Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thomson Another No?

KMA News, reports that just ahead of the House Republican summer caucus Rep. Mike Thomson is publicly voiced concerns about HB 253.  See it here.    Thomson was pulled off the Education Committee during session as Speaker Tim Jones sought to shore up that committee’s ability to smoothly pass “reform” legislation. 

Thomson joins Reps. Nate Walker, Lynn Morris and Jeff Grisamore as Republicans who are publicly dragging their feet on an override.


Pull Quote:  “Thomson calls the bill ‘an experiment’ designed to stop the departure of businesses and industries into neighboring states like Kansas, which offer tax relief. However, he says the bill has some mistakes--including the elimination of a tax exemption for prescription drugs. In addition, the governor is withholding $400 million in funding from the bill. The Maryville Republican believes lawmakers should let the veto stand, then come back to fix the bill during next year's legislative session.”

Dems Firming Up Their 2016 Slate

A loose confederation of Democratic interests has found some agreement on their 2016 statewide.

Attorney General Chris Koster is at the top running for governor.

It’s been said that he had wanted – and it seems he got – the current treasurer, Clint Zweifel to take the number two spot of lieutenant governor.  Zweifel is term-limited and had pondered the gubernatorial spot himself last year.  But Democratic donors closed ranks around Koster.  If Zweifel has any bruised feelings from the maneuver, there’s no evidence of it.

As I mentioned a week or two ago, Mike Sanders has expressed an interest in attorney general, and that has met with general acceptance from the various factions.

Jason Kander will stay at secretary of state.

And in this scenario, the treasurer candidate would be St. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman.


Being three years off and having a slate of candidates firmed up is quite an accomplishment, but it could fall apart.  There are some wrinkles.

For one, Barry Aycock gets shunted in this scenario.  Or as one Dem described it, “kicked to the curb.”  Aycock’s been working the state and handing out checks to build goodwill.  It’s said that he’d had his eyes on the lieutenant governor’s spot.  But Zweifel is a battle-tested politician with an unparalleled work ethic and brain for policy.  There’s just no way if Zweifel wants LG that he will be denied.

Secondly, as I wrote last week, progressive women are upset at the lack of a woman even on the ticket.  It’s been decades since that last happened.

And finally, there is one glaring hole… the very top, US Senate.  Dems, thus far, lack a candidate to take on incumbent Roy Blunt

Smith Nailing Down Support

Republican operative Logan Thompson spent yesterday squiring Congressman Jason Smith around to his business contacts in Pemiscot County.  Thompson was Peter Kinder’s campaign manager last cycle. 

It’s the latest indication that Smith has been nailing down support from Kinder’s inner circle, making a primary fight there less likely.  It’s said that David Barklage and his team are also on-board with Smith’s re-election.  Barklage has been Kinder’s chief counselor for years.

Diehl Hearts Ag

Friday night of the House Republican summer caucus, Rep. John Diehl – along with Reps. Todd Richardson, Bill Reiboldt and Casey Guernsey – will hold a “right to farm” reception with Ag leaders, business leaders and other legislators.

It’s part of a long-term effort by Diehl to prevent himself from being pigeon-holed as a St. Louis lawyer within the caucus.  For example when he ran for floor leader he was nominated by Rep. Tony Dugger, and when he announced his bid for speaker he did so at a Soybean Association event.

Clown Act Follow Up

Rep. Steve Webb call on Governor to cancel the Ham Breakfast: “As a Missourian and a member of the state legislature, I am incensed over what happened at the Missouri State Fair this past Saturday. Sometimes apologies just won't do. While I do not believe this represents all of rural Missouri, the racial undertones of a taunted rodeo clown dressed as our nation's first black president is what the nation woke up to this morning.  It's time for all of us, from both rural and urban areas, to fight this type of sentiment with a united front. Leaders of this state need to do more than accept a pressured apology. Action needs to be taken. I ask that the governor set an example by cancelling his annual State Fair ham breakfast.”

Rep. Mike Colona wants the State Fair defunded: “Saturday night’s offensive performance has no place in Missouri and no business being publicized by taxpayer dollars.  At a time when we are bussing thousands of students countless miles every day because we can’t adequately fund our state’s schools, there’s simply no excuse to spend any money promoting an event that teaches them such repugnant lessons in political discourse. We’ve got to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. As far as I’m concerned, the State Fair shouldn’t receive another taxpayer dollar until we can be sure it truly represents Missouri’s values.”

And Governor Jay Nixon speaks.  He says it was offensive, and his team is reviewing the situation, and he’s not canceling the ham breakfast.  See it here.

Tweet of the Day

Kim Gardner ‏@MoRepKimGardner:  “Seriously, 3rd time's the charm, right? I'm locked out of my two previous twitter accounts. I've committed this password to memory.”

Help Wanted

“The Missouri Senate is seeking a strong staff writer who would be required to prepare press releases, speeches, newsletter articles and other legislative publications under close deadlines and must also have experience in publication layout. Salary range, based on experience, begins at $30,000 annually. Ideal candidates will have a degree in journalism or a closely related field and/or experience of at least three years as a writer. Experience with the legislative branch or the ability to understand and quickly learn the legislative process is preferred.”  See the ad here.

And the “The Department of Social Services, Division of Legal Services has an opening in its Litigation Section located in the Springfield, Missouri office.  Salary range is between $38,040 - $45,948…” See the ad here.


Stand Up Missouri - $8,250 from Brundage Management Company.

Stand Up Missouri - $19,000 from World Acceptance Corporation.

Stand Up Missouri – $9,500 from Tower Loan of Mississippi LLC.

Stand Up Missouri - $11,750 from Security Group Inc.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Mary Kay Bradley added Missouri Municipal League.

Henry C Foley added University of Missouri.

Neil Ruddock added Excellence in Education National Inc.


Happy birthdays to former Rep. Ed Wildberger (64), and Graves’ staffer Aaron Baker (31).