voters usually show up rain or shine…


Happy birthdays to Rep. Mark Parkinson (41), lobbyist Kyna Iman (50) and Vince Schoemehl (67).