Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Poaching Perry Saga Continues

MOChamber defends its involvement in the Rick Perry Touting Texas Tour.

“The accusation that the Missouri Chamber is hosting Gov. Rick Perry to poach jobs is ridiculous. It is being pushed by Gov. Nixon to take the focus off a more important issue – a measure Missouri can take to keep our state competitive... Gov. Rick Perry is meeting with Missouri Chamber members to discuss how low-tax policies can be put to work in our Missouri. The Missouri Chamber appearance is just one in a number of stops Gov. Perry is making while he is in Missouri. His visit to Missouri is similar to visits he has made to six other states. Like this week’s visit, all are paid for by Texas One… The mission of the Missouri Chamber is to advance and protect Missouri employers. Taking an active role in the campaign to provide a tax break that can help our state grow ties directly to that mission. Learning about what works from the leader of the fastest-growing state in the nation also aligns with that mission. To characterize it as anything else is simply not accurate.”  See it here.

Time to Leave Kansas City?

But the Rex-funded groups really like this gambit of “other states are coming for your jobs.”  It’s interesting given the recent emphasis lately in St. Louis and Kansas City on incubators, entrepreneurialism, start-ups, talent recruitment etc.  Very different mindset.

Here’s the Show-Me Institute forum on fired up KC politico sent me (“Why get mad at Gov Perry when Show-Me Institute continues to try and push business away from our City and in turn hurt our state? The title of this forum is disgusting.”)

> From: Show-Me Institute <events@showmeinstitute.org>

> Date: August 26, 2013, 2:57:46 PM CDT

> Subject: September 17 Policy Breakfast: Is It Time To Leave Kansas City?


> Is It Time To Leave Kansas City?

>  SPEAKER: Patrick Ishmael, Show-Me Institute Policy Analyst

> With an introduction from Crosby Kemper III, Show-Me Institute Chairman

> Kansas has just enacted sweeping tax reforms, in some cases wiping out some forms

of income tax altogether. For years, residents of Kansas City have been lured into

Kansas due to issues such as crime, education, and taxes, but have Kansas' recent

moves brought us to a tipping point?



> Tuesday, September 17, 2013 

> 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.   



> Show-Me Institute (Kansas City Office)

> 1011 Central St.

> Kansas City, MO 64105




> Coffee and Donuts Provided.

House 108 Aint Big Enough For The Two of Them

Jamey Murphy previously indicated that he would be running for state representative (House 108, Gatschenberger for Senate).  He’s the former staffer to former state senator Jim Lembke.

He’ll have company.

Nina Dean started a campaign committee yesterday to run as a Republican in House 108.  Dean was legislative assistant to Rep. Kurt Bahr.  Battle of the former staffers!...

St. Louis License Collector Talk

It’s said that Rep. Karla May has the inside track on becoming St. Louis City License Collector because she is the top pick of outgoing Collector, Mike McMillan.  However one observer cautioned me yesterday to “look her up on Casenet.”  May has had – according to that court database – a string of tax cases and being named a defendant against credit card companies etc.  The implication is that Governor Jay Nixon’s team might side-step her as a choice.

Who knows – if the position up for election next summer – Nixon might just leave it vacant…

The Latest Twist on St. Louis County’s Police Board Scandal

The police chief says that his enemies have hired an opp research firm to dig up dirt on him.  The mighty Jason Rosenbaum has the story.  See it here.

Chief Tim Fitch: “So, here we go again.  More requests last week for my travel records, expenses, etc.  The people doing it this time should get with the political researcher from last year and compare notes.  It will save county government employees a lot of time.  If they can't successfully find some scandal about me, they will do their best to find misdeeds of my family and/or the 1,100 employees who belong to the county police family.  I wish them all the luck in the world.  Here's some news for them; we are not perfect, but neither are they.  We can withstand the scrutiny.  This is a dirty game, but it's the only way they know how to play it.  They go after those who are disloyal or threaten the status quo.  You can bet that I'll keep you posted as the games continue.”


This has been happening slowly for a while, but basically St. Louis County politics is becoming more entertaining than St. Louis City politics.  This is blasphemy for us city-lovers with our lovable aldermen and crazy cast of characters, but the facts are the facts.


Barnes Watch:  Rep. Jay Barnes eyes the high-paid lobbyists, and their public pensions… See it here.

A few days ago, I wrote about Mary Stillman as a possible Republican candidate in Senate 24.  The response seems to be: in their dreams.  Says someone who knows her, “I have a hard time seeing her giving up her current life for Jefferson City…”

Public radio seeks education reporter… See it here.

eMailbag: Don’t Miss The Real Story

“The big story no one talks about is Todd Richardson’s major role in the next General Assembly.  Of the top three positions in the House (Speaker, Speaker Pro-Tem, and Floor Leader) he will be the only one elected with the votes of the entire Caucus.  If Diehl or Caleb wins there will still be a significant amount of the Caucus who did not vote for them and possibly remain bitter, Todd will be the guy that has the support of the entire Caucus, that gives him a lot of legitimacy when for the next General Assembly.”


HCA Missouri Good Government Fund - $50,000 from MidAmerica Division Office.

Friends of Peter Kinder - $10,000 from G.J. Grewe Management Co.

Lobbyist Registrations

From the Pelopidas website:

Lana Knedlik, and Matthew McNamee added University of Missouri.


Happy birthdays to lobbyist Scott Swain (43), and Kit Crancer.

MOScout News

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