Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nixon Signs SB1

Governor Jay Nixon signed SB1 yesterday.  This was the Second Injury Fund fix.


Tom Dempsey – The dispassionate pro tem rarely invests himself publicly in specific pieces of legislation, but he said early and often that this was the senate majority’s number one priority. He delivered.

The Bill Carriers – This bill may be the capstone to Sen. Scott Rupp’s career.  He has one more session left, so we’ll see if he pulls another big bill out.  But in this term-limited era, there are few legislators who can boast the record of Rupp’s high-profile successes: cyber-stalking, immigration, autism mandate, the congressional redistricting, and now SIF fix.  Meanwhile Rep. Todd Richardson is among the most respected state representatives, but this proves that in addition to being a team player he can put the puck in the net when it matters.

MO Chamber – They devoted a lot of resources over years to building a tenable middle ground with MATA.  In particular Richard Moore can finally rest.  On Facebook he allowed himself a fist pump to the cyber-crowd, “This bill has been a major focus of my career for the last three years and I am very proud that it is now law. More importantly the nearly 1,500 injured Missouri workers who are owed more than $32 million in awards plus interest at 9%, who have yet to receive any of their award for years will now be paid. Further, the 30,000+ backed up claims pending against the fund can be resolved.”

Nixon Vetoes SB240

The other major action yesterday was Nixon’s veto of the gas ISRS bill – SB240.  This was the subject of heated debate in the House during the final week of session.  The handler of the bill in the House, Utility Chair Doug Funderburk, clashed with Floor Leader John Diehl and others.  They sought to strip a provision in the bill which would allow the gas company to recoup 90% of “bad debts.” 

And indeed that was the subject of much of Nixon’s veto message.  See his veto letter here.  Though I’m not sure Funderburk would concede the point.  See his text message to me below.

Funderburk Text

“Not too surprised (by Nixon’s veto).  Too many people profit from a rate case… even when it’s for perfunctory infrastructure replacement!”


Those seeking to divine the mind of Nixon on the other ISRS proposals from this veto will likely be disappointed as his letter is written very specific to the gas bill – going into some detail about the history of gas ISRS in the state.

Rumorville: SB125 Today

The rumor is that the governor will be signing Sen. Jamilah Nasheed’s SB 125 today, which changes teacher tenure in the St. Louis Public Schools.  We’ll see…

Professor Montee

Former auditor Susan Montee will be a visiting professor at Missouri Western (Go Griffons!).  Besides teaching Auditing, she’ll also be teaching an Intro to Business class. 

And with this new endeavor, Montee has unloaded her Jefferson City house.  It’s a spacious manse with an open lay-out, perfect for inviting the entire House Democratic caucus and their staff over at a State of the State address, for example.  Which she did – repeatedly.

The new owner is her former chief of staff, Joe Martin.  He now works in the Department of Insurance. 

PSC Wannabe?

It’s said that Iggy Yuan (see bio here), a Kirkwood councilman, has an interest in the Republican slot for PSC…

Nonnemaker to GoRail

Ryan Nonnemaker, policy director for the Republican Senate Caucus, is said to be headed west to Kansas City, where he’ll take a job with GoRail.   (Noonemaker’s fiancé lives in KC; they’ll marry next month). 

“GoRail unites rail stakeholders with community leaders and the public in support of rail solutions to tomorrow’s transportation challenges.  GoRail believes that every additional ton of freight moving by rail instead of over our congested highways means more jobs and a stronger economy, less pollution and cleaner skies, and greater fuel efficiency and clearer roads ahead.

GoRail provides a forum for concerned Americans to make it clear to Members of Congress that the rail policy decisions they make on Capitol Hill have real impacts back home in their communities: on local jobs and economic development, air quality and roadway congestion, and overall quality of life.”  See the website here.

No word yet on who will take Nonnemaker’s spot. 

Keaveny Touts Bills

The press release: “The beginning of July marked the signing of three bills sponsored by Sen. Joe Keaveny, D-St. Louis, during the 2013 legislative session… The first bill to receive approval from the governor’s pen was SB 69, which is designed to improve productivity and eliminate the arduous process when dealing with mistakes found in administrative child support orders… On July 2, the governor signed Sen. Keaveny’s SB100, which is an omnibus bill that addresses various state programs and the judicial system. The heart of the bill helps increase protections for Missourians involved in bankruptcy proceedings and keeps certain funds safe for health-related purposes… A few days later, on July 5, the governor gave his executive approval to SB99, legislation that addresses Missouri’s governmental structure and elections…”

Help Wanted

Southeast Missourian “is seeking a talented and aggressive reporter to cover education. The topics of the beat are rich, from No Child Left Behind to technology and curriculum; from budget cuts to graduation rates.”  See the ad here.

eMailbag: MOGOP Conference on Holiday

“I asked a Jewish friend if he thought about going to Ed Martin’s conclave (see below).  He said: it conflicts with Yom Kippur, the holiest day to Jews, the one day in which virtually no Jew would participate in politics or other work.  Yom Kippur begins 9/13 at sundown… I guess the Ed Martin big tent won’t have too many Jews.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Ed Martin <>

Date: Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 10:04 AM

Subject: Midwest Republican Leadership Conference

Dear Friend,

As many of you already know, the Missouri Republican Party is hosting the

Midwest Republican Leadership Conference in Kansas City from Sept. 13-15…”


Missourians for Koster - $10,000 from IUPAT Political Action Together Political Committee.

House Republican Campaign Committee Inc - $10,000 from Friends of Tilley.

Missouri Senate Campaign Committee - $10,000 from David Steward.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Dave Berry, David Jackson and Travis Brown deleted Metro heart Group of St. Louis Inc., Tyco Electronics MA/LOM, Mid America Medical Affiliates, Sujvl DBA Cheap Cheap, and Major Brands Premium Beverage Distributors.

Michaelle Trupiano deleted Planned Parenthood Affiliates in Missouri.

Brian K. Leonard, Sr. deleted Ameren.

Elizabeth Zerr added Missouri Secretary of State.



Happy birthdays to Sen. Wayne Wallingford (67), and Century Link’s Claudia Sands.  

Friday: Former Rep. Melissa Leach (53), and James Knowles (34).

Saturday: Former Reps. Tim Meadows (55) and Brent Lasater (53), Advantage Capital’s Jeff Craver, MO Corn’s Gary Marshall, and  MO Medical Association’s Jeff Howell (42).

Sunday: David “game-changer” Winton (45).