Wendesday, May 21, 2014

 Blaine for Gov?

From the peerless Combest on Monday this story on St. Louis Public Radio (see it here) that Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer is touting the outcry from conservative yearning for him to launch a gubernatorial bid.

One observer notes: “Not many successful moves have historically taken place from Congress to the Governor’s mansion. Not just in Missouri but in any state. My theory is that Congressman take a lot of procedural votes that may be portrayed as bad votes.  Folks outside their districts don’t know them (see Kenny Hulshof) so it is easy for them to be portrayed as part of the problem in DC in a statewide race. Did Hulshof carry his Congressional district in 2008 and lose everywhere else? That is the problem Congressmen have when they run statewide… I hear Luetkemeyer is tired of DC and wants to come back to Missouri, he may feel like if he is retiring from Congress anyway why not take a shot at Governor.”

But if Luetkemeyer does jump, it will create a nice scramble for his congressional seat… Sen. Mike KehoeBob Onder switch gears from Senate 2?


The issue about voting records hurting one’s candidacy is a reason that some might find Auditor Tom Schweich as a more potent match-up against Chris Koster than Catherine Hanaway.  He has no votes, only audits of other people that he’s issued.  Hanaway has that conceal carry vote which Koster would be expected to use to lure Republicans away in the general election…

Normandy To Get New Board

The State Board of Education announced that it was disbanding the Normandy School Board and appoint its own board.   See it here.  My favorite part of the news release is this precious sentence: Board members have indicated that they will insist on significant academic improvements within the district.

Yes, that’s really the issue isn’t it?  Having board members insist on academic improvements…

Winners from Session

Because you’re all winners in my heart… I’m having trouble writing this bit and dividing our little family into “winners” and “losers.”  Tomorrow I promise, I promise tomorrow…

Filing News

Dan O’Sullivan, a Republican, was disqualified from the House 83 race.  That leaves Jeremy Buckingham as the Republican nominee to face Democratic incumbent Gina Mitten.

Senate 2: Onder Endorsements

Press release in the in-box today has former Rep. Bob Onder latest endorsement list for his Senate 2 bid…

US Representative Ann Wagner (MO-2)

State Representative Kurt Bahr, District 102 (R-O'Fallon)

State Representative Kathie Conway, District 104 (R-St. Charles)

State Representative Ron Hicks, District 107 (R-St. Peters)

State Representative Mark Parkinson, District 105 (R-St. Charles)

State Representative Bryan Spencer, District 103 (R-Wentzville)

Mayor Nick Guccione, City of Wentzville

Mayor Jim Hennessey, City of Cottleville

Mayor Richard West, City of New Melle

Jon Bennett, Chair, St. Charles County Central Committee, First Capitol Township

Sandy Garber, Vice Chair, St. Charles County Central Committee, Lake St. Louis Township

Frank Eggering, Chairman of the 2nd Senatorial Committee, Lake St. Louis Township

Jeremy Pritchett, Wentzville Township Committeeman

Dave Evans, O'Fallon Township Committeeman, State Committeeman

Marcia Behr, Boone Township Committeewoman

Joe Brazil, County Council 2nd District, Boone Township Committeeman


Lobbyist Registrations

From the Gate Way Group website:

Richard M Aubuchon, Tami Holliday, Susan Henderson Moore, and Rodney Gray deleted Redflex Traffic Systems Inc.

John E Bardgett Jr deleted SGS

K Andrew Weber deleted Stone Chapel LLC.

$5K+ Contributions

CWA District 6 Political Education Committee - $17,000 from CWA COPE.


Happy birthdays to lobbyists MO McCullough, and Jessica Pabst (29).